Monday, April 4, 2016

Zine Review: RAGEING TEENAGER ZINE Volume 1 Part 1

Volume 1 Part 1: February/March 2016 - $4.00
Mario Rienzo
C/O Rageing Teenager Fanzine
1811 Grove Street, Apt 2R
Ridgewood, NY 11385
It’s a curious title for this new print zine, since it can be interpreted either way. As being complimentary or derogatory. For me it is a reminder of discovering the thrash and hardcore scenes in my youth, and how much an exciting time it was to experience these cutting edge genres for the first time. They were new and threw convention out the window, leaving an impression that anything can happen. I’m sure almost everyone reading this was a raging teenager at some point, and many of us have made successful careers out of it. I always say it’s good to have fresh perspectives in the local underground, showing these styles of music still attract new listeners and supporters. This zine is actually a school project, which also shows how seriously the editors are taking their prospective careers. This issue was limited to 100 copies and there will be six more issues in all (the second issue is in development at the time of this writing). It starts with two editorials including a dedication to Bleecker Bob’s, a mom-and-pop record outlet that made its home on the Lower East Side of New York City since 1969. Bleecker Bob’s had a lot of history before it was forcibly evicted by rent increases a few years ago. I remember frequenting the store Sunday evenings after my friends and I went to hardcore matinees at CBGB and other shows in the area, so editorials like this always have a special meaning personally. After this is a dedication to musicians who passed away, namely Lemmy of Motorhead and David Bowie, then an homage to Trash And Vuadeville which was a staple at St. Mark’s Place in the 1990s. Then a two page article about how the zine came into existence. Interviews are with Alan Lisanti, Dying Eyes Of Sloth, Dirigiri, Prime Evil, Ashen Wings/Rex Mundi, Shallowpoint and The Reign. There is a short section dedicated to poems and several fliers toward the end. The layout is really decent though the cover art and editing could use some improvement for the next issue. For the most part it is a promising first issue; in issue #2 I would like to see more interviews and a review section. -Dave Wolff

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