Sunday, April 23, 2017

Poem: 'Maiden, Mother, Crone' by Debbie Dixon

Maiden, Mother, Crone
by Debbie Dixon, 2012

Maiden's beauty, oh so fair
She ascends the sky to take her chair
Content to look upon her world
This beautiful amber eyed young girl
Once so anxious now starts her shift
Before old Sun's head has yet to lift
And when he immediately shouts commands
Maiden Moon extends a gentle hand
Mother now remembers well
When all were captives of her spell
Content to gaze upon her babes
Looking for guidance no longer as maid
For those who were forgotten long ago
On the cold unforgiving earth below
Whose loyalties were forgotten at birth
Wrapped up in false religious mirth
Crone who now has witnessed all
And watched the sacred take the fall
For acts brought about by gluttonous men
Who blamed the sacred blood of woman
Woman who was to bare the weight
Of all the worlds misguided fate
The rulers sat with torch to scribe
The sins of women not yet alive
The artistry that they have wrought
The power of three, these three have brought
Those who have not the knowledge of Crone
That the silver haired beauty now doth own
Sitting as patiently as when Maiden she was
Nothing left to chance of the things that she does
Armed with the power of ultimate knowledge from above
The most potent power that is known, simply put, a mother's love

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