Friday, January 6, 2017

Single Review: ZORNHEYM A Silent God (Non Serviam Records) by Dave Wolff

Zornheym is the latest project founded by guitarist Tomas Nilsson who has had a significant amount of band experience, most notably Dark Funeral from 2011 to 2014. Released in October of 2016, A Silent God is the followup single to The Opposed which came out in August. That single has reportedly been accepted with enthusiasm by listeners all over the internet, having received 27.000 Spotify downloads and counting. One example of how much social media has been of assistance to unsigned bands, through web radio and labels providing access to their bands. Obviously they are doing something right; these are impressive numbers for a new underground band that only got started months ago. Not to mention that web DJs and labels did much to rescue bands from illegal downloading as well as allowed for originality and creativity to continue in extreme music. Both of these you get from this song, intended to be included on a forthcoming full length album the band is working on at this time. It’s going to be a concept album about “the horrors of a mental institution and its inmates” as per the bio provided by Qabar Public Relations, the company handling this band. It doesn’t take long to see why Zornheym are being embraced by so many in such a brief amount of time. Besides that they are releasing a single at the time to generate interest they embody the theatrical aspects of death, black and industrial metal to birth material with as grand a scope as a symphonic metal band is capable of. In fact some shades of symphonic metal are part of this song with its choral refrains which go well with the frigid keyboards backing the guitars. Fans of Opthalamia and Unbra Et Imago may find similar characteristics in this piece. If every track on the debut album is like this one, I’ll be anticipating its release. -Dave Wolff

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