Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Fiction: The Wicked Witch Of Pierce Street by Devin Joseph Meaney

The Wicked Witch of Pierce Street

Every year as it grew ominously close to Halloween, the young ones of Nort Nidney would hide under their beds, terrified that the witch of Pierce Street would turn them into a delicious soup or a delectable cabbage roll. Thelma tried to make a show and play nice with all the townies, but everyone knew that children were the main ingredient in her notorious meat pies. She would swoop down on her broom after midnight and abduct them and they would never be seen again. Mixed into a trifle, a small child often went un-noticed. She was also known to cook with cats, rats, bats and salamanders, but we need not get into the gory details. As children, the friends of her nephew Devin remember her as always trying to feed them. This may seem like the work of a nice old biddy, but she had ulterior motives. She wished to fatten up the children while she also needed to get rid of the ever-growing body pile she had locked up in the crawl space beneath her house. Tough enough to drink gasoline, she was known to fight bears whilst blindfolded, usually leaving the bears helpless in the wake of her dark power. Thelma was and still is a legend. She forever will be. A bastion of a forgotten era, her centuries old soul would remain a prodigy until the end of days. Satan is a bitch, but Thelma... she's something

Lovingly dedicated to Thelma Meaney, who in no way is wicked like a witch. Her pies and cakes are legendary within the Cape Breton baking scene.

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