Monday, July 13, 2015

Article: Be The Lone Wolf by Haniel Adhar

Be The Lone Wolf 
Article by Haniel Adhar

"Be a Wolf. Live for yourself or the pack — never the herd."
Maybe in another time, this would be a powerful statement promoting the strength of the individual, and how important it is to be your own authentic self.
But it is just lip service.
We live in a society where how you express yourself is dictated by very powerful people with big guns and body armor, who make policy under the cover of darkness to whittle down your humanity to that of a toothpick.
Your pursuit of greatness is limited because someone decided that if YOU achieve anything that it offends someone else who has not achieved anything, so therefore, you have to be drawn back to the "herd", where whatever you achieve can't be anything better than the sheep standing next to you.
You have no more choices; unless someone else decides that it is politically correct for you to have a choice, then they will decide which choice is acceptable for you to have, or they will make you pay more for a choice that they think is "not good".
Originality, uniqueness, and individuality are vehemently shunned and scoffed at, as evidenced by the multitude of copy-cat subcultures, remake films, copy-cat books, and rehashed art and entertainment.  Anything that strays from the accepted "norm" of the current trend is ostracized and ignored, such as the band that makes original music is told to "pay to play" while glorified juke boxes masquerading as 'cover bands" are paid handily to play music that people are familiar with, no matter how lame, cheesy, or uninteresting it is.
We complain about how governments limit our freedom of speech and expression, yet a large portion of us limit, censor, and restrict our own free speech by chastising anyone with any thought that strays from the politically correct trending norms of society.  Wherever the political winds blow, that is where the mobs go.  And our illustrious, generous government is all too happy to oblige such proclivities, further limiting our freedom of speech by banning flags, banning words, banning ideas, and perverting the First Amendment with "Hate Speech" legislation.
We don't know what it means to live in a society that is free from oppression of thought and free from the oppressive forces that prevent an individual from flourishing.  The days where one could have a great attitude, work hard, and achieve something of utter extravagance are gone.  Now, if you achieve anything, you get a flood of nasty remarks on the internet, chastising you for no reason other than pure jealousy or just so someone can get a laugh out of belittling your accomplishments.  If you start a business and find success with it, you will have your own employees conspire against you to destroy the same business that gave them a job (as evidenced by recent protests to increase "minimum wage" to such astronomical levels that it would make some business impractical to still exist, or would lead to massive layoffs).  And god forbid if you have any religious or spiritual convictions at all, because now government is pleased to totally strip you of your rights to your own faith and ideals by imposing arbitrary legislation without any due process of law.
Do you think you have freedom?  Do you think you are able to choose how to live your life?
Leaving out much of the Libertarian platform of what they "decided" were your "civil liberties", these are some of the things that YOU can't choose anymore:
You can't choose to use Edison's Incandescent light bulb; you can't use a certain type of toilet; you can't collect rainwater on your property; you need a permit to install a door on your house; you can't wave a confederate flag without being called a racist; you are called a bigot for just about anything nowadays; you are having your 2nd Amendment rights ripped away from you; in California, you can't opt out of giving your kids vaccines; you can't know what foods contain GMOs or not; you can't decline getting cancer treatment; you can't own heirloom seeds; you really don't own your property, because stop paying your property taxes and see what happens; you can't buy a big gulp in NYC and you have to bring your own salt to restaurants;  everything you say is hate speech; you can't vote against fluoride in your tap water; you can't sue a vaccine company for vaccine damages; you can't sue a GMO company for damages from their food or products...and god forbid that you want to choose your own health insurance or health care without government intervention...
The list goes on and on and on; this is just what came to mind off hand.
See, THEY, the bureaucrats, the politicians, the agency heads, the political big mouths... they all decide WHAT your "freedoms" are.  Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Socialists... they all pick and choose what and how you are supposed to define your personal freedom and individuality by.  If it will further their agenda to acquire more and more power, then hell yeah, they will make it "legal" whether you like it or not.  But, if something stands in the way of their agenda, then hell no, they will make whatever they want to be "illegal", and there isn't a damned thing you can do about it.  And the sad part of all of this, the saddest part, is that more and more people are willing to succumb to these groups' subversion, giving up more and more of their own freedom in exchange for some hopeless ideal that no one with any power or authority at all has any intention of making a reality.  The people are so dependent on the authority figures that they lost all self-reliance and personal independence, and are completely incapable of making decisions for themselves.  Every aspect of their lives must meet the approval of the people who are in positions of power, and these megalomaniacs love every minute of it.
When you give up your rights to make a decision for yourself, you are feeding an ever growing beast of a bureaucracy that needs to consume more and more of your life each day in order for it to survive.  And its hunger is never satiated, so you have to keep feeding it, every day, for the rest of your life. And they NEVER "give" away a "freedom" or give you back a "right" that they illegally stripped from you without an asking price; they make you agree to a bargain, by making one thing "legal" while stripping your rights in other areas, but we as a collective people are so addicted to our "civil liberties" that we trade in our rights one-by-one to get our "fix".  So, we lose our rights to choose how to live our lives, how to protect ourselves, or how to express ourselves in exchange for the government to make something legal that really was never illegal in the first place, so they create the illusion that they are doing "good" for us, by either returning something that is rightfully ours or by just not robbing us quite as much.
And we think we can change this about ourselves with one election cycle, or with a rally or a protest.  That is a great delusion, because the people who messed everything up in the first place KNEW that their mission was not going to be accomplished in their lifetime.  They were like political kamikaze pilots, crashing their political airplanes into the battle ship, weakening it for the further conquering of their future generations.  100 years in the making, and their goal is finally coming to fruition.
The only way to stop this is to understand that no matter WHAT you try and do, you are not going to stop the bus from going off the cliff.  That is a sad, brutal reality.  But this also means that it forces you to see the solution to the problem:  resurrecting the strength of the individual.  Granted, your opportunities are taken from you, your choices for your life are taken from you, and your rights to free self expression is severely limited now by the government and popular culture.  However, this does not mean that you stop expressing your ideas even though they tell you to stop expressing your thoughts.  You stay vigilant, and you force yourself to make your own choices.  Stop listening to the political talking heads.  Turn OFF the TV.  Stop honoring art and music and entertainment that is playing you for a fool and stop giving your money away to an industry that insults your intelligence on a daily basis.  Take a personal, individual stand and speak your mind.  Don't follow the lemmings jumping off the cliff... THINK FOR YOURSELF AND ASK YOURSELF "WHY?"  Recognize that the more someone tries to push something on you (or the public) that the less "good" it is.  Keep yourself so healthy that you are far less reliant on the politico-medical establishment than the average person.  Educate yourself by reading everything before they start banning it:  the Constitution, the Magna Carta, the communist manifesto, The Works of John Locke, Machiavelli's "the Prince", Atlas Shrugged, The Federalist Papers, speeches by past presidents and world leaders, the Bible, the Koran...and so on (it is important to educate yourself on things that you speak out against, for instance Communism, so that you can properly debate and dismantle it).  The more educated you are, the empowered you are, and the LESS THEY CAN CONTROL YOU.

They want you to remain stupid, weak, feeble, and dependent on them, so they can continue to rape you of your life every day, and have you keep coming back for more, because you are addicted to the junk they keep selling you.  You are the only person that can fix this, for yourself, and start down a path that future generations will eventually fulfill.  But it starts with you, the individual, by strengthening your individual self, even if it means you will be ostracized, rebuked, and rejected.   Be a Lone Wolf, who leads by example,  vigilance, and self-sacrifie.  This is not a war that will be won in your or my lifetime.  But it is a war that can and will start in our lifetime, by us, within ourselves, and we will set the example that others will follow, and will reap the fruit of our labor.

Hopefully, this time, they will keep it…