Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Band Review: MADAME ST. BEATRICE by Heather Dawson

Location: New York City, New York
Country: USA
Genre: Punk, rock
The other day someone mentioned I was a ‘kickass girl singer’ or something like that ... and while I probably am being a jerk and should just take a compliment and be done with it I want to be a kick ass singer. Not qualified by gender, age, background... just ... a good (fair, serviceable, or my favorite ‘enthusiastic’) singer. Even if you say I suck - just you suck - not you suck for a girl....
So now after many months of waiting my Facebook pal and someone I’ve followed with hopeful glee the past few years, Madame St Beatrice, comes along and proves my point. Here is a singer, a sexy, commanding, self-directed singer, who is all encompassing what is good and true about the NY music scene. St. Beatrice comes along just in nick of time to make the summer of 2019 fun, cool and dirty as a 1970s Time Square corner. The sound of this band harkens back to the fantastic and satisfying 70s and early 80s music scene reflecting The NY Dolls vibe with the added aesthetic of the art scene that was blossoming at the same time. The music is relevant and sophisticated; like when certain people in high school were so cool they were never there ... they were off checking out what was happening at Washington Square Park.
On her Facebook page singer Beatrice Demesier has posted two songs, ‘I Can’t Get Enuff’ and ‘Lost in Confusion’. It’s the former that grabbed me and slapped me in the face... hard. Iggy Pop, David Johansen, Patti Smith ... all rolled into one beautiful tale of excess and destruction, boredom and disintegration. This offering demands you lose 30 lbs, find some old clothes at Domsey’s and go dance and drink like it’s 1994 at Green Door. Hearing this song I was wistful for the past yet hopeful for the future. I thought, maybe this is it. Maybe Madame St Beatrice is on to something. Something that’s coming back around again. Dark bars filled with beautiful people playing killer tunes. This is what NYC rock and roll is all about.
The second song ‘Lost in Confusion’ is a tough haunting ballad that showcase’s Ms. Demesier’s vocal talents and versatility. But even though this song isn’t an ass kicker it still has that tough center, the sharp edge that gives this band its center and soul.
Right now is where it gets weird because as I said, I ‘met’ Ms. Demesier on IG and FB. I have never seen her in person, never saw her perform. But you could feel the same energy in her face and in her photos also emitting from her music. Sure, it’s a take charge sort of emotion, but not in a loud, self-aggrandizing fashion. You get the idea in both her Kali Ma pose in the photo for ‘I Can’t Get Enuff’ and in the song itself, she is saying ‘this is me, this is who I am, you don’t dig it? There’s the door.’ Because truly, no qualifications, Ms. Demesier is an intense and glorious voice and writing some seriously magnetic songs. I hope this new offering cracks open a whole new world for her, and for us. -Heather Dawson

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