Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Film Review: The Amazing Spider Man 2 by Haniel Adhar

The Amazing Spider Man 2
Directed by Marc Webb
Written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci
With Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx
Reviewed by Haniel Adhar with special appearance by Justin Time

Haniel: Ok, so, it was a good, not great, film. It wasn't as good as the second one in the original series, which admittedly was put over the top with a brilliant performance by Alfred Molina. He stole the show.
Orci and Kurtzman, and tell me if you agree, tend to create very linear scripts without much real depth. There were several plot holes and it was way, way too long. They never should have had the "tid bit" of Rhino at the end, which really convoluted the film's ending.
The way that made Green Goblin's face look was really lame, while I loved the suit itself.
Sam Raimi did a much better job directing, and his emergency room scene in #2 was straight out of Evil Dead 2, and it was brilliant. These newer ones don't have scenes with that sort of brilliant directing. The effects in this one were outstanding, if not too video-game-ish.
I still don't quite understand *how* Gwen actually died at the end. It really didn't make sense. I give them credit for pulling on the heart strings and doing the ballsy thing; I just wish it was more realistic than her back breaking from the force of the web shooter string and the fall (?).
in some places it was a little frustrating, I mean, the whole "Richard parker" subplot was poorly contrived and the the "roosevelt" thing made no sense at all. Campbell Scott, though, brilliant casting. And the lack of Jameson really took away from the character of the film. It was a goofy movie that took itself way to seriously.
Sam Raimi had a more complete version of the saga, I think. The issue with that trilogy is that they peaked way too early. #2 was one of the best super hero movies if not one of the best movies ever, and there was no way they could have topped it with #3, especially with James Franco's anemic acting and the downplaying of the importance of Sandman, and making him a sympathetic character. I still enjoyed the film, though.
This one I would put on the same level as #3 in Raimi's version: not as good as #1 or #2, better than #1 of the Amazing Spiderman.
I'd see #3, but I would wait for it to come to the dollar theater or to TV or streaming.
I think it will be a long time until a superhero film comes along that can top Raimi's #2. That one and Iron Man 1 were the best ones I have seen since the new wave of superhero films. The Incredible Hulk was great too.”

Justin Time: I can only remark upon some of this because of time constraints. I can see that you've given this film a lot more thought than I have. Generally what makes a film memorable or worth thinking about afterwards to me is that it makes me feel something or gain an insight or an awareness that I didn't formerly possess. So like the scenery zipping by outside a train window, I take it in passively and just sort of let it go an instant later.

Haniel: “The Amazing #2 had none of that, until the end, when Gwen died. But, how much more brutal would it have been if Mary Jane died? The Gwen Character was so insignificant in the comics and cartoon, and Mary Jane was "it". If she died I admit I would have balled my eyes out. Anyone who grew up with Spiderman, in NY like I did, we all had a "Mary Jane". “

Justin Time: Gwen died because she fell really, really far and hit a concrete floor. Spider-man's webs were too stretchy to slow her down enough to save her life. I agree about the Peter's parents’ subplot. It struck me as being dramatic filler. It's something that is not canon of course and meanwhile there is a great deal of unexplored territory that IS canon. Poor choices.
I despised # 3. Really there was almost nothing about it that I liked. Raimi's unmistakable sense of style was still present and still enjoyable. The lead actors were all still great. But everything else.... was a travesty. Especially Venom. That final battle was so dumb, that again my mind wandered to other things. But I would ask in your opinion haw does Spider-Man 2 compare to Captain America: Winter Soldier?

Haniel: “Winter Soldier was good. Captain America 1 and 2 are both excellent films. I wish they did more with the Red Skull though. But once they cast Chris Evans and he just ran with the role, it became very hard to screw it up.
GSP as a villain = solid gold.
I liked Spiderman 3, while not my favorite film, I couldn't help but to enjoy it. There were some clunky moments, and they could have made a whole series just out of Venom. But they gave way more facetime to Venom than they did, say, Rhino in the re-do...
I am just glad I don't have to see James Franco ever put on a green goblin suit again. He is such a terrible actor, and Raimi's directing saved him from being a total loser.”

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