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Full Length Review: VARIOUS ARTISTS "Gorenoise Sucks Volume 1" (Gorenoise Sucks) by Dave Wolff

Band: Various Artists
Genre: Grind
Format: Streaming
Label: Gorenoise Sucks
Album Art: Alan of Putrefacto Records
Release date: January 27, 2020
The first volume of the independently produced and distributed Gorenoise Sucks compilation series was called to my attention by Devin Joseph Meaney who suggested I write a review (it included the demo tracks by his band The Nosebleed Section I listened to and reviewed in 2018). “Gorenoise Sucks Volume 1” features over three hours of the most vile, disgusting, repugnant, unforgiving and offensive anti-music you’ll ever hear.
Believe it or not, grind has grown since the days of cassettes and CDs. Now with more bands self-releasing material on Youtube and Bandcamp, grind is being pushed well beyond the boundaries set for it in terms of speed, noise, and effects. Some might say it’s being pushed to ridiculous levels, but on further consideration, there is an increasing factor of imagination involved in the direction these bands take.
If you have enough time to kill, listening to the first-ever volume of “Gorenoise Sucks” will show you how far they’re pushing and the experience will be rewarding. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to get through the entire album in one sitting because it was so fucking long, probably the longest compilation I’ve listened to ever. Again, it’s worth the effort to sit through every song and really listen to the inventiveness here.
The bands featured on “Gorenoise Sucks” include The Nosebleed Section, Ocular Leech Infestation, Vomiting Takoyaki, Emaciated Waste, Engorging Abnormality, Inverted Scrotum, Anal Airbag, Rotavirus, Abscess Pool, Decomposed, Vaginal Anus, Bovine Fecal Matter, Canceraucous, Odontophilla, and Glaucoma. All relatively obscure musicians being given an opportunity to reach a greater number of listeners with this compilation’s release on social media.
Every subgenre of grind from grindcore, goregrind, noisegore, cybergrind, harshgore, nintendocore, noise and everything in between is represented here, with emphasis on bands trying new things. As always, the song titles and samples make clear the amount of effort that went into writing lyrical content and thinking of conceptual ideas to fit the music. Even if you’ve been a grindcore and goregrind fan for years and thought you’ve heard everything, it’s extremely likely you’ll come across something you hadn’t expected.
At this point, I’m about halfway through this compilation and I still have much curiosity as to what is going to assault my ears and brain next. “Gorenoise Sucks Volume 1” is immensely recommended if you’re a grind aficionado, a casual listener or even if you’ve been out of it for a while and have something of an interest in where the genre is going these days. Also, check out Gorenoise Sucks at their official Youtube profile. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Ocular Leech Infestation - Brain Matter Splatter On The Job
2. Serotonin Leakage - I
3. Emaciated Waste - ꟼȺƆ
4. Coagulopathy - Thrombosisectoma
5. Coagulopathy - 4 Gory Demo Traxxx
6. Hepatocele - Clandestine Clicks Of Carnage (9 traxxx)
7. Water Bottle Bong - 6 Traxxx
8. Water Bottle Bong - 3 Traxxx
9. Bile Of Ba'al - 4 Traxxx
10. Gangrenous Cholecystitis - Necrosis and Perforation of the Gallbladder Wall as a Result of Ischemia Following Progressive Vascular Insufficiency (10 Traxxx)
11. Klister - Squirt (10 Traxxx)
12. RxIxOxMxBx - Gorebage traxxx
13. Vomit Scat - 5 Traxxx
14. Vomit Scat - Enema Bubble Fart
15. Vomit Scat - Yeast Infected Vaginal Disfigurment
16. Vomit Scat - Necrophilic Abortion Clinic
17. Vomit Scat - Post - Mortem Secretion
18. Vomit Scat - Biological Discharge Of Human Feces
19. job4abrokeback - 3 Harsh Gorenoise Traxxx
20. Glaucoma - Only Cum Inside Anime Girls
21. Dental Work - Your Father Must Be Proud (Dead Rats In The Laundry Basket Mix)
22. Ivan Ooze - Universally Despised
23. Ivan Ooze - Yung Ooze
24. Ivan Ooze - Do The Swim!
25. Goarwhal - 0000000001
26. Goarwhal - 0000000002
27. Goarwhal - 0000000003
28. Cloutclit - I Don't Mind Butchering
29. ExTxFxTx - Extraordinary Probing
30. Cocaine Cadaver - Stomach Ulcer
31. Hootie Blows A Phish - Waterproof Radio Trapped In A Fishes Stomach (13 Traxxx)
32. Putrefaction Hediona - Putrefactio (Primer Cover)
33. Putrefaction Hediona - flagelado, castrado, infectado, impalado, desollado, destripado y desmembrado (por malcriado)
37. Headgore - Heres Some Four Loko, You're Being Subjected To A Doom Show
38. Crocodile - Nuclear Smackdown in Atlantis EP (51 Traxxx)
39. Crocodile - C.I.A. Hunts The Nepai Yeti
40. Engorging Abnormality - Penile Dysfunction Dismemberment
41. Engorging Abnormality - Hogtied And Facefucked
42. Engorging Abnormality - Buttfucked By A Cancer Patient Redux
43. Inverted Scrotum - Dragon Penis
44. Inverted Scrotum - Rainbow Kisses From Heaven
45. Eating Gilberts Gape - Jiggly Nigga Dick (Feat. Ryan of Cunt Torch)
46. Vomiting Takoyaki - We Proud To Be The Suckest
47. Rotavirus - 20 Untitled Traxxx
48. Lil Wayne's Liver - Fermented Codine Splatter
49. Lil Wayne's Liver - Untitled
50. Paralyzed From The Waist Up - The Increased Risk of Pathogen Transmission as The Encounter Rate of Hosts Increases
51. Paralyzed From The Waist Up - Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
52. Paralyzed From The Waist Up - A Foul-Smelling Discharge Leaking From a Sore
53. Odontophilla - Ghastly Dentist
54. Odontophilla - Gaging On Floss
55. Odontophilla - Floride Overdose
56. Snuff Film Shampoo Commercial - Broken Femur
57. Snuff Film Shampoo Commercial - Needle Full Of AIDS
58. Snuff Film Shampoo Commercial - Decrepitated Regurgitations In Foetal Leprosy (LDOH Cover)
59. Snuff Film Shampoo Commercial - You Still Have AIDS, Loser
60. Snuff Film Shampoo Commercial - Dead In The Shower
61. Snuff Film Shampoo Commercial - Eric Harris & Dylan Klebod Are My Role Models
62. Snuff Film Shampoo Commercial - I Wanna Stab You Really Bad
63. Snuff Film Shampoo Commercial - Enbilulugugal Is Gay
64. Abscess Pool - Embody
65. Decomposed - Traxxx
66. Spermicidal Suicide - Incestupus Elf Orgy
67. Renal Hydronephrosis - Mescaline Induced Cannibalism
68. Bovine Fecal Matter - White Noise Regurgitation
69. Bovine Fecal Matter - Por Fin Se Murio Jose Jose
70. Bovine Fecal Matter - Clitfucker Lick Her Asshole Vaginal Snack
71. Bovine Fecal Matter - Anal Blowout (Funk Trap Remix)
72. Bovine Fecal Matter - This Tit Taste Like Chicken
73. Bovine Fecal Matter - Masticas Como Una Vaca
74. Old Man Piss Session - All Hail Master Piss
75. Old Man Piss Session - Kitchen Basement Of Gore And Piss
76. Furry Orgy Massacre - Lollicon Is CP, You Fucking Weeb (Demo)
77. IxRxJxSx26 - 3 Traxxx
78. Splurp - Yo Quiero Fumar Mota
79. Hepatic Lichens Planus - Blisters Oozing Purulent Pus Within A Bleeding Foreskin
80. Hepatic Lichens Planus - Hook Worms Dangling From Fecal Residue In A Fissured Rectal Cavity
81. Hepatic Lichens Planus - Perineal Tearing Leading To Severe Infections In The Urinary Tract
82. Hepatic Lichens Planus - Erection Filled With Pus
83. Hepatic Lichens Planus - Liquefied Pieces Of Gore
84. Goregasmatron - Padre Kalibanga Konstipado Karatista Invoking the Copro Miracles of Mechupatamia
85. Goregasmatron - Meditative Approach to Defecation from the 16th Dimension
86. Goregasmatron - Gouging Out The Eyes And Slitting The Arteries Near The Neck
87. Goregasmatron - A Serenade To Ask A Woman Out
88. Urinophobic - I Sold My Soul To Satan But Bought It Back From God With This Song
89. Deflorated Eye Sockets - Untitled 07
90. Anal Submarine - Urethral Defecation
91. Curd - Steph Got Stabbed
92. Cornhole Crucifixion - Vomitcore (REMIX)
93. Defecate - the floor is on the shit
94. Eckankar - Lifestyle You Need
95. Enema Puss - 1
96. Enema Puss - 2
97. Enema Puss - 3
98. fuckchicken - fuckchicken
99. GGGGSSSS - @thuggerthugger1
100. GGGGSSSS - 79ers
101. GGGGSSSS - Throwing Up Black Acid
102. HOAXXX - 1 Chef, 1 Cup
103. HOAXXX - I Need Your Anal Ingredients
104. HOAXXX - Urinal Chef Master
105. K9 Hemorrhoids - Ready to Play (Recorded at Meijer 1/9/20)
106. Körperlich - Beat Wet Dripping Legs
107. Canceraucous - Infernal Shrine
108. Necrologyst - Devourer of Jewish remains
109. Necrologyst - Human sludge regugitation
110. Necrologyst - Viking metal is for cucks
111. OxMxPx - Greens N Taters
112. OxMxPx - Josh no Cock
113. OxMxPx - Kill for the Creator
114. OxMxPx - Meltdown pt1
115. OxMxPx - Meltdown pt2
116. Putrid Vagina Ablation - Jean-Michel Deepthroat
117. Putrid Vagina Ablation - Untitled_1
118. Putrid Vagina Ablation - Uranus Get Destroyed
119. R.X. Catheter - Incomprehensible Stream of Piss
120. Renal Hydronephrosis - oligoasthenoteratozoospermia
121. Splooge - Blues and Grind Intermission
122. Splooge - Fuck Shit Jesus Christ
123. Splooge - Violent Tendencies
124. SubHuman Scum - Escaped Custody
125. SubHuman Scum - Killing Spree
126. Swollen Gargantuan Fecal Fetus - Explosive Gastrointestinal Disintegration
127. The Nosebleed Section - Dawn of the Pariah
128. The Nosebleed Section - Demons
129. The Nosebleed Section - Herbal Euphoria
130. The Nosebleed Section - This is the Mummering
131. Toxocara Canis - Xiphinema indeX
132. Toxocara Canis - Baylisascaris Procyonis
133. Toxocara Canis - Ubiquitous Gastrointestinal Wvrms
134. Toyland - Pussy Squirt Slurpy
135. Toyland - Teabag Tonsillectomy
136. Tromacore - Cunt Lick, Texas
137. Tumori Benigni - Benigni Chainsaw Massacre
138. Tumori Benigni Il Movente è Sempre lo Stesso - Il Movente è Sempre lo Stesso
139. Tumori Benigni - Il Professore Mano-Morta (Gore- Gabber mix)
140. Liquid Thickness - 7 Traxxx
141. Coprophilic Dissection - Unreleased Coprophilic Dissection 1
142. Coprophilic Dissection - Unreleased Coprophilic Dissection 2
143. Vaginal Anus - Carrion Cunt
144. Vaginal Anus - Explosive Regurgence
145. Sycophantic Sex Soldier - Everything Was Alive, Then Nothing Was
146. Sycophantic Sex Soldier - The Art Of Destroying Sanity
147. Subhumanoid Secretion - Blind Their Eyes
148. X's Xenial Xanthippes Xenophobia (xXxXxXxXx) - Cremation Means Ebola
149. X's Xenial Xanthippes Xenophobia (xXxXxXxXx) - Pungent Smell of Boniak the Mangy's Entrails
150. X's Xenial Xanthippes Xenophobia (xXxXxXxXx) - Viral Hemorrhagic Fever
151. Gynecomastia Hypertrophy Elephantiasis - Flaking Ball Bag Skin
152. Gynecomastia Hypertrophy Elephantiasis - I Have Man Tits

Monday, January 27, 2020

Single Review: 6HOST WITHASIX "Unchained" (Independent) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Location: Cape Breton Island
Country: Canada
Genre: Hip hop
Single: Unchained
Label: Independent
Format: Streaming
Release date: January 26, 2020
Earlier, I put together a brief review of Ghost WithaSix's single ''Good Man.'' Within a few hours, I was scrolling my Facebook and realized that 6host had posted another track. This newer song is titled ''Unchained,'' and in my opinion, it is even catchier than the previous track!
Both offerings are really good, but this one I can really get into. The feeling and vibes within this soundscape are much darker, but this all adds to the tone, and for the sake of entertainment value, this one takes the cake.
Not to mimic my last review, but the lyrics are very tight. The beat is very catchy, and I can guarantee you there is nothing sloppy about any of this. Time and effort are for sure factors in the making of all 6host's tracks, and I am glad I have the pleasure of listening to him progress over time. His most recent is for sure one of his best.
6host deserves support, so anything that you can do to help him push forward with his music I encourage you to do it. Even small things, like giving him enough likes and shares to bring his music to a wider audience.
And again, much love and respect. Keep it up, homie! -Devin Joseph Meaney

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Single Review: 6HOST WITHASIX "Good Man" (Independent) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Location: Cape Breton Island
Country: Canada
Genre: Hip hop
Single: Good Man
Format: Streaming
Label: Independent
Release date: January 5, 2020
Once again, the talented Cape Breton rapper and musician 6host WithaSix hits hard with another vicious banger. Whenever he releases a new single he usually sends it my way, and as always, he will without question find some support through me.
The contents of this new track “Good Man” include tight lyrics and a flow that few in this area (Cape Breton) could ever emulate. Backed by a catchy beat, overall, this single is very pleasurable to listen to, and I encourage anyone who enjoys hip-hop to give this song a spin (or three).
Speaking again of the lyrics, although 6host WithaSix is a fair bit younger than myself, I find the words he puts forward to be honest, genuine, and sometimes relatable.
A talented artist, 6host will forever be one of my favorite CB rappers (along with X-plycit and a few others) and I am always more than glad to give his tunes a listen.
Much love, 6host. Keep up the good work! -Devin Joseph Meaney


Article by Marc Del Cielo

Ray Burton, the father of the late Cliff Burton has passed away at age 94. In the more than 30 years since his son’s death, Ray was still very much a part of the lives of the other members of Metallica. The band issued a statement on their website and expressed how much Ray meant to them, long after his son’s death in 1986. In joint and individual statements, Metallica praises a man who made people comfortable with his positive energy. Robert Trujillo speaks fondly of a man who would tell it like it was. Metallica considers themselves lucky to have had him in their lives: “From coast to coast and overseas too, Ray's beaming face would regularly greet us, offering warmth and anchor to our travels, and when it came to the entire Metallica family, band, crew and fans, he viewed us all as his own."
So while there has always been a great debate between Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin over the origins of metal, why Ray Burton? Why do I call him the father of metal? Ray was who we looked to when Cliff died. The father that already lost his oldest son never failed to remain a part of the friends who were with him when he lost his youngest son. Always championing his son’s legacy, he never failed to mention his bandmates. Fans of Cliff have always revered Ray Burton. After Cliff’s death, Ray encouraged Metallica’s fans to express their feelings to Jan Burton, Cliff’s mother, going as far as letting music magazines print his home address.
My best memory of Ray was the 1998 VH1 Behind the Music where he recalls Cliff’s puzzlement at why his neck was hurting: “Cliff! What do you mean your neck? You’re bouncing your head up and down all night long and you wonder why your neck hurts?” he says with a smile. So great was Metallica’s respect for the Burton family that the band included Ray and Jan in the hiring of Cliff’s replacement, Jason Newsted. Newsted recalled in a 2017 interview: Jan Burton grabbed me right away, “Once the guys told me, I said you were the one, they know you are the one, please be safe.” It was Ray who joined Metallica and Jason onstage when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. With a beaming smile, he dedicated Cliff’s induction to Cliff’s greatest fan, Jan Burton. Ray Burton was regularly backstage at Metallica concerts and has lent himself to Metallica’s All Within My Hands charity. In 2017 it was revealed Ray had been donating his share of Cliff’s royalties to charity, including a music scholarship to Castro Valley High School, Cliff’s alma mater.
So why is Ray Burton the father of metal? Metallica’s impact on the genre is undeniable. They sell out every arena in the world. They’re at the top of every top metal band poll. They’ve sold 125 million albums worldwide. What Ray Burton did was to become a surrogate father to Metallica, their crew, their fans, and their genre. He was a father to us all.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Full Length Review: VOMI NOIR "Les Myasmes de la Deliquescence" (Terrible Mutilation Records) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Band: Vomi Noir
Location: Toulouse
Country: France
Genre: Goregrind
Full Length: Les Myasmes de la Deliquescence
Label: Terrible Mutilation Records
Also released on Bringer of Gore Records and A Symphony of Death Rattles
Format: Digital album, 12" 45rpm black vinyl, 12" 45 rpm opaque brown vinyl, 12" 45rpm clear yellow vinyl, CD (Terrible Mutilation Records)
Release date: December 13, 2019
After a busy day of appointments and job hunting, I came home, ate some salad, and immediately logged on to my computer for my almost nightly goregrind fix. The first thing that jumped out at me during my search was the 2019 LP ''Les Myasmes de la Deliquescence'' by Vomi Noir. I have been meaning to check out this band for months now, so I decided that this LP would be the first thing I listened to.
Within minutes of loading up Youtube, I had this LP pulsing through my speakers, and I can honestly say that this is without question a goregrind masterpiece. Reminding me of (early) Carcass, Gruesome Stuff Relish, and Blue Holocaust, I was riddled with ear-gasms and an intense desire to destroy everything in my bedroom.
After doing a bit of research on Google, I found out that the similarities between Vomi Noir and Blue Holocaust really make sense. Pierre (from Blue Holocaust and Braindead Webzine) is the guitarist and vocalist of this band, and just like anything else he puts his hand to, this LP is well put together, filled with talent, gore, and genuine putrid blasphemies.
Something worth mentioning is the lead guitar solos. I may be a bit off the mark here, but the riffage held within reminds me of very early Obituary. The music and feel of the LP as a whole is much different (and more entertaining I might add) than anything put out by Obituary, but the style of the leads is similar.
Fans of goregrind, grindcore, and pure audio violence should be more than pleased to give Les Myasmes de la Deliquescence a listen. A vibrant splatter-fest, I plan to return to this LP time and time again, and I would encourage anyone that likes this kind of thing to do the same. Listen to the LP. Buy the LP. Buy merch. Do what you can to spread and support this sickness... it is an absolute gem! 10/10. -Devin Joseph Meaney

Pierre: Guitars, vocals
David: Bass
Laurent: Drums

Track list:
1. Ouverture Thanatopsique
2. L'effusion Ichoreuse d'une Hémoptysie Foudroyante
3. Reliquats Pestiférant
4. Eclatements Humorragiques dans l'Acrimonie Putride
5. Les Myasmes de la Déliquescence
6. Révulsion
7. Dystopies Mutagènes
8. Pustulations Orificielles
9. Les Vibrions Septiques de Dégénérescence Nécrobiotique
10. Le Fracas Mutilant d'une Desquamation Infectieuse
11. La Fluxion Morbifique des Sugillations Purpuriques
12. D'entre Les Profondeurs Viscérales
13. Spumation Infernale d'une Masse Pulsatile et Coruscante
14. L'odieuse Rancissure d'une Pyorrhée Méphitique
15. Raptus Phléboréxique Dilacérant
16. Amoncellement de Chairs Corrompues
17. Parasitose Hallucinatoire
18. Le Traumatisme Ecchymotique des Lésions Goutteuses
19. Intussuception Intestinale Invaginée
20. Autolyse
21. Crassamentum Ecarlate
22. Le Bourdonnement Incessant des Mouches Bleues
23. Fantasmagories Pathologiques

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Full Length Review: BESTIAL INVASION "Monomania" (Nocturnus Records) by Sarah McKellar

Location: Zhytomyr Oblast
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Technical Thrash Metal
Full length: Monomania
Format: Limited edition digibook CD (500 copies), digital
Release date: November 22, 2019
Bestial Invasion is a five-piece Ukrainian technical Thrash metal project established in 2014. “Monomania” is their fourth full-length release through Nocturnus Records. A thrash -driven technical start instantly sets the tone for “Monomania” giving the impression that Bestial Invasion is not going to compromise on the aural assault. Oddly melodic - Monomania is a seriously technical, polished testament to Bestial Invasion’s customary unforgiving technical thrash style. The use of samples creates a distinct mournful feeling which contrasts wonderfully with Bestial Invasions strong and tight technical elements. A slight feel of traditional heavy metal vocals combined with an epic vibe toward the lyrics show off another musical element of Bestial Invasion- and of course their ability to shred as fast as possible. Lyrically diverse, Bestial Invasion swing from technical thrash anthems to well written historical pieces. An unforgiving technical thrash assault- “Monomania” is a must for fans of both Bestial Invasion and technical thrash in general. I genuinely look forward to seeing what Bestial Invasion has to offer musically in the coming year. -Sarah McKellar

Vakhtango Zadiev: Vocals
Serg MP (Metal Priest): Bass
Alexander Klaptsov: Rhythm guitars
Denis Shvarts: Solo guitars, acoustic guitars, rhythm guitars (track 6), keyboards
Ischenko Andrey: drums
(Special guest) Kelly Shaefer (Atheist): track 6, solo 1
(Special guest) Doug Piercy (Blind Illusion, ex- Heathen): track 6, solo 2
(Special guest) Regina "The Bishop": track 4

Track list:
1. The Period of Tragedy (intro)
2. Monomania
3. The Angel of the West Window
4. Deny Your Future
5. The Garden of Earthly Delights
6. Memories. The Аrchitect Of The Universe
7. Sir Francis Drake: The Queen's Pirate
8. Retribution (Atheist cover)

Full Length: HHOOGG "Earthling, Go Home!" (Crystal Space Bricks) by Sarah McKellar

Band: Hhoogg
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Country: USA
Genre: Improvisational psychedelic rock
Full length: Earthling, Go Home!
Label: Crystal Space Bricks
Format: Digital
Release date: February 25, 2019
HHOOG is a four-piece experimental, stoner rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts. “Go Home Earthling” is their third 2019 release through Crystal Space Bricks. Self-described as an “All improvisational psychedelic rock from outer space”- this release certainly lives up to that title. Groovy, experimental, psychedelic/stoner rock vibe with “Ccoossmmooss” provides the perfect instrumental background to commence “Go Home Earthling”. A catchy, groovy sound is consistent throughout “Go Home Earthling”- the use of synthesizers add a distinct spacey vibe, obviously the intention of HHOOGG. A more relaxed and experimental feel is taken in “Journey to the dying place” providing a welcome change from the prior tracks. Yet another musical switch with their customary groove-ridden sound that’s now expected of HHOOGG provides a more ominous tone in the following track- adding an additional musical feel to “Go Home Earthling”. “Go Home Earthling” is literally the perfect experimental, instrumental stoner rock to sit back and enjoy with its relaxed yet experimental vibe (edibles optional!). I genuinely look forward to seeing what HHOOGG has to offer in the future with their experimental, psychedelic approach. -Sarah McKellar

Paul Yu: Guitar
Xtina Porcupine: Bass
Yig Narub: Synthesizer
Tom the Ninth Universe: Drums

Track list:
1. Ccoossmmooss
2. Rustic Alien Living
3. Journey to the Dying Place
4. Star Wizard, Headless and Awake
5. Eaten on the Frontier
6. Recalled to the Pyramids
7. Infinitely Gone

EP Review: BAUME "L'odeur de la lumière" (Pest Productions) by Sarah McKellar

Band: Baume
Location: Paris
Country: France
Genre: Experimental rock/black metal
Format: Limited edition CD, limited edition cassette, digital
Release date: October 15, 2019
Baume is a 3 piece experimental black metal band located in Paris, established in 2017. “L'Odeur de la Lumière” is Baume’s second 2019 EP released through Pest Productions. Sheer experimental black metal chaos at its finest can be one of the few ways to describe Baume. Strong musicianship combined with a distinctly mournful approach creates an oddly melodic feel to “L'Odeur de la Lumière”. Consistently experimental with a wide array of vocal techniques and a melodic yet brutal approach ensures for a consistently interesting release. Switching from a more melodic approach to a more traditional depressive black metal approach halfway through “L'Odeur de la Lumière” adds a brutal and welcome change. Samples scattered throughout this release provide another diverse and experimental aspect to the sheer brutal, chaos that has come to be expected of Baume. A depressive and mournful instrumental gives way to the final track of “Les Saints des Derniers Jours” which is literally an exercise in mournful post-black metal brutality. I truly enjoyed the experimental attitude Baume has taken with this release as it was constantly evolving and changing- you literally did not know what to expect next. I genuinely look forward to hearing more of Baume’s future material and await to see which direction their music takes them. -Sarah McKellar

Gaetan Juif: Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Drums
Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen: Bass, backing Vocals
Laurene Hamery: Backing Vocals

Track list:
1. I.Ainsi grossit le Ciel
2. II.L'Air Rouge
3. III.Du Sang sur les Mains
4. IV.L'Odeur de la Lumière
5. V.Les Saints des Derniers Jours

Full Length Review: CRIMSON MOON "Mors Vincit Omnia" (Debemur Morti Productions) by Sarah McKellar

Country: USA
Genre: Black metal
Full length: Mors Vincit Omnia
Format: Digipak CD, limited edition vinyl, digital
Release date: August 30, 2019
Crimson Moon is a three-piece black metal project currently based in Germany, established in 1994. “Mors Vincit Omnia” is their fourth full-length release in their extensive discography through Debemur Morti Productions. Occultic, dark and mournful, “Vanitas” is a hard-hitting introduction and you are instantly drawn into this release. A controlled chaotic feel shows the dedication of the band members and the time developing their unrelenting and brutal approach to black metal. Further through the “Mors Vincit Omnia” Crimson Moon displays their ability to shift from a brutal aural assault to dank, occultic filth. Lyrical content throughout this release lives up to the themes of Occultism that Crimson Moon is consistently recognized for and takes the listener further into their distinct and unmistakable sound. Additional experimental and mournful instrumentals with the use of both clean vocals and screams add an unsettling but pleasing aspect throughout this release. Consistently technical throughout this “Mors Vincit Omnia” while remaining true to their customary brutal aural assault- Crimson Moon has once again lived up to their brutal reputation. I genuinely look forward to seeing what the future holds for Crimson Moon- especially if their intentions are to commence playing live again. -Sarah McKellar

Scorpios Androctonus: Bass, vocals, synths
Sabnoc: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Agreas: Guitars
Blastum: Drums
Lord Angelslayer: Guest Vocals on track III
Proscriptor: Guest Vocals on track III
Ixithra: Guest Vocals on track IV
Phaesphoros: Additional Choir Vocals and Wooden Recorder on track V
Brian Artwick: Outro music on track VIII

Track list:
1. Vanitas
2. Altars Of Azrael
3. Godspeed Angel Of Death
4. Upon the Pale Horse
5. Parcae - Trinity of Fates
6. Mors Vincit Omnia
7. Funeral Begotten
8. Tempus Fugit

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

EP Review: PLAGUE WEAVER "Through the Sulphur Eyes" (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Band: Plague Weaver
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Country: Canada
Genre: Black/doom metal
EP: Through the Sulphur Eyes
Format: CD, digital
Label: Independent
Release date: January 10, 2020
“Through the Sulphur Eyes” is Plague Weaver’s sophomore release, following a self-titled EP independently released in 2019. The band is the brainchild of Thorn who has far-reaching experience as a musician from working in Bisclaveret (Poland), Azarath (Poland), Mastabah (Poland), Aspergillus Flavus (Poland) and Damnation (Poland). He puts this experience to good use, with a special percipience of the inherent heaviness of death metal and the response it evokes in the listener. His strength here is his ability to utilize repetition to create an overwhelming musical climate full of noisome ambience. Rather than write progressions that slowly construct their songs to their logical progression, the band proclaim their purpose from the outset, opening each track with enough volume and distortion to push them to indurate levels. “Through the Sulphur Eyes,” the title track of the EP, starts with a painfully slow rhythm with melody, hypnotic guitar leads and a hint of atmosphere, somewhat similar to old Paradise Lost except for the layered vocals. There are also indications of Swedish melodic death metal a la Hypocrisy, At The Gates and In Flames. The song is a decent introduction to Plague Weaver if you missed their debut EP. It’s tastefully reiterative, with guitar progressions that are gritty and minimalist but delivered with clarity. The songs that follow, namely “The Traveller,” “Descent” and “Unchained,” have a necrotic effect on your mind rather than a bludgeoning effect, dissolving your brain with leisurely forbearance, eventually becoming bedevilling hymns to desolation and perdition. Apparently, the best song was saved for last as “Alchemy” presents the conclusion to the doom-laden tale that is “Through the Sulphur Eyes”, with slow, dissonant riffs, leads sounding based on minor notes and an apocalyptic feel that eats away at the last or your mental resistance. “Through the Sulphur Eyes” is majestic without being overblown or pompous, touching you on a distinctly intimate level. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Through the Sulphur Eyes
2. The Traveller
3. Descent
4. Unchained
5. Alchemy