Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zine review: AVE SATAN #1

AVE SATAN #1 (2010) English/French, A4 format, photocopied, 40 pages
I remember when I used to do cut and paste and tear and pasted issues in which this zine greatly reminds me of. They use both these methods from the front to back cover given it a nice look and texture. The quality of their Xeroxing is excellent. The small font at times killed my eyes but I continued to read it. I was looking for an editorial section but there wasn't one. It starts off with zine reviews and what I liked about this zine was they had reviews all over the place and sometimes after a band interview. There's a pin-up poster of Necroholocaust on the center spread page. Some interviews start off in French or are fully written in French and looks like a puzzle that you have to piece together in order to read the full interview. They've interviewed Almighty Sathanas, Prosanctus Inferi, Mantak, Ex-Inferiis, Deiphago, Trench Hell, Denounce Pyre, Demon Throne, Pek, Necrovomit, Black Grail, Witchtomb, Embraced of Thorns, and Chaos Baphomet. -Lady Kat Chaos