Thursday, December 10, 2015

Article: The Fine Line by Alexander Kautz

The Fine Line
Article by Alexander Kautz

There have been many situations wherein, murderer's have claimed to have heard voices within, seducing their thoughts, breaking their wil, until compelled by this invisible menace, they commit heinous acts that leave even the most seasoned of authorities lost within unspeakable horror. The church considers such things within the boundaries of obsession and possession, while psychiatrists deduce multiple personality disorders, chemical imbalances and neurological dysfunction. Rather than argue with either the religious aspects or scientific diagnosis, why not consider the possibility of them both being correct? What if, the moment one is taken by either obsession or means of possession, there is a sudden chemical imbalance, caused by intrusive elements, and then the resulting neurological imbalance. It is scientific fact that all movement is produced firstly, by chemical and elecrtical impulse within the brain. Should these be affacted by a foreign element, the result would be, obsessions by invading foreign elemets, possession of rational faculties and the result, chemical imbalance and multiple personality discorder...
Taking this into consideration, how many of us can honestly say, that at some point within out lives, we have not noticed a sudden, even disturbing change wthin a once near and dear friend or relative? Have you, my friend, even asked yourself, why had you, for no apparent reason, thought, spoken or comiited some act of cruelty upon another person, simply for the perverse pleasure of doing it? If in fact you can be honest wth yourself and not deceived by something deep within you arguing the facts, you may still have a chance.
If there is truth to the existence of negative and positive, as science and gravity dictate, and within fact, the eistence of a soul, then my friends, how certain are we, that we really are who we believe to be, and are not being coerced by something else, existing within the shadows of who we believe we really are...
The next time that you react in a cruel manner to the suffering of another, or for no rational reason, are compelled to bitter words or cruel expression, consider the source. For within my understanding, the people that I call friend, are of good will and intent and would never willfully cause the suffering of another.
When you lay down this night and close your eyes within the darkness, do not fear what may lurk within the shadows all about you. Consider what might already exist, waiting within...
A pleasant evening to all and an even better day tomorrow.

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