Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CD Review: THE CRUCIFIER/HATE YOUR FATE Split (Floga Records) by Simon Brown

Hailing from Greece, The Crucifier play a crossover thrash style in the vein of Municipal Waste which borders on hardcore stylistically. What separates The Crucifier from other bands in the same ilk is the vocals are neither growled nor delivered in the monotone shout so many other thrash bands seem to prefer. Production is slightly muddied though this does not detract from the recording. A nice nod to Sacred Reich is given in the cover of “Death Squad” and this for me is the highlight of the release. This is not to say the band are lacking in originality or passion (this is one of the fastest examples of thrash I have heard in a long while). The band simply need to showcase more of their individuality and I don’t think on this release they have shown what they are capable of as the songs are extremely short (“Life Ain’t So Well” clocks in at 1:40). Perhaps this should have been released as a demo rather than a split however it is a solid effort band a band passionate about what they do. Solos are kept to a minimum and in all honesty, I wanted to hear more. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of technicality happening underneath the tremolo picking. I look forward to hearing this band’s individual sound develop in the future. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. Crucifier - Life Ain't so Well
2. Crucifier - Death Squad (Sacred Reich Cover)
3. Hate Your Fate - Surfing Dirt
4. Hate Your Fate - Brain Eating Machines
5. Hate Your Fate - Someone to Smash

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