Friday, January 15, 2016

Article: A Line In The Sand by Haniel Adhar

A Line In The Sand 
Article by Haniel Adhar

I refuse to support any band signed to a "major" label until I can get confirmation that they are protesting the new restrictions on internet radio and new licensing fees.
Until that time comes where I get direct confirmation that these bands are AGAINST this collusion by the industry to unfairly shut down competition and punish unsigned and independent bands that depend on internet radio, I have no issues with endorsing the widespread torrenting, downloading, and file sharing of any and all bands signed to major labels who seem to have forgotten where they came from. By all means folks, HAVE AT 'EM.
They are so worried about a tiny little radio station that pays for fees out of their own pockets hurting the big bad famous bands' bank account, then hit them where it hurts. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING BY ANY BAND THAT DOES NOT FULLY PROTEST THIS MASSIVE ATTACK ON INDEPENDENT ARTISTS. Because that is what it is: an attack on unsigned bands that depend on internet radio for their promotion. If these stations shut down as a result of these increased fees, who does it hurt the most? Not a fucking band that has financial backing by industry moguls and suit-n-ties, but the local and unsigned bands, who incidentally are the ones actually making the good music nowadays-not the corporate whores catering to the lowest common denominator and the dregs of human intellect.
This is a full scale attack on the biggest competition for the major label and semi-major label bands: the independent artist. We are creating better quality music, with more fervent and dedicated fans who spend more money that directly reaches the bands, and instead of these bands and these labels and these industry people creating better music to compete with the budding independent scene, they silence their competition by using legislative clout to change the playing field so only THEY and their cronies can survive and succeed, or assure that they will get a HUGE piece of the pie of the independent scene by forcing fees to go sky-high.
Where is the push back from these same people against Spotify? Artists get crap from these streaming services, unless you are Christina Aguilera or Metallica, who have millions of plays each pay cycle. But if you are an independent artist who has, say, even 10,000 plays, you are small potatoes. But think about the indie and unsigned artist who has 10,000 plays on internet radio world wide; that makes that band HUGELY successful and profitable, and that is exactly what they want to stop.
Don't think this is some legal action against small radio stations- read between the lines; this is an attack on BANDS AND MUSIC THAT CREATE COMPETITION FOR THE MAJOR MUSIC INDUSTRY THAT HAS BEEN LOSING MONEY FOR YEARS TO THE INDEPENDENT ARTIST. The radio stations are the scapegoat, the target to deflect the real attacks, and are suffering huge loses for being what really amounts to as collateral damage. They can't attack the bands themselves without a huge PR nightmare, but they can attack the things that these bands need: internet promotion via internet radio and social media, which is the primary source of internet radio promotions. So, that is what they are doing; they are using Roman war tactics to crush their competition. IF it was up to them, NO band would be allowed to be broadcast on any radio station unless they were under contract with them. Think about this for a second; if internet radio stations are being iced out due to massive fee increases and regulations, what other alternative do bands have to broadcast this stuff? Youtube, which is owned by Skynet I mean Google, iTunes, Spotify, or get signed by a label that takes care of licensing for you (while you as a band, get a big bag of dicks).
So, any band that is NOT protesting against this is the enemy. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. If you are not with us, you are against us. Don't buy their shit. Don't go to their shows. Don't be a coward scab and buy a $40 ticket to see them while they are sitting pretty and the underground suffers as a result of their implicit support or non-action. Don't be a John to their whoring.
You people are watching music die. You are watching it be completely taken over by an industry conglomerate, socializing and nationalizing music by essentially making it part of the state, controlled by regulations and corporate interests that are tied directly to government. Crypto-fascist corporate government run bullshit.
So, next time you go out to buy that CD from that band signed to such n such label, or pay for your streaming on Spotify, or buy those downloads on iTunes, or watch a monetized video on youtube by one of those famous bands, think about how they are all in on the conspiracy to destroy any of their competition from the internet radio stations, and destroy any band that refuses to play their games and be a part of their assimilation of art and music.
You can be a coward scab or you can be a person of principle. Your choice. But when things get worse and worse, you better not complain one bit, because I will personally remind you how you stood by and did NOTHING to stop this, you piece of shit.
And to the radio stations getting hit by this: If the major bands and their labels don't want you to play them, then don't. Don't get their permission. Don't go through the bureaucratic nightmare to get legal permission to play them, pay the higher fees, and to give them royalties from something you don't even make money from. Play unsigned, independent, and underground artists, exclusively. Fuck 'em all. Seriously. All that shit...we all heard it before. We all own their merch. And if they have new shit that is released, it will be up on youtube within a matter of hours, instantly creating competition for you anyway. Don't give them the time of fucking day. They don't deserve it. I don't care how much people love these bands; it is pretty clear that these bands forgot where they came from. If they are not coming out and calling bullshit, then they are part of the problem, and don't give a rat's ass about you, me, or the actual metal scene at all. If they ain't seeing direct cash from it, they don't care. So, fuck them. All of them. Don't play em, and don't pay for the rights to give them free fucking support and advertising. Show your protest and solidarity by boycotting any band that refuses to publicly push back against this. Because if these bands see a decrease in sales and revenue as a result of a grassroots protest and boycott, then the labels and corporate entities will change their tune. They only care about the almighty dollar and the accumulation of it at the cost of opportunity for other people, so hit them where the fuck it hurts the most.
If they are going to shut you down, and in turn rape the underground and indie bands of their major source of promotion, then go down swinging. Fuck these assholes....
...every last one of them.

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