Monday, July 6, 2015

Article: Dos And Donts Of Being In The Food Service Industry by Haniel Adhar

Dos And Donts Of Being In The Food Service Industry
Article by Haniel Adhar

DO be polite, nice, and courteous.  We work hard for our money and when we choose to spend it, we hope that we are treated with respect and dignity, not like we are doing YOU a favor by spending our hard earned money.   If you do not like your job, then quit. 
DO NOT cop an attitude when someone asks you to actually serve them, such as, more beverage, more napkins, silverware, etc… Yes, it is an inconvenience to actually serve your customers, but do your job and treat people with respect.    If someone asks for something that may not be on the menu, and if your cooks can make it, then don’t give them an attitude because you actually have to write something down…
DO make sure you get the order right.  If someone says “no cheese”, don’t argue with them and say they did not say that.  If they say “no pickle”, then don’t give them damned a pickle.   Human beings have different preferences as to what they want on their food or with their food.  It is a restaurant.  You are getting paid to provide a service to someone.   If you don’t like it, quit and collect SNAP.  And yes we all know that people make mistakes, so be gracious about it and understand that if someone is hungry and they get something they did not order, they have to wait for it to be remade.  They may be annoyed, but don’t throw more wood on the fire and make it worse…
DO NOT give someone an attitude if they have a food allergy and need to ask you a bunch of questions.   That is one of the most dick-moves by wait staff is when they “roll their eyes” and act indignant because someone has a food allergy and needs to check what may contain that food allergen.  The alternative is this:  If someone gets sick from a food that contains a food allergen, and god forbid goes into anaphylactic shock, your boss gets sued, and there is a great chance that YOU will lose your job.  Plus, if someone breaks out into hives because of something you served them, do you think anyone in that restaurant will come back?   What if someone dies from a peanut allergy because you couldn’t be bothered to tell them that there was peanut in the sauce on that meal, which could easily be avoided by the wait staff being more service oriented and taking some time to educate the consumer on the food products?  People with food allergies have it WAY worse than you do, and a little bit of humanity and compassion with your customer can really help.  So, enough with the attitude, because food allergy sufferers simply have no other choice. 
For god’s sake NO ICE MEANS NO ICE!  Just listen to your customers!  Is that so freaking hard?
DO make sure that the table is wiped down when you seat someone.  It is gross to sit at a table to eat and you see remnants of someone else’s meal stuck to the table top.  Plus, if it is sticky, then that’s just nasty. 
DO NOT leave a pile of plates on tables.  BUS YOUR TABLES.  I can’t tell you how many times I  walk into a restaurant  and I see 4 service people standing around bullshitting and goofing off when there are a dozen tables that need to be bused, and I have to wait for a clean table…and there are TWO tables with customers seated!  This is mind numbing.  When you go to the bank to cash your check and you see several people on line and 1 teller open, and yet 4 tellers are behind the counter laughing and joking while you wait, don’t you get pissed?  OF COURSE YOU DO, because you hate it when someone does it to you, yet you can’t suss out and NOT do that to other people waiting to give you money in exchange for goods and services.
DO feel free to get a different job if you don’t like it.  Try working in an ER, or joining the military.  I am sure the pay is *so much better* and you’ll NEVER get “difficult” customers (hey, how’s about explaining to the Nurse in the ER who just gave an adrenaline shot to that dude who got anaphylaxis because you were too lazy to get the guy the right info  about what foods did not contain a food allergen.  You think you got it bad?  Try being THAT nurse, cleaning up the mess made by someone else’s laziness or arrogance). 
DO NOT take your attitude out on someone’s food.  This is not the movie “Waiting”.  If you do that, then you are a piece of shit, and you are on the bottom of the totem pole of humanity.   Plus, you can go to jail for that.  “Hey bub, what are you in for?”  “Uhhh, I put dirt in someone’s food” “Man, you are a pussy…”
DO NOT get all indignant if someone comes in a few minutes before closing to eat.  How do you know they didn’t just get off of work, and they just want to have something decent to eat?   If the closing time is different than what it says on the door, then POST THAT CLOSING TIME.  Customers are not mind readers.  They can’t possibly know that you have to get to the bar 1 minute after your shift ends.    Sometimes, someone just wants to eat.  That’s it.  It is nothing against you.
DO make sure that you do everything possible to make sure that someone has a good experience when you serve them.  We all know that people are difficult, and people who are waiters or service people are no different.  The most difficult people on the planet are people who work in the service industry.  In 2015, they tend to be arrogant, have bad attitudes, treat their customers like crap, and really don’t care about the customer’s experience YET feel entitled to get paid a full 20% of the check for simply performing the act of bringing food to the table (which most waiters don’t even do that anymore, they have a busboy/girl do that, and how much do you guys pay them?  Exactly…) You chose the service industry.  You are welcome to get out of it and, like I said before, go ahead and work in one of those really easy jobs, like be a cop, doctor, EMT, Armed Forces, Factory worker, Nurse,  etc…  And none of them get tips either, and make less per hour than the average waiter at a freaking Diner. 
Finally, DO NOT post on the internet how much you hate your job, hate your customers, hate this or that about your job, and talk negatively about the people you service, or lord help you if you post that you mess with the food you serve.  This is a surefire way to let everyone know to NEVER ATTEND YOUR RESTRAURANT EVER AGAIN, which means you will make less money.  I guess that right there is proof positive as to why you are not a *doctor*, eh?  Genius…
You want respect, give respect.  Some people are just dicks.  Doesn’t mean you have to be one too…