Friday, October 2, 2015

Article: The Mob Rules by Haniel Adhar

The Mob Rules
Article by Haniel Adhar

There are movies, books, poetry, art, songs...all promulgating and presenting the truth. These stories, they assume that if the "truth" is presented to the world, that the world will accept it, and then change based on such truth.
Oh, how much faith one has in the mob.
The truth has been out there, and it is in plain sight. Human beings believe what they choose to believe, and their beliefs are always based on a sense of ego-driven self-interest. Which ever provides one with the emotional gratification of placating one's ego is what one chooses to accept as "truth".
There is no magical piece of knowledge that if brought to the masses, the world will change in some drastic way. No, the mob has already made up its mind: anything that does not support the current, mass distributed narrative (aka: TREND) will not be accepted, and will be rebuked in every way, shape, and form possible.
Dr Abram Hoffer stated that it takes at least 3 generations for a new idea to be "accepted", because by that time, all of the people holding onto the "old" idea have died, and the new ideas can take foot. Purveyors of various forms of ideology over the years have known this, so to speed up the process, they just kill everyone who goes against the status quo who present new ideas, or they kill everyone who does not accept the "new" ideas that consequently may not be easy to accept to begin with.
This is why the truth stays hidden, and only reveals itself to those who are "initiated": those people who seek out the truth by not seeking it at all. The mob thinks as a whole, a giant network of unconscious organisms sharing the same thought, like a colony of bacteria sharing a biofilm matrix. The individual that rebukes the mob and enters within is taking the first step to finding the truth, to seeing what is real and what is fake. The mob...the mob is designed to obscure the truth, using force, violence, guilt, and flat out lies to coerce or misdirect people into seeing what the mob "agrees" on what should be seen.
This is how it has always been. Only the individual can see the "truth", and one must choose to see it, and upon seeing it, must accept that one's reality will forever be altered, as the mob will reject you forever, and your life will never be the same. You will never be a part of the world you once knew once you reject and rebuke the mob. This is the second step of initiation, and most people never, ever get this far. The mob offers too many candies for the individual to exchange one's integrity and independent thought. Too many temptations to steer one away from the quest for what is real...this is what the mob offers, a deal with the proverbial devil. All too often, the price is too great, and once paid it can never be refunded. The choice was made, and cannot be undone.
The mob will not change. It will never change. It will always be the sum total of the paths of least resistance. Only the individual can change, and only the individual can seek out the truth. The is not meant for the mob or mob's talking heads. It is not meant for the weak, the feeble minded, or the ones with motivations of grandeur. The truth is obscured by the mob, the masses, the design. The truth is harder to accept than a lie, because lies are crafted and sculpted to create a desired reaction in the Mark, and once the Mark accepts that lie as truth, then it is forever part of that Individual's lexicon. This is how the mob is formed, one custom crafted lie after the next, all in unison to create the desired reaction of the group as a whole.
Only after the individual goes on the solitary path of self-initiation by detaching completely from the group can the truth be revealed, and if or when it does, the truth must be kept a secret; because the masses of mindless drones and lemmings wouldn't believe you anyway.
The ones who will see the truth and know the truth will do so on their own, with or without you, and whether they want to or not. And if you try to coerce them in anyway, then you are no better than the mob itself.

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