Friday, October 16, 2015

Video Review: DOXA Aniquilación by Dave Wolff

DOXA (featuring Robert Uller)
Doxa is a death metal band from Mexico; the song showcased in this video is taken from their recently released full length of the same name. When I met Robert Uller at Haunt Faire last August he shared some background information; the female extras were flown in from several different countries and the last person cast as the Preacher quit because the storyline was too malevolent for him. When Uller stepped in as the Preacher he drew on his inspiration from the Kane character in Poltergeist II: The Other Side (as stated in his interview just posted on this blog). He seems to assume his portrayal quite naturally as a representative of Old Scratch who goes to work possessing the unsuspecting women who initially believe they’re attending a religious revival. One horrified female is dragged in and secured to the floor while the others gather around and the festivities begin. Needless to say things take a darker turn and become an orgy of evil and the guests revert to purely demonic behavior. They become otherworldly creatures, complete with blood, possessed eyes and elongated tongues while the Preacher presides over all, revealing in the carnage he has created. By the end of the video we know what happens to the initiate but it’s unclear whether all the women present are lifelong vessels for their devilish hosts or encouraged to seek out more potential members. What we see exists purely for shock as everything goes to hell in the proceedings. As for Uller, he has presence and his countenance fits the theme and atmosphere of the short film. The closeups of the female extras adds to the intended effect as their souls are slowly overtaken by the demonic forces summoned by the Preacher. -Dave Wolff

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