Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Endowed By Their Creator by Joseph A. Zuchowski

Endowed By Their Creator
By Joe Zuchowski
Published in AEA issue #23

We frequently hear about the division between the teaching of a strict interpretation of Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection" and a special creation by a divine being. Basically, Evolution vs. Creationism, truthfully it's not that black and white a topic. Evolution is actually more unified then Creationism, while scientist may debate did evolution occur is a constant steady pattern or where there leaps, in the record but in neither case no one in the field of evolution denies it happened. This is not the case among Creationist. First, creationism covers many interpretations and some simply do not agree at all with each other yet because ether state that mankind was created they are labeled Creationist. We hear "teach the controversy and let the students decide." Alright let's look at the "controversy." I don't know how many people are aware of the Kitzmueller vs. Dover; how in 2005 a court in Dover Pennsylvania ruled that Creationism is clearly a non-scientific belief and therefore has no place in a biology class. It was after this embarrassing defeat (you can look up the case and read the trial transcripts) that the Creationist began their "teach the controversy" approach. Here are the contrivers and you can see it is entirely in their camp. First most people do not know that Creationism is broken down into two major camps: the Theistic Creationists and the Nontheistic. The Theistic are broken down into literal interpretation that man was created in our current form 6,000 years ago. These are called "Young Earth Creationists." These are more common among the more conservative branches of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Though both Christianity and Islam use the Jewish myth of creation. The other problem here is there are hundreds of creation stories, so in fairness you would have ego teach them as well since there is no conclusive evidence that one I sang more correct them any other. Now another question: was the universe created by one God or many? Or did God direct the creation of the earth but had nothing to actually to do with its formation? Then, there are those who believe that evolution was guided by the divine. These are just some of the beliefs within the Theistic form of Creationism. Next we have the Non or Atheistic Creationist. These believe that no god was responsible, but rather Aliens from space. This is called the Ancient Astronaut Theory of Creation. Ironically the first person who wrote about this was not Von Danniken but H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937). "All my stories unconnected as they may seem to be are based upon the fundamental idea that the earth was once inhabited by an ancient race of being from space." Here too are two distinctive camps. One (Von Danniken) believes the earth was already populated by humans who were aided by extraterrestrials in the creation of human society while they did not actually create humans they created human culture, architecture, sciences et cetera. The other camp holds that humanity was created from a more primitive form of humanoid. Both the Theistic and Nontheistic share a disdain for valid scientific evidence. And both claim that theirs are the only true valid position, even though there is nothing to support them. Please keep this in mind when you hear someone say "teach the controversy" when the controversy is their own creation.

Inspired in part by H.P. Lovecraft And The Cult Of The Alien Gods by Jason Colavito and an article about creationism in Skeptic Magazine