Thursday, January 5, 2017

CD Review: GRAVEHUFFER Your Fault (Swamp Metal Records) by Alan Lisanti

Your Fault
Released March 3, 2017
Gravehuffer's Your Fault doesn't fit cozily into your neat and tidy box of genres and sub-genres and over simplified classifications. That's what stands out about it, and that's what my ears loved about it when I heard it. See, I can recall a time when bands didn't cater to these kinds of genre classifications and certain styles, and instead...challenged conventions. You didn't chase the attempted to shape the future, or just shift the course even. You never really look at it like this life altering or substantial thing, and it doesn't have to have that sort of significance necessarily to have some sort of impact. But, the point is or was, that you didn't try to follow along. You saw the road most traveled and said, "nope...I'm going this way." You forged your own path. You didn't stick to anybody's expectations. You didn't care that you "weren't supposed to do that", you did it regardless. That's the kind of territory, venturing beyond the box and completely outside of it, that can yield unexpected results. But, you've got to be brave enough not to follow the leader. You've got to be willing to put it all out there, and disregard all those rules and parameters, and just do your own thing. You take that risk. And no matter what, nobody can ever say you weren't being yourself. Nobody could ever claim you weren't honest in your artistic exploration. It's so refreshing in this day and age to hear bands out there that could care less about where they're supposed to fit in the musical spectrum, and how they're supposed to approach their art in the eyes of those that would prefer their music not to stray from these supposed boundaries. People like to complain that nobody is original or everyone is just repeating what's been done before, or they love to compare new bands to whatever similar bands they can think of from back in the day. But honesty is really all you need to be different. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. You can still make the wheel your own. There's a lot of different styles happening in the songs on Gravehuffer's, Your Fault. Some Crust, some Punk, some Grind, a bit of Sludge, some Death Metal-esque blasting, a bit of Thrash, and absolutely no regard for fitting into any box. And the fact that they don't care is exactly what I like about it. None of it sounds dishonest, contrived, or forced. It's music from the heart and the heart doesn't care about your genres and rules either. I suppose you could call it Crust Sludge Death Punk Grind Swamp Thrash, or something equally long and absurd. Or, you could just call it good music. Either way, it certainly disregards convention in a good way that might even piss some people off. But isn't it a good thing you can still do that these days? Every once in awhile, music and the status quo could use a good reminder that it's okay to shake things up a bit. It's okay to go against the grain. After all, Metal, Punk, and all these other styles were founded on these very principles. These things are products of people that weren't afraid to challenge the norms. Gravehuffer disregards the rules, and the result is a refreshing dose of clashing styles that blend together effortlessly without ever sacrificing their integrity for the confines of any pre-drawn lines. There's a good variety here, and plenty of attitude to go along with it. It's that carelessness that keeps it genuine and honest. Even when the band strays far off the beaten path, they never lose their Punk-esque and Metal identities. It's a brash exercise in all things heavy and unpleasant, and that's exactly how this music should be. Uncompromising and unforgiving. Your Fault will be available March 3rd, 2017 on Swamp Metal Records. The band is currently taking preorders for the album through their Bandcamp page. If you're feeling kind of jaded lately, this should shake you out of your "heard it all before" slumber. -Alan Lisanti

Track list:
1. Gravehuffer
2. Of Fish And Men
3. Kill For Sport
4. Dead Peace
5. Shut Up And Skate
6. Powers That Be
7. Destroyer Of Worlds
8. Death Caprice
9. Worms Of God
10. Prince With A Thousand Enemies
11. Chains Around You


  1. Thanks for the KILLER review! You totally 'get' us! We appreciate the kind words. Cheers and hails! \m/\m/

  2. Can't go wrong with AEA zine! Outstanding stuff!