Saturday, February 7, 2015

CD review: MERDARAHTA One by Frank Garcia

This band started in 2011 and has current and ex-members of Fuck The Facts, Winters In Osaka, The Sun Through A Telescope, Mekhaya and Black Oak Decline. They hail from Canada and genre is described as dark, noise, ambient. Line up: T. Das, M. Mongeon, l. Newton, M. Bourgon, M. Vilandré, M. Das, S. Choquette, D. Menard, M. Cleal, M. Raymond, A. Jennings.
The "One" album was self-released in 2013 comprised of twelve songs condensed into four. In terms of production, all the different instruments come through perfectly. Lots of string and keyboard effects. Drums are only heard on a few songs. The entire thing is instrumental, no vocals. If I had to choose which song made the best impression I would say its "Towers", dissonant guitar riffs make up most of it. It goes for over ten minutes and you could easily get lost in its trance. The songs Breathe which would be tracks eleven and twelve are epic, long and winding soundscapes like a journey to desolate lands.
In conclusion, if you like long doom eerie ambient sounds this would be for you, coming from a metal background, this album really does not do much for me, I have to be in the right mind set to truly enjoy it. I recommend it for fans of Doom, Ambient sounds. -Frank Garcia