Monday, October 10, 2016

Poem: 'Anarchy' by Natasa Nikolic


Daunting, on a night like this,
full of shadows, we are without fear
The shore afar and further, the dreams

Rejoice and madness, soon to set sail,
hordes of angels and raining echoes,
taste of wine to whispers of flute

The wates glistened, splashed,
reflecting the moon
Merging with the screams,
soaring up to the skies

Waves rised high, as to bid farewell,
waving to dawn that never came
My vision blurred by atrocity,
waves juggling hollow eyes, everywhere

Never abiding by creations of men
Good and bad swallowed by eternity

Carry me over the rivers of salt,
cradle me eternally between your dark grey wings
Only you can look down on the waters below,
screaming my name on this passage

The choirs singing at the end of the world
Facing me at the foot of the barren mountain
Their sound lift me up to the sun, gradually
The dark blue of their cloaks mirrors the sky

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