Monday, August 17, 2015

Film review: Doctored by Haniel Adhar

Bobby Sheehan - Director
Jeff Hays - Producer, Executive Producer

OK, so I just finished watching the movie "Doctored", produced by Jeff Hayes.
Lemme say this much off the bat:  if you want some legitimate tear jerking moments, then you gotta see this film.
It is essentially about how the medical community tried, and failed, to utterly destroy chiropractic care, by conspiring to mislead the public into thinking outrageously untrue claims, like that chiropractors were cult leaders, or an adjustment would give you a stroke.
Bear in mind that the people who were making these claims had no scientific or epidemiological proof at all, yet demand piles and mountains of evidence if the body needs a damned vitamin.  This is a clear display of the inherent hypocrisy of the medical community that makes outrageously unscientific claims while demanding the opposite from their “competitors”.
It is a really powerful film, and it is the sort of Documentary that is, quite frankly, done right, and it should be on the "must see list" of everyone who is interested in attaining better health.  But it is not just about Chiropractors, as it incorporates many other aspects of alternative and natural medicine.
Like I stated before, there are some big time emotional moments, such as the hearings for Dr Burzynski, who has actually effectively devised a legitimate cure for cancerous tumors of the brain.  The government in 1996 tried to shut him down for using "unapproved treatments", and at his hearing, one tearful patient after the next got up and spoke on his behalf, some given a few months to live that were still alive and cancer free after just a  few of his treatments.  Absolutely incredible stuff.
But there was one scene in particular that caught my attention, and it was bout Parker Jensen, the 12 yr old boy who's parents refused to give him Chemotherapy treatment after doctors insisted that Parker had cancer, and had 2 weeks to live.  His parents weren't buying it because there was not a single test that came back that showed he had cancer, not one, but the doctors insisted that he be treated with Chemotherapy.  When his parents refused, they were reported, and arrest warrants were put out for his father who was charged with kidnapping him and child endangerment, for not abiding by the doctors "orders" to get Chemotherapy.  We all heard about this, and the media portrayed them as nutcases. They were in court for 5 years trying to fight the order to give the kid chemotherapy...and the kid was said to have two weeks to live and 5 years later, they were still in court, with no symptoms and no etiology that showed he had cancer.  So, 12 years later, the dude is alive, in college, and still caner free.  His father said he was never treated because he never had cancer, and the doctor who diagnosed him with cancer was part of a clinical trial for a new drug and the trial needed more subjects from Parker's demographic.  So, the diagnosis was made that he had "invisible cancer".
I don't know about you guys, but that should make you question every single diagnosis that you ever get from your doctor, in every case.  Demand that you see test reports; demand that you get a second opinion; demand that you get scientific literature to back up the diagnosis; demand side effects literature and "informed consent" for every drug they try and give you.  This story is insane, and to my knowledge, that doctor was never brought up on charges for fraud.  How is that possible?  He totally spit on his Oath and thought inwardly only of himself, and put his patient and his whole family at jeopardy, and even went so far as to try to get them thrown in jail, all for a diagnosis that did not actually exist.
Wake up folks.
There was also the report on Vioxx, the racketeering and criminal activity of Merck and Glaxo Smith Kline, the latter paying 3 billion dollars in fines for fraud involving Oxycontin, and the report on parents that brought healthy children to get their vaccine shots and the next day speech stopped.  Really powerful stuff.
While this movie makes some great points about Chiropractic, with NBA superstar John Stockton making an appearance with his doctor, it is very honest when saying that Chiropractic is not exactly a cure all, and the people it works for see great benefit, and that the people of the US should have the choice and opportunity to find out.  I agree with that.
I do have one personal complaint about the Chiropractic community, and I am saying this from my platform of a Doctorate of Natural Medicine, a Naturopath who specializes in Nutrition, and it is that Chiropractors are starting to behave like the American Medical Association from the 1970s by phasing out and blackballing non-chiropractic nutritionists.  They are using a lot of the same tactics, by saying we are [not licensed] and not qualified, yet, Chiropractors don't get nearly as much training in nutrition as a PhD Holistic or Functional Nutritionist.  All chiropractors sell supplements, and I cannot tell you how many times I had to correct a protocol a patient got from a chiropractor...Many chiropractors do not study nutrition in school extensively, so they would take weekend courses and read websites to get relatively basic nutritional information, then claim to be "nutritionists", which is great for basic recommendations, but Chiropractors shouldn't be making it a major focus of their practice unless they defer to someone else in their office who has the experience and credentialing to do more extensive nutritional consulting.  Many, unfortunately, do not do that.  Imagine if I, a PhD and Certified Nutritionist took a weekend course in Chiropractic and started advertising myself as a chiropractor.  The lawsuits would pile up like crazy from the Chiropractic community.  It is the same thing as then claiming to practice nutrition while having a fraction of the nutritional knowledge as a trained and experienced nutrition professional.  I can tell you right now that there is not a chiropractor on the planet who just got out of school who knows more about biochemical nutrition than I do, yet, right out of the starting gate they are selling supplements as if they are trained exclusively in such a field.   While nutrition is in fact important to Chiropractic treatments, it is my opinion that all Chiropractors should have a trained nutrition professional focusing specifically on patients’ biochemical nutritional requirements.
All of that notwithstanding, I firmly support Chiropractic, when of course it benefits the patient, just as any other modality.  Let me be very clear that the risks and side effects  getting Chiropractic treatment and practically non-existent, if there are any, especially compared to the laundry list of adverse effects from many conventionally accepted treatments.   I know and understand Chiropractic to be a viable, useful modality.
As a professional, I focus on the nutritional biochemistry first and foremost (meaning, cell nutrition; if the cells don't have the right raw materials to function and for repair, then no treatment will be very effective).  This film "Doctored" makes a very strong case for Chiropractic, and also exposes the unyielding bias of the medical community, and their cohorts, such as Stephen Barret, the almost comical lead writer for a website called “Quackwatch” which “debunks” everything from Chiropractic to freaking drinking water.  This film clearly shows that the medical Cabal will stop at nothing and will stoop to any low possible to keep you and your health under their strict, explicit control.  They will use the media, manipulation, legislation, and when all else fails, they will lie and try to have you arrested if you disobey their orders.  Unfortunately, too many people are not educated enough in matters of health and will take anything that any “Medical Doctor wearing a lab coat or scubs” says as gospel, irrefutable and infallible.  This film shows that there are other ways, and that the medical community is scared to death of them.
This film is highly recommended, and as good as it is, Jeff Haye’s follow up film “Bought” is even better. -Haniel Adhar

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