Sunday, January 5, 2020

Poem: 'Angel?' by Rich Orth with Dave Wolff

By Rich Orth with Dave Wolff

Semblance of hate
From She... responsible for my fate
Taste damnation
Just reward for my dedication
Alienation - Verbal masturbation
False promises of salvation
Guile - Guilt
Fear and blind faith
Led me here
This one way ticket to hell
From she who had me felled
Ironbound chains
voice drowned out
by the sounds of misery and mockery
Gurgling for a third time
Her deeds concealed by fakest of smiles
...Purge thyself...
...And above heaven’s hell
Vampires - Demons - Succubi
seek entry
To procure my escape
We would devour her
if we could
No wonder
the dark is forbidden

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