Friday, August 3, 2018

Poem: 'Escape' by Lioness DeWinter

by Lioness DeWinter, (C) 2015

I am afraid to need you. I wish that I could walk away right now so that you could save yourself.
I want to cut myself open and tear away your muscle, the fibers that have bound us together and made us one.
This is how much I love you.
I would set you free, rather than to have you suffer the abomination of me.
You came along quite suddenly, our love a startling vivisection, a blood-dance, an obscenity
We wound around each other's bones and made ourselves comfortable.
We were two caged creatures finding solace in a single cage.
We ripped each other bloody in order to heal.
Our screams shook the world.
I look into your eyes and I see salvation.
You look into my eyes and see the torment of Hell.
We are a dichotomy, and your wings smolder as I drag you in.
My despair is blacker than death, and you will drown in it...
Save yourself!--I beg of you!
What draws you to me? What do you seek in the hollow void which is my spirit? Why do I allow you to rend me layer by layer, peeling away the dead scar tissue? What are you trying to find? The blood has long since dried up and blown away.
What if underneath--when at last I stand before you helpless and naked--there is nothing there?
Will you be disappointed?

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