Monday, July 13, 2015

Article: The Tower of Babel by Haniel Adhar

The Tower of Babel:  Pretending to be God
Article by Haniel Adhar

There are specifically two types of people that I hate most of all, and no amount of cajoling can coerce me into feeling otherwise:
GMO and forced vaccine promoters and supporters.
These kinds of people are without question the lowest of the lowest forms of semi-intelligent lifeforms on the planet.  These are the people who *claim* to have knowledge of science, and call out anyone who disagrees with them for not having "credentials" or an "education" in science, yet these people always say "oh, I haven't been into this stuff for more than 2 years" or "I took high level biology at XYZ college".
They use rhetoric that looks like it came off the back of a cereal box.  It is so predictable "oh, you don't want to feed the world?" or "Oh, you want children to starve!" or "Oh, you want children to die of measles!”  I mean, I must have read the exact same argument posted over and over by these people.
Another really disgusting aspect of these troglodytes is that they are the first fucking people to cry righteous indignation when someone wants to deny them their "drugs" like weed.  They cry "it is my choice to do was I wish with my body!" but have NO qualms with forcing Genetically Modified Organisms  into the food supply with no way of knowing which is what, forcing the food producers who do not use GMOs to label.  (How messed up is that?  The foods that do NOT contain modified organisms have the burden of proof on them, instead of the altered food.  Let that sink in for a second...).  They also have no issues at all with removing people from society who refuse vaccinations.
But oh good lord, don't take away their pot.  It's their choice, right?  Yet if you don't want a needle being forced into your kid's arm, then you can go to an internment camp...
These are the sorts of people who seriously make a case for selective breeding (hahaha GMO humans, right?) to breed out these utterly unsavory and marginally human traits.  These people are foul, putrid, hypocritical pieces of walking cow shit who want to remove your choice on how you live your life while saving all of the decisions for themselves.  That is tantamount to tyranny. This is yet another example as to why humanity is deluded into thinking that we are an evolved, enlightened species.  We aren't.  If we can make it another 10,000 years, or maybe 100,000 years, before destroying our immune systems or eradicating our food sources, then perhaps we can make that claim.  But right now, no freaking way.
The other hilarious argument is the "golden rice" thing, which is the, pardon the pun, "golden parachute" of the GMO industry, which is supposed to garner public support (remember, the mob rules, and if the mob can be manipulated into supporting something, then that thing is made "right" and "just") because it is supposed to end "blindness in poor Chinese communities" due to vitamin A deficiency.  Apparently, all these people have to eat is rice, white rice, and they get no vitamin A in their diets.  So Monsanto thinks that by Genetically Modifying rice to contain beta carotene, it would save all those people from going blind.
So, no one ever heard of carrots?
It would appear that the solution as posed by the GMO makers is in order to fix the problem; they have to come in and totally control the food supply of China by selling a patented food to the government which in turn will be distributed to the people.
Yeah, like that went so well in India...
Here's the problem with this idea:  The reason why people are starving and are getting nutritional deficiencies is because of the government controlling the food supply, and because in the 1970's, Mao totally nationalized the agriculture industry, which lead to the deaths of 100 million people.  The reason why people are going blind and are starving in China is not because they lack GMO foods, but because the government completely screwed up the rural society, and put a strangle hold on food distribution.  This is exactly what happened in Russia under Stalin, and what happened during the Holodomor.  So, what GMOs would have stopped Stalin from murdering over 35 million people through starvation?  Give me a fucking break.  But now, it's "GMOs and Vaccines to the rescue!"  Save the planet by fucking up the people as much as possible!
Forced vaccinations and GMOs are going to lead to the extinction of humanity.  We will Genetically and Medically alter ourselves to the point where we can no longer adapt to our ecosystem, and we will no longer have food that we can properly assimilate.  I keep hearing how Nuclear Bombs or Climate "change" or the fucking Republicans are going to destroy this planet and kill all the people and blah blah blah.  When in reality, what is going to destroy us is this idea that human beings can control *everything*, and when that doesn't work, control more.
Maybe GMOs and forced vaccinations are the "end game".  Maybe this is the "population control" that we have been hearing about (and laughing at) for decades.  Maybe Mao and Stalin were just sloppy about it, and killing 150 million or so people was small potatoes compared to what is in store for us.  Maybe where they failed is where the GMO and vaccine honks are succeeding, by making the people whom they are trying to eliminate *beg* for the very thing that is being used to destroy them.  It is tragic to watch these people clamor all over GMOs and Vaccines, as if these things are the saviors of mankind, and yet people die from Vaccines or get serious damaged.  Millions have been paid out since the mid 1980s for what is medically called "vaccine damage".  However, you can't sue vaccine makers because in the mid 1980s, they told the government that they were going to get out of the vaccine business because vaccines are inherently dangerous, and that if they are not completely protected, they will simply quit making them, causing a PR nightmare for Congress.  So, congress set up the vaccine fund, and since then they have absolutely no accountability and there is no recourse for when they screw up.  In fact, the consumer pays into this fund when they get a vaccine!  A portion of the vaccine cost goes directly into the fund, but that expense is passed down to the consumer!
Does any of this seem right to you?  Does this seem like something else is going on and they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes?  Why is it that a vaccine company can’t be sued or held accountable?  Why is it that GMO makers can’t be sued or be held accountable?  Why is it that in California you don’t have a choice any more if you don’t want to vaccinate your kids?  Why is it that you have no idea what is in your food anymore?  Why is it that since 1994 there has been a marked increase in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autism, arthritis, mental illness, and so many other disease and conditions, and since then vaccinations of children and adults has increased tremendously, while GMOs have been introduced to the food supply?  (So, it is just that we are all fat and lazy, and it is all because of some mythical “obesity gene” that has popped up out of nowhere, right?)  Why is it that anyone in the scientific or medical community who speaks out against GMOs or Vaccines are summarily black balled by their respective communities, and their careers and lives are destroyed in the media, and their work is discredited and “made to disappear”?  Why did Diane Harper, the Dr who was the lead developer of Gardisil resign and spoke out against the very same vaccine that she helped develop?  Why was Merck sued by two of its researchers for defrauding the government by manipulating data, and were convicted and had to pay a fine, and yet they still have their contract with the government?
Why??  WHY?
And I am sick of people saying “follow the money”.  This goes beyond money.  This goes beyond the billions of dollars at stake.  This is about something that megalomaniacal men crave even more so than money, more than power… this is about their “immortal legacy”.  This is about them ‘changing the world’ and being remembered forever as the ones to “save” mankind (while making trillions of USD, you know, as a fat bonus) from himself and fixed the flaws in “god’s creations” or “primitive man’s food supply”.  They want to be etched in the historical annals of humanity, to be forever remembered *as if they were gods themselves*.  That is the sick, demented, insane part of all this.  These people, these governments and quasi-government organizations masquerading as “corporations” are not trying to “play” god, they are trying to *be* god, by re-doing what “god has done”.  This is like some sort of medical or nutritional version of the tower of Babel.   And we all know how that story ended, eh?
The divine nature of a supernatural creator notwithstanding, there is something really sick about a group of *men* thinking that they can embody that divinity, by essentially re-creating *nature itself*.  
I can tell you this much:  this story will not end well, and the Tower of Babel story will seem like a Disney movie compared to this…