Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Single Review: MONSTROSITY Cosmic Pandemia by Dave Wolff

Cosmic Pandemia
From their upcoming full length The Passage Of Existence, to be released in CD digipak and vinyl format on Metal Blade Records September 7, 2018 (preorders available)
Place of origin: Tampa, Florida, USA
Genre: Death Metal
The Passage Of Existence, Monstrosity’s newest recording, is to be their first since 2007’s Spiritual Apocalypse. For a band that hasn’t been active in longer than a decade they don’t seem to have lost their ear for quality death metal. All the band members have remained in other situations during Monstrosity’s absence, including new guitarist Mark English who has been a guitarist for Deicide since 2016. Monstrosity is an old school band, having formed when the second wave of death metal was picking up steam in the 1990’s, and went on a grueling touring campaign to gain renown in extreme music. Metal Blade has opted to release an advance single about two and a half months before its release. By nature Cosmic Pandemia is one more counter-argument to the postulation that DM is unschooled, crude, devil worshiping cacophony that belongs beneath mainstream consideration. The song is ripened, refined and sophisticated in its articulation and the traditional weight and brutishness didn’t have to be given up to arrive at it. Listen to the opening strains of this song with its calculated guitar chops and you’ll get the picture. Mike Hrubovcak delivers guttural roars and seems comfortable with his presentation and addition of higher pitched vocals. The guitar solos show dexterity and have that classical essence that was developed over the years by the likes of Deicide and Morbid Angel. As a teaser for the new album it has promise and will keep death metal firmly on the map as a credible form of expression. The band’s long and involved history shows they’ve earned their position, and it’s always good to see that Metal Blade is still supporting the genre. Longtime fans of Monstrosity are going to want to hear this. -Dave Wolff

Band lineup:
Mike Hrubovcak: Vocals
Mark English: Guitars
Matt Barnes: Guitars
Mike Poggione: Bass
Lee Harrison: Drums

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