Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Article: Medical Cannabis by Haniel Adhar

Medical Cannabis
Article by Haniel Adhar

Why is "medicinal cannabis" regarded as being the cure all for everything from cancer to impotence to stab wounds?
Why are there protests to legalize recreational "cannabis" as a medical or health promoting product?
...And why were there huge billboards all over Florida during the last election cycle promoting "medical marijuana" business opportunities?
Because someone out there stands to make a lot of money from all of this in the same way the Tobacco companies did in the 20th century. Once legalized, OMG, some people become billionaires overnight.
But, where are the protests preserving the access to Niacin? Vitamin C? Melatonin? Converted folate? Bioidentical hormones? Where are the massively funded campaigns paying people to get petition signatures to save these things? Where is the "outrage" that vitamins are in the process of being taken off the market via Codex Almentarius and legislation?
Nowhere to be found. Because someone out there is liable to lose billions and billions of dollars and a huge chunk of control over the american public if people actually caught onto the fact that food and nutrients actually made people healthy, not drugs. That people could be "doctor" to themselves with actual nutrient containing substances, instead of substances hybridized to the point of breeding-out any health promoting nutrients, while maximizing the intoxicating ingredients. Someone or some people out there stands to lose a ton of their power if people become strong minded, strong willed, healthy, and intelligent. But people are forsaking their natural birth right in favor of a "don't know, don't care" attitude, so long as they get their "drugs" of choice.
Weed is legal in multiple states for recreational and medicinal use. However, Chiropractic care is only licensed in 4 states. Colorado banned nutritional consultation for anyone with Cancer and Diabetes except for RDs and MDs. Florida won't even let you send your water to a lab to get it tested. Vaccines were now just mandated in California for children entering school. The drug companies have been fined billions for fraud, criminal activity, and racketeering, and continue to be fined...
But does anyone really care? No. They just want their drugs, and their free health care [free drugs]. They want LOTS of drugs, for free, and provided to them by the state ("chocolate" in 1984...). So, guess what folks, you are gonna get your wish, and you are gonna see disease and sickness reach an epic, all time high in the US. That's what "they" want. They want you to be sedated, weak, and feeble minded. They want you to be stoned, drugged up, and detached from reality, devoid of all hope. You know why? Because weak, hopeless people are *easy to control*. They want you in the chemical matrix, feeding their beastly appetite for power while you focus like a rat in a cage on the miniscule crumbs "they" toss you, while you thank them for it. Go ahead, get yourself stoned and baked. Go, get your shots and eat your Genetically Modified soy chunks. Go and get your Oxycontin paid for by the state for your back pain instead of seeing a chiropractor. Go get your lipitor that cures NOTHING for a fictitious cholesterol "disease" they say you have. Go get your "pull" and further drag your ass out of reality and poison the human collective consciousness with your inane babble on the internet while these monsters cut and carve up our lives to sell off the highest bidder. Go and complain about minimum wage while they create machines to replace everyone of you. Go ahead and bury your head in the sand while the world around you gets totally trashed, then complain that your life sucks. Go and do all of this, while "they" take away every means you have of taking care of yourself, of living a life where you have optimal or at least solid health of mind and body. Go and keep being yelling and screaming about your "rights" when they are actually taking away your basic inalienable rights to your life, liberty, and property, controlling every aspect of you while you beg for more. Keep it up. Keep eating the Soylent Green they are shoveling in your mouth while you thank them and keep praise them for "passing a law to protect you and keep you fed". Everything in your life has been bought, or forfeited and turned over to the state. But you don't care because you are marginally conscious, because you have been convinced that this is how life is supposed to be, that the less you want from your life, and the less you attain, the more well liked you will be, for not being selfish of course. You don't care because as long as you have your weed and your beer and your fast food and your smokes and your gadgets and your TV shows, and your free health care [drugs] what the hell difference does it make to you? You don't care, because the "care" has been chemically eradicated from your body and brainwashed out of your mind. The "true element" of your consciousness has been drugged-out. You've been poisoned your whole life, from cradle to the grave; your mind, your body, your soul (which THEY say you don't have). They have poisoned everything, and done so to control YOU, and then create civilization in their design. 
Wake up. WAKE UP. Open your eyes, and start by looking at the truth of reality. You've had everything that you ever could be stolen from you, and are you going to just let them walk away with it?
Probably, because you likely suffer from some guilt that you are responsible for all of that which ails the world, and by you "sharing sacrifice" you are doing your "part", while "they" laugh their asses off all the way to the bank.

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