Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Article: Insane Hypocrisy by Haniel Adhar

Insane Hypocrisy (A Bad Apple In Every Bunch)Article by Haniel Adhar

Here is what I don't understand. Now, I have been listening to black metal since prior to 1991. And I lived through the church burnings, the murders, and the black metal inner circle. I also lived through Dead blowing his brains out and Euroymous' murder, and Faust's and Jon Nodtvedt's convictions.
Black metal and evil death metal has been talking shit against Christianity for years. I have no issue with this. I have no issue with black metal bands creating music about their feelings regarding religion, etc. In fact, some bands base their entire musical career out of writing songs about killing Christians. There are too many to list.
I don't have an issue with any of this. Art/music are forms of expression, and should never be censored in any way.
BUT, what I have an issue with is a guy on Youtube blowing his fucking top, while wearing an Immortal T-shirt, about how it is the job of Christians to "love one another" and they are douchebags for not doing so... um, what?
The entire premise of many black metal bands is to attack the weakness of Christians for being "soft". So, when an unfortunate tragic accident happens, you want to cry umbrage and get offended when they say and do the EXACT same thing to you that you have been doing for years? What a self-righteous piece of garbage. Give me a fucking break. Deal with it. Just change the names and it is the same thing. So, wait, for years and years the black metal people rip on Christians for being weak, and while praising Viking gods for being "conquerors" and "tough" and then they get all pissy when some people make some comments that are "less than loving"? What. The. HELL. So, you hate Christians for being Christians, but they are douchebags for not behaving like Christians? Fucking pick ONE. Either you hate them because they are Christians, or you hate them because they are not ACTING like Christians.
Varg is widely praised in the black metal community for being a "hero" and has some sort of cult status for being a murderer. Yet, no one seems to think there is ANYTHING wrong with that bullshit, but this guy gets bent outta shape over some internet comments by people he clearly does NOT like. He is anti-Christian for the sake of being anti-Christian; and sitting here talking about how Christians should "love people" and NOT make comments that are nearly identical to the comments directed at them is bush league bullshit of the highest regard. If you can dish it out and make like you are tough and hard and evil and dark, then fucking deal with it with honor and dignity when it is done to you, instead of making a pussy Youtube video about it. Or better yet, write a fucking song about it and express something meaningful instead of whining like a bitch. You dishonor the names and memories of the fallen by resorting to such pathetic weakness of character.
What about how the "metal community" as a whole attacked two bands that "disgraced" "Pantera" and even went so far as to threaten to rape their wives, girlfriends, mothers, and daughters? What about Metal Injection fabricating the story, dragging in a band that took a picture several years prior to the current incident, and passed it off like it was the same band? Where is the outrage? So, AS LONG as it is ONLY metalheads being dicks, it is OK, BUT as soon as a "Christian" does something like that, "oh, your job is to love others". What a crock of shit. Be consistent dammit. The death threats and rape threats far exceeded in volume to the nasty comments made by some Southern Dixiecrat retards. This is why this guy is a fucking clown. Because he ignores bullshit that metal heads do, and then cries like a baby when the same shit is done to him or "metal". This is not the first time I seen this herb say shit like this on camera; AND he's not the only one. This mentality is pervasive in Metal and our society. This is insane hypocrisy.
That is what pisses me off.
And if anyone thinks I am defending anyone's actions here... NOOOO. I am saying ya'll are FUCKED up, weak minded, and are fucking pathetic pussies. Whiny losers. But hey, while we are at it, let's go ahead and talk about Islam and how oppressive it is... *crickets*.

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