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Article: Cashless Society: Pros & Cons... by Damien Lee Thorr

Cashless Society: Pros & Cons...
Copyright © 2019 by Damien Lee Thorr

I was listening to the radio this morning during my usual Friday morning routine of house chores. They were discussing the possibility of the US becoming a cashless society.
It is not surprising to me that the economic and monetary system in the country is evolving towards the direction of electronic credit, imitating art, or futuristic science fiction, where currency is no longer needed.
As I thought about it, there are already numerous businesses in the country who do not accept cash. Why not accept cash, you may ask? The reality is that accepting cash is costly, especially in big and overcrowded cities such as New York or Los Angeles, where a company's employee must spend hours waiting in line in the bank to deposit that cash.
But let's consider the possibilities of a cashless society:
It would 100% eliminate bank robberies if there is no currency to steal, especially if no one accepts it.
No one would worry about getting mugged so much since they are not carrying cash.
No one would worry about losing or misplacing their cash anywhere.
It would be easier to keep track of their money and control their spending.
If there is no cash, it would save the nation billions in materials and labor for the printing of currency and stamping out coins, which would also help conservation of natural resources on the planet.
So essentially, there are many benefits to becoming a cashless society.
Let's also consider the flaws of becoming a cashless society:
It would cause a tremendous and sudden wave of unemployment, as all those who work in the industry of printing currency and stamping coins would be out of work. This also includes the manufacturing industry of the equipment required to facilitate the labor of currency manufacturing.
It would also make check cashing businesses and cash transporting businesses with armored trucks obsolete, causing many more people to be out of work.
No more ATM's.....
But here is the flaw or weakness of a cashless society that worries me the most:
There have been numerous computer experts who have implemented viruses to deliberately destroy and cripple corporations.
Some of these cyber criminals have conducted and designed these computer hacks for vindictive purposes and some for their own sick amusement.
I have been a victim myself of cyber bullying and after confronting them, it is still difficult to fathom how someone can become such an asshole, to use street standards, as there aren't many adjectives to properly describe them.
As an example: Some years ago, I was in a desperate situation, trying to raise money for medication for my child who was very ill. I was operating a failing business so in order to raise money, I was attempting to sell some guitars and other items on Craigslist.
However, one particular asshole, Joe Piazza, of Boynton Beach, Florida (this is not slander since what he did is true) was maliciously flagging and deleting my ads out of his daily boredom in his loser ass life. For his amusement, he even went out of his way, during working hours, to send me messages stating that I would have better luck selling the guitars if I offered blowjobs with them, among other nasty and horribly offensive messages.
I asked him to stop but he never did. I wondered how this dumb loser would like it if anyone disturbed him the way he was sexually harassing me... I did some research and found him and confronted him. It took me reporting him to his superiors at his job as a drug and alcohol counselor and also reported him to DCF, which regulates all drug and alcohol counselling facilities in the state, in order for his immature behavior to cease and desist. His reaction was never one of remorse or regret, but it was mockery, stating it was “no big deal” and that I should “get over it”.
This experience affected me horribly, developing a deep hatred for humanity. I am angry all the time even though I do not take it out on anyone, especially within my personal family life.
With all this in mind, being aware that there are irrational people out there who go out of their way to disturb others for no reason, and scam and steal from others without any remorse, or that just amuse themselves by creating pranks that cause devastating effects upon people, it makes me very uneasy about our money or credits existing only in electronic form, where one day, an expert computer hacker can make everything we have worked for disappear.
Considering everything, there are good valid points to becoming a cashless society as well as many dangerous flaws that can result in devastating consequences.
I wonder what a viable and compromising solution would be....
Where everyone can be safe from theft, hacking... and live with ease...

Damien Lee Thorr is the composer and lead guitarist for the popular, classically influenced and openly atheist/political activist metal band Predator, has authored many essays and editorials for Asphyxium Zine and written he horror-erotica novel “The Vampire Journals”. Check out Predator’s 2011 full length "Born in Blood" at Youtube and visit their official site at

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