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Interview with Hudson Conner of Beastial Piglord by Dave Wolff

Interview with Hudson Conner of Beastial Piglord by Dave Wolff

Your solo project Beastial Piglord released a total of nineteen full length albums since 2018. This is more than the amount of albums bands release in years. How do you manage to write so much material?
Basically, music is all I think about, constantly. When I’m doing my day job I'm thinking about music and coming up with ideas in my head all day, and when I get back home I go in the studio and start recording. I record music seven days a week, sometimes it’s just a little piece of a song and sometimes I record up to two songs a day. My world literally revolves around sounds and music. It’s always been my goal to be a musician ever since I was a kid and if I can’t find a band, then fuck it I’ll do it all myself. That’s really how I keep coming up with fresh albums constantly. Because I never stop thinking about it and I spend nearly all my free time in that little tiny makeshift studio working on tunes. I figured that's a good way to get noticed, is to put out more albums than any other band in the world (except Buckethead). Beastial Piglord is a virtually unknown band, maybe 20-30 thousand people in the entire world even know who the band is. Hopefully in the years to come I’ll be up there with some more well-known bands, obviously not Slayer status or something that huge, but maybe Electric Wizard status for example. Big, but not stupid big.

Sometimes musicians find it difficult to balance daily work with composing music, but you seem to have done a decent job.
It’s always been the same; I'm always listening to music. I’ll hear something and get an idea from it and eventually it turns into something completely original.

Tell the readers how you got started as a solo musician. Had you been seeking band situations for some time beforehand? What equipment and resources did you have to work with at first?
At first I jammed with a few people, but we had different ideas for the sound so I just said fuck it, I’ll do it all myself. In the beginning all I had was a guitar and an amp. That was it. So I recorded with what I had, including shitty computer microphones and also recording guitar direct. With programmed drums for the early stuff. With each album I got more equipment. Now I have a full studio with 30+ instruments, tons of mics, wires and cables everywhere. It’s an Osha violation.

Is your studio a home studio like some bands have or is it located close by? How do you usually finance purchasing new equipment, given the limited exposure of your project?
My studio is in my house and everything in it is stuff I've bought out of pocket. Music is my life and that’s all I spend money on.

What equipment have you recently bought, and are you still looking for more to work with?
I’m constantly buying new gear whether its amps, synths, pedals or drum accessories, my studio is about as good as it can get unless I basically buy a 10 thousand dollar mixing board.

How many full lengths has Beastial Piglord released to date? How much effort have you put into promoting them?
Currently (as of February 2021) I have 19 albums out there, and the 20th will be out probably early to mid-March. I don’t really promote them myself because I don't have a large enough reach to really get noticed. I have all my music uploaded on other YouTube channels. And it does the job I guess. If you count the views on each channel, every album I put online maybe 10 thousand people hear it. Which is actually quite fucking nothing. But maybe word will spread in the future.

I noticed you also stream on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Reverbnation. Do those sites help expand your audience? How difficult do you find it for a band or solo artist to get listeners to notice their work?
It’s damn near impossible unless someone famous is promoting you. A label or something, unless you're having goat orgies on stage nobody really gives a shit about new bands, it’s all about the label.

How do you manage to think up radically different ideas and concepts for each Beastial Piglord album? Does working independently give you more creative freedom or more space to fill?
Typically I’ll always come up with an album title before I even start writing the music to give me an idea of what I want the album to sound like, when I was writing “OddBall”, I was listening to some jazz, and I took inspiration from that. And ended up making riffs based on wild jazz stuff. You wouldn't be able to tell for the most part. But that’s how it usually works.

How did the jazz influence you drew from expand on what you were writing for “OddBall”? Were you listening to old jazz or modern jazz while recording the album?
It was just random jazz Playlist on YouTube, an assortment of stuff. Obviously that wasn't the only thing I was listening to during that recording process. But it helped inspire me.

Some early Beastial Piglord releases were occult themed soundtracks to black masses. Did these albums lay the groundwork for your sound or did you make efforts to break away from them on later releases?
I was drunk every day during the production of the first few albums. Some of the music from the first couple albums are fairly old, recorded and written quite some time before I uploaded it. Point being, I was younger and drunk and I thought all the satanic imagery was cool, but now it’s just silly to me, and I don’t affiliate any religious imagery or themes in my music or artwork.

Were your early occult themes strictly for shock or was there any research involved? If occult themes are played out, what other lyrical concepts did you look for to base other albums on?
I have delved into it before, out of curiosity. But as for imagery of older albums it was just for the hell of it. As for lyrical content, it has always been the same since day one I love nonsensical lyrics like those of King Buzzo or even Kurt Cobain.

What other genres were you known to listen to while working on an album? How did these leave their mark on BP?
I listen to a wide range of music. From Madonna to Anal Cunt then back to something like Norah Jones then back to PORTAL. I don’t limit myself to just metal, that’s boring. I like so many bands and artists I can't name them all. It’s thousands.

Why did you decide to keep the name Beastial Piglord with the concepts and musical influences you brought to BP?
That’s just how it has to be. I hate changing things once it’s already set in stone. The name is special. It came directly from Dave Brockie of Gwar. Also it’s my way of trolling people. Because when they hear the name Beastial Piglord, they expect some crazy brutal death metal. Which I have done before. But not so much anymore, you will never know what to expect from a Piglord album. It ranges from all genres of "metal" to dark jazz, soft rock, pop, acoustic, techno, electronic, trip hop, hip hop, blues, country, ambient, noise. Basically a little of every single genre thrown in there somewhere. But overall Beastial Piglord is a metal band.

By what approach do you write lyrics to fit Beastial Piglord’s music from album to album?
It’s either just me bitching and ranting about personal shit that pisses me off or just nonsensical lyrics.

You were also involved in a solo project called Vorspiel and released some material under that name (including a full length called “anthroplague”). Is this project still active in 2021? Are there any other projects you worked on that you want to mention?
That project was something to do for the fun of it. I put out two albums and that’s all it will be. It was recorded super-fast and I didn't touch up anything; it was just press, record and go. No eq, no nothing just raw as hell. I did have a little project called EFFARE; I put out one EP and two LP's under that title. It was when I was first getting into electronic music and its really bad haha. It was poorly put together but still fun to listen to.

What playing and recording equipment did you have to work with making Vorspiel and Effare? Do you work with the same equipment for Beastial Piglord or has that situation improved?
I stripped it down quite a bit on the first Vorspiel album. The demo, I had quite an odd set up. I had two mics for the drums ran into an old digitech guitar processor, and for the guitar I did the same thing, I just recorded direct from the digitech amp simulator. And for the second one the set up was about the same except I used a couple more mics for the drums and all vocals went thru the digitech that I used for all the instruments. Sounds awful.

Many of your releases are out on a label called Slorebs Castle Records. Is this an actual label or a title you thought up to promote your music?
That’s just a joke. It’s what I call my studio: "Slorebs Castle".

Did you ever consider making Slorebs Castle an actual label or will you eventually start seeking a label to promote your albums? Do you think you’d find one you could work with?
I’d be happy with any major or semi major label as long as they promoted the shit out of the band. Although the sheer weirdness of my music is probably frowned upon by most major labels.

Your second to last album before “OddBall” was called “Visitation Hour” and its concept seems to revolve around hospitalization and insanity. What was the inspiration for this album and what sort of a story did you want to tell?
That’s completely up to the listener, same with all my albums. I like for the fans to decide what each album is about If anything at all.

The latest full length Beastial Piglord released is titled “Porcus Dominus”. What were you listening to during the making of this album and are the results of your work as you imagined them?
Strictly Melvins, which was the only band I listened to during that recording period. They are one of my favorite bands among several others. Yep the album turned out exactly how I imagined. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

How soon do you expect to start work on another album? Do you have any ideas concept-wise?
I am at any given time working on an album. The same day I finish an album I am already getting ideas and writing and recording the next album. My next album (to be released March 2021) is called "Huff" and it’s nearly done.

How much more work has to be completed for “Huff”? How many more albums do you think will be released in 2021?
I have two songs left which I will probably finish in two days. Dude I'm ridiculous. Probably at a minimum ten albums a year.

How would you want you and Beastial Piglord to be remembered for your contributions to underground music?
That is exactly how! REMEMBERED, and talked about/listened to for generations to come. Some bands or artists never get their recognition until after they are dead.

-Dave Wolff

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