Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Full Length Review: WOORMS "Fatalismo" (SuperNova Records) by Corban Skipwith

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Country: USA
Genre: Sludge, doom, noise, atmospheric
Full Length: Fatalismo
Format: Digital
Release date: May 13, 2022
Today, we’ll be talking about the 2022 release by Post-Metal, Post-Punk band WOORMS.
They’ve provided us with 10 new tracks to sink your teeth into and considering this is my first time listening to them it got me pretty excited to experiment and see what they are all about (Also that name is SICK Worms with an extra ‘O’ amazing.
Besides the point I love so much about this record, firstly the production is top class!! I mean really above the line in terms of quality, execution, technicality and it’s all superb.
Every song is its own little journey, they all present themselves differently but all bring out individual masterpieces that sound like a world class orchestra have taken the time out to make sure everything is perfect, every time. Trust me on this one.
I also love how ‘doom and gloom’ the instrumentation sounds, always on a more ‘Sludge’ or ‘Doom’ side of the Metal spectrum which is similar to what bands like ‘Swans’ or ‘Godspeed You Black Emperor’ do in their music and you can see the influence (maybe not directly but in that line of sub genres that creative music like that).
Either way it helps set the mood for each track so well with the darkness and ‘apocalyptic’ aesthic to the whole thing, it’s haunting but magical at the same.
The vocal harmonies are great too! with this real raspy delivery and vocal tone, kind of like a ‘Dave Mustaine’ octave of singing that makes all singers sound badass and tough as fuck, it suits this album really well especially with how diverse in sound and nature it is, a voice like that is a real perfect balance.
Anyway final verdict? Fantastic record with a lot of interesting ideas and sonic designs to help entertain any Metal fan! Corban Skipwith

Joey Carbo: Guitars, vocals, noise, keys, samples
John Robinson: Bass, low end noise
Aaron Polk: Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Track list:
1. Seizure Salad
2. Quiet as Isaac
3. This is Nothing Short of Character Assassination
4. For the Time Bean
5. Mezzo Mort
6. And Heck Followed with Him
7. Lunge Meat
8. Grease Him Full and Well
9. Dead Dead Men
10. Red Meat for the Faithful

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