Monday, July 6, 2015

Article: Good Little Sheep by Haniel Adhar

Good Little Sheep
Article by Haniel Adhar

I am going to share a few thoughts with you guys, and maybe it will resonate with you, and maybe not. At this point, I am getting sick of trying to explain stuff to the left-tail end of the bell curve of society.
There is nothing more putrid than what I call "feigned emotional outrage", which seems to plague the internet nowadays. People get worked up about causes because it "pulls on the heart strings". They get emotionally tied to causes, BUT, if someone is more passionate about such a cause, or more educated, they get VERY intimidated and they attack the person *even though that person my be on their side*.
To me, it screams of ego and self-righteousness, because these people are trying to push a narrative of what they think the situation is, instead of the truth.
I am one of the most despised and disliked persons you will ever meet. People HATE me because I tell them the truth, and I back it up with incontrovertible, irrefutable facts and it makes a LOT of people feel fuckin SMALL. That ain't my problem. It ain't my problem that a large segment of the population hover right around the top of curve of the bell, with marginal, limited functional intelligence at best. Yet, the "belligerently stupid majority" are the ones who essentially control societies, including the internet. They will cut off their own noses to spite their faces, if it makes them look more "right" than the person next to them.
This is why very many "good" causes fail, because the bulk of civilized society is functionally retarded, while half of those people are likely twice as stupid as the other half. Yeah, they can be good little sheep and show up at work, do their jobs, and come home and sit in front of the TV, only to repeat the same shit tomorrow, but they are far from remotely capable of stepping outside of that world and actually fixing any of the wrong things in human civilization (we won't get into what exactly that is; let's just say that it has a lot to do with ego, envy, and a rigid adherence to remaining stupid). They get emotional, and then feel "threatened" when someone serves them up a reality that they simply can't handle, or refuse to believe even though the facts are there to prove it.
This brings me back to an age-old concept of human nature: people will believe what they choose to believe, not what is actually believable. Again, RE: people are dumb. I keep saying this, but, ironically, few actually believe me. The most intelligent people that ever graced this planet with their presence are long dead, and people like them are never coming back, at least not for 1000 years. And here is the tragic part of all of this: when those people are not around, the super intelligent, wise people who understand things greatly, who have a sense of self-sacrifice so strong that they are willing to speak the truth even if it means they will be hated...when those people are gone, evil can plague society without any resistance. When wisdom and understanding are ignored in favor of emotionally appealing self-righteousness, then evil grows exponentially. And it is the people themselves, the belligerently stupid majority, who are pretty much now just hairless apes with iPhones and Netflix subscriptions, are the ones responsible for their own demise, time and time again.