Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zine review: Dis-Carnage #1

Dis-Carnage #1 (June 2013)
36 pg, A5, xerox, 60 B/W pages Malay
Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos

A good debut issue but some would complain about the xerox quality but this is how many fanzines have been done since the 70's. They also use the cut 'n' method throughout the layout. They used a lot of different pictures for the background. The interviews with the bands are about ten questions each. Interviews included Disobeyed, Deathevoker, Desultory, Rotten Disease, Derangement Project Production, and Interment. There was only one interview that was done in English and the rest is in their native language. They have to sections that splits the reviews:"Rot Review Part 1" covers all audio formats and fanzine reviews and Part 2 features only stuff produced by SABBAT (Japan). The reviews have no ratings and not in  alphabetically order. Interesting to see about eight pages filled with flyers but would have liked to see more text.