Saturday, October 30, 2021

Full Length Review: Kandarivas "Blood Surgical Death" (Obliteration Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Kandarivas
Location: Chiyoda City
Country: Japan
Genre: Japanese tribal, Experimental grindcore
Format: Digital album, compact disc
Label: Obliteration Records (Japan)
Release date: May 21, 2021
You know what time it is, we are BACK with a Bandcamp review and this time we are visiting ‘The Land Of The Rising Son’ with
So, hear me out here. What goes through your head when you think of Japanese Metal? Have you dabbled in it before? For me even though the nature of my work has been exploring many different sounds and styles from around the world, I feel ‘Dabble’ is the perfect description for my knowledge of Japanese Metal.
I have listened to music from them in the past (before my reviews) and found an interesting 2 way style with them, with my limited experience I’ve found your either going to get the -Glossy, motivational, pumped up anime inspired music (which is DOPE by the way)
-Or absolutely insane, loud and abrasive and I feel this album fits more towards the latter.
We have 13 new tracks at our disposal and all featuring various time lengths from some that aren’t even 30 seconds long and some surpassing the 3 minute mark.
Regardless, this album is an interesting take on the realms of Death Metal and Grindcore with that talked above ‘loud and abrasive’ nature coming through in spades. Firstly I want to say I love the intensity of the project, it feels like a sonic equivalent of a dynamite explosion in your ears, constant bangs and booms of the guitar and drums shredding your consciousness away into nothingness while the vocal work is the closest thing to berserk I’ve heard all year.
That’s the interesting thing about this album is the fact that it’s labelled an ‘experimental’ album but quite honestly the only thing experimental about it (in my opinion) was the insane use of vocal performances and how off ball and crazy they were and even then the real climax of the craziness doesn’t come until the latter half of the record.
This criticism is not to take anything away from the power and brutality this record brings naturally to the table it’s just a personal observation as if the band wanted to tribute a band like ‘Hantarash’ in the final act of the record and if they were that’s a dope way to go about it!
Look, 13 tracks of pure, unadulterated madness. Who wouldn’t want to give this thing a try? In fact the link is down below, what are you waiting for? A Blood Surgical Death to happen?
LISTEN NOW! –Corban Skipwith

Tomoki: All songs and lyrics

Track list:
1. 暴露-bakuro
2. 加速する病勢-kasoku suru byosei
3. ナノの増殖ミクロの繁殖-nano no zoshoku micro no hanshoku
4. 滲み出て滴る-shimidete shitataru
5. 生と死の臭い-sei to shi no nioi
6. ぐちゃぐちゃの唄-gucha gucha no uta
7. 骨髄脆弱-kotsuzui zeijyaku
8. 骨破壊浸潤(顔を出す癌腫)-kotsuhakai shinjun(kao dasu ganshu
9. 断端瘻-dantanro
10. 僕の血痕-boku no kekkon
11. 薄れゆく記憶と脳の溝-usureyuku kioku to no no mizo
12. 静まる生命-shizumaru seimei
13. 死体袋 shitai bukuro

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