Friday, April 17, 2015

CD review: OCEANS OF NIGHT Domain by Teresa Clayton

Allaroundniceguy Music

Oceans of Night’s third album - Domain - compels the listener to participate in the rite of passing from this world of monotony and the mundane and into worlds of endless possibilities. The bewitching musical incantations of Scott Mosher on Guitar, Bass and Keyboards have no need for words, however, when the vocals of Scott Olivia are added, the depth and breadth of the spell is impossible to ignore; one gets caught up in the magic. Once the last note is heard, you cannot deny its hold on you. This is a monster debut of two well seasoned artists, each casting their own special ingredients into the cauldron. You cannot deny your hunger any longer, this is where rock and fantasy are reborn - thank the gods for the undeniable presence of Oceans of Night - Domain. -Teresa Clayton