Friday, April 1, 2016

Poem: 'Momentary Release' by M Teresa Clayton

Momentary Release
His breath upon her neck sets her soul on fire.
She lets him set the pace and he will gently guide her.
Her loins are quivering with unbridled desire.
She whispers his name, begging him to come inside her.
She lifts her legs and wrap them around his waist,
He places on hand behind her head, he lowers his face
to place a kiss upon her lips, a suckling taste.
She is filled with anticipation; his heart begins to race.
With his other hand he quickly places three fingers
Upon her throbbing swell and begins to stroke and knead,
Thrusting deep while her sense of completion lingers.
He responds, engorged, filled with lust; a licentious greed.
She arches her back, throws her head back as she moans
and calls for him to complete her with his pulsating release;
He quickens his thrusts, pushes deeper with pleasured groans.
He finishes and collapses; they share a wave of blissful peace.

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