Monday, July 6, 2015

Article: The Death of Art in the 21st Century by Haniel Adhar

The Death of Art in the 21st CenturyArticle by Haniel Adhar

Art now expresses NOTHING. Not a damned thing. Take a look at band cover art now. Look at music videos. Look at fucking movie remakes. Look at every single aspect of what global culture is now and NO ONE expresses a damned god damned fucking thing anymore. It is too "offensive" to have any real human expression now, so they just ignore it. People are living their lives through some fake, phony internet avatar and have NOTHING of value to express.
Look at Twitter: 140 characters to create a thought...and look at the long winded, detailed diatribes I write on nearly a daily basis: I am considered an over-the-top JOKE because of how much I have to say and the passion I say it with. That is what civilization has become: passionless, emotionless, sterile...and the under-30 generation has no clue because they never experienced a world that was not ultra-digitized. My generation was the last to have any real human experience, and really know what it is like to express something valuable and that has some sort of substance. This is bullshit. I would LOVE to see someone make fuckin metal now that was gut-wrenching, painful, and totally uncomfortable to listen to. Something emotionally challenging. Where is it? Where is the stuff out there that is so personal that it can't help but to be wildly original? I'll tell ya: IT DOES NOT EXIST because everyone is trying to copy someone else instead of trying to speak their own voice.
PAIN and ART go hand in fucking hand. Ask Frieda Kahlo, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Edgar Allan Poe...Robert Johnson...these people expressed something that the rest of us fear. People like this are brave and courageous people who put themselves out there to be scrutinized and ridiculed and they wind up becoming icons of the human experience. Who is doing that now? Instead, they are fishing for "likes" and "thumbs up" while farming for views on their internet pages instead of making real, human art. They rely on computers, software, programs, and technology to express the thoughts for them, and forget that it is blood, sweat, and fucking tears that are the food for art and artistic expression. Getting your hands dirty and experiencing life directly is what makes art. NOT the technique, the action, or the "act".
Ya'll need to see this. All of you. Every last one of you reading this. If you are not expressing something personal or valuable to you, then it is NOT fuckin art. If you are not making yourself vulnerable, then you are not expressing a damned thing.
Enough is enough. The bar has been set so low that art has lost all of its meaning and value. The digital internet age has destroyed the human experience. I finally said it.
This is why people like me have to keep going back in time to find something, anything that resembles some kind of expression. And I don't care anymore. The modern culture of catering to the lowest common denominator does NOTHING for me, and I want more, I need more, and at this point, I don't care where it comes from. It could be a freaking Crayola picture from 1972 for all I care. ANYTHING is better than this manufactured, contrived, "safe" and expression-free society we have now. ANYTHING.
"Strength" in numbers does not apply here. It is about the individual, the strength of the character, and the personal drive to achieve more. Everything else is fucking bullshit. To hell with the mob. The "initiated" will figure it out on their own. Yes, lead by example, but not with the intention to lead anyone else but yourself. Everything is so devalued that no one really cares. This is why the self must do for the self, must create art and expression for the self, and anyone else who can relate is welcome to enjoy it. But creating art for the middle of the bell curve is antithetical to the reasons why one creates art.