Monday, February 23, 2015

Zine review: Paranoize Zine #19, #31 - #35

Paranoize 'Zine Reviewed by: Lady Kat Chaos
Founder and editor Bobby Bergeron's first fanzine was called 'Thrashcore' that he did with a with a few friends and after awhile decided to create his own fanzine, 'Paranoize 'Zine'. Paranoize 'Zine was originally started in 1991, but as many zine owners know we all have several roadblocks and issues getting started for various reasons. In 1993, the first issue was launched supporting the New Orleans metal, sludge, hardcore, punk scene. Occasionally, you will find interviews with regional bands who play there and once in the blue you would see other bands from U.S and Canada which are very rare moments. Over the years the format's went back and forth from full-size, half size and even newsprint. Today, Paranoize Zine is still in print but you can also request .pdf form for their future issues.

Issue #19 20 pages, xeroxed, English
Kicking things off is a brief New Orleans scene report listing off a number of local bands and what they are currently up to. You rarely see scene reports these days. The interviews are done well even with some typical questions, but when you are covering local bands that you haven't heard of it helps the readers know the bands better. In this issue you will find interviews with Catholicon, Apartment 213, Beaten Back to Pure, Mangina, Die Rotzz, and the Faeries. Each band added their own flavor within the interview and some even spoke with more details bringing the interview to a better read that kept you interested instead of moving onto the next interview. There is a good amount of reviews (50-60) that are short but detailed enough.

Dave Wolff of AEA Zine sent me copies of issue #31 through #35

Issue #31
Bobby seems to keep the same format with opening it up with given credit to some contributors and his zine information. The following page talks about having a few issues why he went back to half-size and doing internet radio shows. It also includes some local band websites. Next you have an interview with Dave Turgeon of The Sluts done by Jenn A. This interview lasted five pages in length with some original and standard questions. This interview was good with informative answers and getting to know this band better. Another lengthy interview that last about five pages conducted by Mike IX Williams interviewing Ron Nicaud of DISAPpointed Parents which was a good read. The last interview is with Pat Roig talking about his collection of flyers done by M. Bevis. Two pages of release reviews that were short but right to the punch. There were a few ads included in this issue.

Issue #32
This fanzine always beings with given credit to who have contributed, a short thank you list, and the zines full information and a short details what would be included inside. This issue talks brief about the death of Frankie Sparcello from Exhorder and Paranoize Radio moving to a new station. Haarp seems to be the main focus of this issue with a lengthy interview and a long release review. There a lot of reviews compared to what I normally seen in past issues. A full page on the New Orleans scene and ending with a nice piece about a venue closing down. There are a few ads but never over done taken up most of their issue.

Issue #33
Behind the front cover is an ad that is given away a free compilation "Hurricanes & Hand Grenades", that includes 16 bands and 22 songs from the New Orleans metal, punk and hardcore scene. No, I wasn't sent this compilation to include into this issues review. The next page 3 is usually the opening of the zine that discusses in brief who contributed, full zine details and a short introduction to this issue. In 2011, Bobby was getting ready to head to the Maryland Death Fest after putting this issue out. Interviews in this issue include Exhorder and Flesh Parade both conducted by Bobby. Each interview was informative and interesting reads. I've noticed that some of the fonts are larger and adding line dividers between columns. There were other interviews that were so short some had one to maybe five questions per band asking standard questions with The Void, Omean, Demonic Destruction and several others. They were fast reads and to point and thought they could have been a little more informative but when it comes to space in any zine you have to do what is best at that moment. Four pages of release reviews and a few ads throughout this issue.

Issue # 34
I was hoping to see this zine having a concert review about the Maryland Death Fest but it wasn't included. It took about two years until this issue was created and released. Still keeping the same half-size format and two columns per page except for the ads. Open up to page 3 which is standard with this zine with a short introduction, zine contact information and contributors. Printed fanzines go through many struggles from not have enough money to put the next issue out, not receiving enough material or sometimes changes in the Editors life. On page 6 there is an nice feature of what is happening in the New Orleans Scene Report talking about several bands heading to the studio, some having a solo project, and releasing a new release. The interviews became better compared to the last issue which was short and brief. I guess this issue had better planning and more room to give lengthier interviews. Interviews include Fat Stupid Ugly Peopele, Before I Hang, Bad Grass, Mailbomber, and We Are Wires. Four pages of reviews on releases that are always short and brief details that nails it to the point of the reviewers thoughts about it.

Issue #35
I received this issue from Bobby sometime ago. The front cover has a nice D.I.Y. cut 'n' paste layout. Behind the cover is an ad for Comic Loud and the following page give some details about Paranoize 'Zine including: the full contact information, staff members; ads and donations; merchandise; and a short run down what is in the issue. The following page is a short scene report that tells some details with what some bands are up too such as A Hanging will have some EP reassesses this year, other bands creating new material, heading into the studio and in the process of releasing on different formats. In big bold letters on the following page entitled, 'Bobby's Rant' which was an interesting piece that talks about how the scene is divided today compared to the days were everyone went to shows no matter who was on the bill. Its is true and seems to be happening all over the world today. In conclusion to his rant he informs this readers and his scene no matter what he is interested in knowing about all the bands and even the underground shows even under the bridge. Bobby is a true supporter to the underground scene and seems to enjoy many styles of music and through his zine you will notice. Next up is an interview with Kyle Thomas. He has been playing in band as a bassist, guitarist vocalist and has produced. He also has done some artwork for the release 'Paralyzed' by Witch from what I remember. Well informative interview about what he is currently doing and adding in some of his past history of the music scene. There are a few more interviews and tons of reviews. There was only one column of fanzine reviews. It was a good issue released by Bobby. Can't wait to see the next one.