Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Video Review: PSY:CODE Stay Disappeared by Jaime Regadas

Stay Disappeared
From their 2017 full length Mørke (Pavement Entertainment)
Twelve days after releasing their single 'Leech', the ever-impressive Psy:code returns with the incredibly different, unexpected 'Stay Disappeared', featuring a highly emotive yet disturbing animated video for accompaniment. Unlike the riff-driven nature of Leech, the driving figurehead at the vanguard of this track is the appearance of sustained piano voicings. It is a slow song that cannot escape initial comparisons to Steven Wilson due to a thought-provoking video that adds a new level of meaning to the song. It wouldn't have been possible at all without this. Depicting the harrowing patterns we see so often in contemporary urban living, the visual symbolism of individuals tied down and inevitably categorized by superficial statistics such as background, profession, sexuality and race, - each 'number' or, at a stretch, 'homo-sapien', has to resign to the fate of their heads' being supplanted by paper-bags to join the parade and contribute to the beautiful ebb-and-flow of urban flow. Within this chaos you see the band members depicted in 3D animated form, giving the whole thing a surreal, fantastical feel. It is a stark criticism of alienation which leaves one devoid of individuality and ability to express oneself. - And yes, the visuals depicting this are duly stunning. Of course you're not here to hear about the video per se but the song. Admittedly I found the video most impressive about it though the song is good. It takes until the end before the crushing guitars barge in for it to really be considered a 'rock' song. - But whatever it is in terms of classification the quality it retains is of sophistication and maturity from a group willing to push boundaries. -Jaime Regadas

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