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Band Interview: THREE SIXES (Kill)

Interview with Kill

Tell the readers how you got involved with Three Sixes. Were you previously acquainted with Damien LaVey or did you hear he was seeking new members and audition?
I had moved from Las Vegas to California in late 2000. I wanted to find the right fit for a group that had a solid background and was not exactly a start-up group. I put an ad out looking for a group and had different bands reply. Damien invited me in to audition after meeting and getting a disc for me to practice. I think I was working as a manager at Mars Music in Santa Ana at the time. He was a super cool dude and very upbeat. So I headed down with my stack, Les Paul in hand, to Francisco Studios in lovely Vernon, California, to audition for Three Sixes. Damien will tell the story WAY better then I will, but I roll in, and he asks me which song I learned. I reply "the first one, of course". I didn't have time to learn all the songs on the disc, but I figured I would nail this one. The audition went well, and soon after I was asked to join the band. It was a good chemistry. I felt they were a little too basic as far as the riffs went, but I knew I could contribute with what I brought to the table. I think I was really eager to get back on stage, as I knew Damien was too, and I booked us a show at the XTreme Motocross Festival in Irvine, California. It was us, a bunch of other bands I can't remember, and the dudes from Metal Mulisha. So from then on, the core of the Three Sixes songwriting team was established. The friendship, loyalty and honesty shows between Damien and myself with what we created (along with producer Marko Olson) on Know God, No Peace. Never been prouder of myself or the evolution of Three Sixes.

How did you know that chemistry existed during your rehearsal? How did your playing enhance the band when you tried out for them?\
I wasn't the most talented guitarist they tried out, but I damn sure was the baddest motherfucker they had auditioned to that point. No doubt. It was a good vibe in there, and they seemed very chill.

What had you been doing in Las Vegas before your move? Had you been searching for bands to join there?
I had been playing solo acoustic gigs, studying International Business at UNLV (where Coach John Robinson seemed to want me to play linebacker even though I was in my mid 20s).

How long has music been important in your life, and when did you decide to seriously pursue it as a career?
I had a promising baseball future ahead of me when I was growing up outside of Atlanta. What changed everything was seeing Pantera play at the Fox Theater when I was sixteen. Wow... Dimebag just made it seem like the best thing in the world to be on stage, and since I would like to think I'm an entertainer at heart... it made complete sense. I remember turning to my friend and saying "I wanna do THAT!” Baseball took a seat on the bench and although I already had this bad ass Harmony Explorer, I needed to play more. After a short stint in rehab, I hooked up with my buddy Ryan Wexler, and August Dawn was born. I grew up around Rich Ward and Bonz from Stuck Mojo, and I felt honored that Rich shared with me the news that they had signed with Century Media before going public with it. I still look up to him as a guitarist, although we don't talk much anymore. Ahh the good ol' Waffle House across the street from me.

How do you account for Dimebag and Pantera having that much of an impact on your career choice?
It just really hit me in the soft spot of my heart, witnessing how much passion and intensity one could have playing in a band. He really was able to connect with the crowd just using his six string. I've seen videos of Stevie Ray Vaughn doing just that too. I had the opportunity to meet Dime outside of a show setting... did a shot of Jager with him and was able to have a moment I'll never forget.

What was it like to meet in person someone you admired as much as Dimebag?
As much as I admired him just as a balls out guitarist - the dude was gold personally. He was cordial, welcoming to everyone. Called everyone bro or sister, no matter what race, creed or culture they were. Fucking LOVED that. Good soul. I don't believe the bullshit from Anselmo's mouth, this guy was a good fucking dude.

How long were you with August Dawn? Did you perform often and record a few albums with them?
That was my first band. Our first show was at the Wreck Room down by Georgia Tech with a band called Crawlspace, which ended up evolving into Sevendust. Good times. We we're awful, I am pretty sure.

How “green” were you as a musician with August Dawn? What sort of a learning experience was that band?
I learned how to play guitar by just reading tabs and listening to CDs over and over. I figured my ear was decent, and for some reason I keep pretty good time for a guitarist. I had a really old wooden metronome you see sitting on top of pianos and such. I was "green", yes, but I didn't give a fuck. I learned to play in drop-D tuning, so I'll play chords with one finger anyway. We were all young, and just piecing songs together. I had a blast though, and I have those three dudes still on my Facebook account, I keep in touch. Ryan and I talk regularly.

Whose CDs and tablatures did you refer to while learning guitar? Were there bands you listened to often?
I think the obligatory stuff: Led Zeppelin, Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, John Sykes. I was into everything when I was younger. Metal, rap, pop, whatever sounded good. Never been much for country, but I do appreciate some of the better guitar players.

Did your education as a guitarist include learning to play solos as well as chord progressions?
All rhythm, all the time. Solos I learned just because I had to, or I made my own transposition of the original in a song. Jimi Hendrix said it best: "The world is full of lead guitar players, but the rhythm is the thing". I think he said it. Well, fuck it. I don't care if he did. It sounds like a great quote.

How did your solo playing grow from your learning rhythm guitar? Has Jimi Hendrix been influential on you?
I wouldn't say Hendrix was "influential" to me. He was very much out there, and groundbreaking at that. I enjoy his stuff, but not to the point of obsession. Nah, my solo playing still sucks haha!

Does being self-educated as a guitarist give you more room to invent your own style?
I think so, but I believe it limits me, at least on the basis of talent. I think I am a hell of a songwriter, but I am not a very good player. This convo tends to go in circles, but I just always feel lacking in the talent of playing the guitar.

What were you doing in Las Vegas before moving to California? What led to you working at Mars Music in Santa Ana?
I was a student at UNLV, and working as an assistant Dept. Manager at Mars Music in Las Vegas. Anyone who was in the industry in Vegas were at Guitar Center, Mars, Cowtown or various indie stores. We had a tight knit scene there. I was one of the guitarists in Conflict Of Interest, but we had disbanded and grown apart. Aside from doing acoustic gigs, I also contributed to an album by Zero Fingers, featuring Jazz Bender and Sean Whitcomb. Great guys, great vibe.

How many indie stores were around at the time and how tightly knit was the scene among the outlets you mentioned?
Criminal Records down at Little 5 Points in Atlanta was the place to be. Criminal Records was a retail record store, CDs, cassettes, and plenty of room for band flyers, posters and whatnot. Criminal was a good place to post band flyers and "musician wanted" ads, etc. It was located where the trains and Marta buses came together. HUB to get anywhere downtown.

Tell the readers some more about Conflict Of Interest and the Zero Fingers album you contributed to. How active was COI and what did you contribute to the full length?
Not too much to reveal on this one, COI never recorded a full length. I think we just played more shows then any frigging band in Vegas. We were definitely battle tested as far as showmanship. Our old drummer is in jail for murder now, too. With Zero Fingers, I don't even know if the album saw the light of day but man was it fun to play on it.

Are you still in touch with Jazz Bender and Sean Whitcomb of Zero Fingers? Are they involved in any new projects?
Don't speak much to Jazz; just got back in touch with him via Facebook recently. He's always been a great showman, and an exceptional songwriter. Sean is performing in a stage show of sorts in Deadwood, South Dakota. He plays music and entertains the masses that come to visit the old ghost town. Truly one of the best human beings I've ever met, and a hell of a musician.

What appealed to you about Three Sixes’ music and made you want to work with them professionally? How do your personal tastes in music fit with the band?
First off, I didn't really dig the Satan stuff, I found it humorous. But what made a HUGE difference was the loyalty to heavy music that Damien had. His drive, passion, organization and persistence go unrivaled in this industry. Any Three Sixes fan will know and agree with that. I really loved the fact that there were no fucks to give, whatsoever, from the very beginning. We have a very cohesive, loyal relationship when it comes to songwriting and structure. We respect each other greatly, and it shows with the chemistry we had. When we went on hiatus after our self-titled CD (with Paint it Black, Holy Man and Hell's Home), we both thought we were done. I was in talks with Barry Squier about working with other groups, and my Son was born, and getting interest from In This Moment (pre-Century Media) and Cold as far as being a replacement. I ended up doing a "pseudo-group" full length with A New Vice, produced by Ron Welty from The Offspring. We had a great CD, mainstream alternative, solid songwriting from Sash Kuzma (one of the top songwriters in Europe right now), Bryan Robidart, Kelly Hurst and Mike Crisis (later replaced by Matt Caskitt). Fun times, good shows, mini-tour, and outstanding reception from the public. Honestly though, my heart was and will always be heavy music. Metal, thrash, sludgy shit. Sevendust, Acacia Strain, Volumes, Bury Your Dead, Pantera, Stuck Mojo, Mudvayne, Godhead, Northlane, Pig Named Jodi, Face Down, Amos Lee, Fun, Pink, The Weeknd, Steve Poltz, Jewel, Sepultura and Soulfly, Snot, Death By Stereo, Helmet, Def Leppard, Slipknot, In Urgency, American Murder/Epidemic, Zakk Wylde and BLS, Jimi Hendrix, Al Di Meola, Dream Theater, Rodrigo y Gabriela, C.O.C., Frozen Sun, Hatebreed, Jay Z, hed(pe), Michael Ward, Anthrax, Run DMC, NWA, Suicidal Tendencies. In my eyes, Machine Head and Sevendust can do no wrong. Machine Head is getting better and it's scary how amazing and evolved they are as songwriters. My fave singer songwriter is Ben Harper. I apologize for anyone I might have left out. I really do have a lot of friends in the industry and love them all. But... I play and write for my favorite band, Three Sixes.

What about Ben Harper’s songwriting most speaks to you? Describe your experiences meeting him in person?
I think it's his ability to tell a story and be honest, not contriving anything just for the sake of the song. He's also one of the coolest guys I have ever met in my life. Just a good soul. I've only really "met" Ben at the Gibson trailer at NAMM one year. I've seen him a few times and just did the wave or nod and he's always smiled back, but that's the extent of it. His stories are all personal experiences from what I gather. Blessed to Be a Witness is still one of my fave songs. I am not religious whatsoever, but his gospel type writing is outstanding.

How did A New Vice form while you were on hiatus from Three Sixes? How many shows did they perform altogether?
A New Vice was put together by Ron Welty from the Offspring. It was his lovechild, bred from a mix of different genres of local and international talent. Bryan Robidart and Mike Crisis from Device (later replaced by Matt Caskitt), Kelly Hurst on bass, and top European singer and writer Sash Kuzma. The music was well received and we had a string of decent shows, along with radio airplay in various markets. While it was fun to put together a mainstream project for sheer profit potential, my heart was obviously with Three Sixes. We played various venues when Three Sixes was on hiatus (and even at the start of our recording), including the headlining slots at House of Blues, but I don't recall all the places at which we performed.

Describe the full length released by A New Vice. How much press did it receive? Name some stations that provided airplay.
From what I remember, it was well received by peers and press, but a little too grassroots for me. Something like that - recorded and made to market and sell - should have been, but wasn't. It might have been just two or three of us that were really focused on other things, and not wanting to put in the full effort that it deserved. I know I made it clear from the get-go that A New Vice was a side thing for me, even though I dedicated myself to the recording and performances that transpired. Didn't sign up to hand out flyers. I can't recall the actual call letters, but city-wise: LA, Jacksonville, FL, Las Vegas and San Fran. Ron Welty played a part in getting us on.

Do you have an easy time finding a balance between being a full time musician and a family man?
Well, I'm not a full time musician, just dedicated. I have a Real Estate business in Jacksonville, Florida, in addition to some acting roles. With regards to being a family man, my Son's Mom and I are divorced, but remain close. She's an amazing Mom, and I'm so proud to have such a badass kid in Dominic. He is an exceptional, super intelligent young man, and has unlimited potential in life. I am honored to be his Father. Hope he will take a bit more interest in music and martial arts!

Recount what you remember from playing the XTreme Motocross Festival in Irvine. Describe the weather and the atmosphere generated by the attendees. Did the audience respond to your set in way that bolstered your drive?
I definitely think it was a learning experience for us all. Damien forgot to come in at the beginning of the verse for Lord of the Dead, and I know I made a few mistakes, I'm sure the bass player was all over the place. This was after a really bad soundcheck - they couldn't get out samples to run clean thru the PA. Haha. It was fun though. We had a weird crowd watching us while the dudes from Metal Mulisha were flying thru the air.

Is Xtreme Motorcross a yearly festival? Would you want to perform there again? Are there other festival you would like to visit?
I really have no idea about the XTreme festival anymore. As far as other festivals I would like to perform at: Dynamo Open Air, Bloodstock, Hellfest, Wacken, Milwaukee Metal Fest. I'm down for anything as long as we get a place to shit, shower and shave.

Describe your practice and recording sessions with Damien and Three Sixes while you worked on the full length?
The recording of Know God, No Peace was a deep, lengthy process that tested our loyalty, friendship and perseverance (sp?) I bow in honor to Damien and Marko, as they worked - day in and day out - on the entire process. Whether it was tracking drums, guitars, working on the mixes. We all knew this was a guitar driven album, and knowing they both had my back, I felt assured that my tracks would best represent the songs. I was working as an actor in the film industry. Backing up in time, we started the process quite a while ago. Damien and I had already put together Lead Winged Angel, and played it live a few times along with Whiskey, our former bass player. We hit some walls with what we wanted to do, and then came the explosion of musical diarrhea, proceeding after we decided to make the most brutal, honest album we could. We were out of fucks to give and had nothing to lose at that point.

Having recorded full length releases together, does the band prefer working with outside parties or working independently?
I'm sure we would love to have Taylor Swift or Celine Dion swing by for some guest vocals. We've done everything independently to this point, let's see what the future holds. 
How much work did you see Damien and Marko put into the full length during the recording sessions?
Know God, No Peace wouldn't have become a reality if it wasn't for Damien and Marko. They were literally there through the whole process. During recording, mixing, mastering, whatever. Can't give them enough credit for that...

Did you appear in any promotional videos by the band, such as Lead Winged Angel? How would you rate that video production-wise?
I was in the official video for Lead Winged Angel, but as far as promotional videos, I can't recall. Maybe my amazing glutes made an appearance?

How much of a hand did you have in Three Sixes’ cover of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck? Describe the creative input you had.
For the most part, Marko is the end all be all of how that song came to the table. We all thought it was a great idea, as we love the original. All I did was do what I do best: play tight ass rhythm tracks, and act like I know what I am doing when it comes to playing a guitar solo (or two).

-Dave Wolff

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Fiction: Late Night Television by M Teresa Clayton

Late Night Television
Fiction by M Teresa Clayton
“What in the hell are you watching?” The sound of the television and its endless droning had once again awakened her from a peaceful sleep.
“Cal, honey – please turn that shit off, I can’t sleep.”
Cal was a night-owl and loved his late night creature-feature movie before drifting off to sleep. Beth? Well, she had the fan set on high next to her side of the bed to drown out the screams and howls that were sure to give her husband another nightmare. It was easier to roll over and face away from the strobe light effects the screen would create on the bedroom walls. Every night it would be a rerun of the same old argument.
“I can’t sleep Cal!” she barked once more. “Turn that fucking thing off!”
She didn’t feel any movement from behind her on the bed where her husband laid mindless with the remote clenched in his hand. She sat up and turned to shake him awake; letting him know what it was like to be jolted out of a deep slumber.
“Cal! Turn that shit off!” she howled into his blank expression.
“Cal? Calvin, honey?” Beth sat up straight and touched his face. “Are you okay, baby?”
“Can you hear them?” he whispered, eyes focused on the ceiling; his body frozen.
“Cal… can I hear who?” Beth growled in aggravation as she reached out for the remote.
“The voices. Can you hear them?” he whispered as if he didn’t want them to hear. “I think one of them is… up there.”
She paused to listen. She couldn’t hear a thing, just the static humming from the television across the room. He’s having another fucking nightmare! She thought to herself now fully irritated with him.
“I don’t hear anything except the buzzing of the television. The movie is over and the station is off now.”
Beth watched his eyes as they darted around the ceiling as if he was searching for the source of the sound she could not hear.
She leaned over and whispered into his ear, “Calvin, give me the remote. I’ll turn the T.V. off and then maybe I can hear what you’re hearing.”
“No!” he protested. “It came in through the T.V. and I want to make sure it can find its way back. I don’t trust them. They are talking about me; about taking me when I fall asleep I think – I can’t fall asleep!”
“Can you tell me what they are saying, exactly?” she quizzed, still unsure as to what to do and growing more impatient.
“I fell asleep and something woke me up… a sound” he spoke in a hushed voice so as not to be overheard. “It was one of them coming out of the television. I saw it move to the ceiling and then lost sight of it. The others are still in there I think, but they are watching me. They are watching… it.”
“But, you said they were talking.”
“Yes, I think they are talking and using the charge in the room to carry their voices. Sounds like they are here, then there, everywhere… I can’t move, don’t want to fall asleep, I think they are waiting… watching me.”
She took a deep breath and turned towards the nightstand to reach for the lamp switch.
“Beth! Don’t move!”
His wife froze from the panic in his voice. He didn’t whisper this, he shouted it.
“Cal, you’re scaring me now. I’m going to turn on the light so I can see what’s going on.”
She reached for the lamp again and when she touched the switch a shock went up her arm and stung her chest. “What the hell!” she screeched, withdrawing her hand and holding her arm close to her chest from the pain.
“I told you. They’re here and they’re waiting.” Cal was still watching the ceiling, looking for something to focus on.
“What the hell are they saying, Cal?”
“They are discussing how they are going to disperse the cells and transfer them through the electro-magnetic field.” He answered as if they were having a Sunday afternoon conversation about the weather. “…Seems there is a problem because you are interfering with the transmission.”
“Me?” Beth answered with some surprise. “What… how am I interfering? What do I have to do with any of this? I can’t even hear the bastards.”
“Beth, you have metal inside of you – from the accident – the metal plate they put inside your head after the fall, remember?”
“Yes – but how does that have anything to do with this? This is crazy, Cal” she pleaded. “This is all just in your imagination. There is nothing here… I don’t see anything, hear anything… but…” she didn’t finish the sentence. The truth was she could feel something.
Cal closed his eyes. “I can’t stay awake much longer, Beth. I don’t know what to do.”
“Do you think if we turn the T.V. off it might stop them from being able to take you? We should try something.”
A tear rolled down his cheek and he nodded, handing her the remote. “Go ahead. I’m scared though. I don’t know what will happen and I’m scared Beth.”
Beth raised the remote and aimed it at the television. Click. The television went off. There was still the green glow coming from the screen and she watched as it slowly faded.
“You’re okay.” she reassured him. “Whatever it is you think you heard or saw is gone now.”
Cal rolled towards his wife and whispered, “I love you Beth. Remember that I love you.”
She kissed his face and rolled over so they went to sleep spooning each other. Before she went to sleep she heard something scurrying above them… then it stopped. Nothing, she thought to herself, just my imagination.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The light was hot on Beth’s face as she opened her eyes to greet the morning. There was something odd about the tilt of the room. There was no room. No lamp, no night stand, no window, no wall… Beth was in her bed but the area around the bed did not exist, at least to her mind.
She turned to reach for her husband but he wasn’t there. The only thing left of him was the slight hollow in the mattress where he once laid.
Just beyond the haze that surrounded her she could see her husband holding what looked like a metal plate and sobbing. Beth reached up to touch the old scar from the accident. Her fingers met with an opening in her skull and the tough rubbery mass inside.
“What the hell is going on!” she screamed. “What is going on?”
Then she heard it… the endless humming drone of the television. She realized she was inside of it and looking out at the room where her husband sat clutching the portion of the skull she was missing and rocking to and fro.
“Calvin?” she screamed out. “Cal, can you hear me?”
Calvin looked up at the television and paused for a moment, cocking his head as if to listen.
“Calvin! I’m in the television!”
He raised the remote toward the television and switched it on. “No more interference.” He said out loud. “No more interference.”

Judith by M Teresa Clayton: Chapter Twenty-Four

JUDITH by M Teresa Clayton
Chapter Twenty-Four

A Broken Mirror, A Bleeding Fist
A silver Blade Against A Wrist
Tears Falling Down To Lips Unkissed
Ignore Her And She Won't Exist
She's Not The Kind You'll Come To Miss
- Author Unknown
“Good night, precious. I love you so much.” Judith squeezed Lily tight and kissed her forehead.
“Good night Mommy. I love you so much too,” she said as she returned a kiss to Judith’s forehead. “It will be alright, Mommy. My angel tells me that she will protect us.”
“Your angel?” Judith asked.
“Yes. She sings me to sleep every night so I don’t have to hear the voices.”
“The monsters that come here at night, I know they are really your friends but they sound like monsters and I get scared. My angel says she will protect us and make it all better. I figured that is why you met Ross. I thought she sent him to us so those others would go away.”
Judith stood in horror as Lily told her this. They were fighting for her? “Shhh, baby, there are no monsters and we would never let anyone hurt you either. We’ll always make sure you are always safe.”
Was she now talking to her daughter in third person? How long had she been doing this? Judith turned off the light and closed the door. As she walked into her own bedroom she knew she would have to take care of this somehow.
Judith removed the red velvet coverlet from the mirror and sat down on the vanity seat to prepare herself.
She sings her lullabies? Judith! You are an idiot. Take your head out of your ass and look at yourself! You look like a crack whore! Your face has seen a lot of cracks lately. Laughter.
Go ahead - paint it up. Perfume it up. You still smell like shit because you are shit. More laughter.
She reached down, picked up the kohl pencil to outline her eye and began to apply it carelessly. It really did not matter what her eyes looked like. They never look her in the eyes anyway.
Just look at you! Blackened eyes to hide the shame. You know what you are. WHORE!
Judith picked up the make-up brush and stroked it over her cheeks. Tonight I want to look alive, she thought. I want them to see that I am someone with feelings.
Your cunt has not felt alive since you were ten years old! You quit feeling the dicks sliding in and out of you years ago. They all begin to blend into one big mind-fuck, don’t they – Jeeeu-dith?
Red lips. I think I’ll go for the red lips tonight. They love my blood red lips, Judith kept the monologue running to block HER out.
A knock on the door.
Try to look alive, Judith. If they want to fuck their wives dead pussies, they would just stay home.
“Hello Roy.”
“Judy baby, my balls have been tight and hard all day just thinking about slapping against your round little ass.”
“Is that ALL you think about, Roy, your balls slapping against my ass? Wouldn’t you like something a little different tonight?”
“What does the lady suggest?”
“Don’t fucking call me a lady! We both know I’m not a lady.”
“Easy, girl. A little feisty tonight, are we?”
“I feel like sucking your balls up through your dick.”
“Oh, my God. Jude, do it. Please do it.”
Judith didn’t bother to disrobe. She pushed him down on the bed and quickly undid his pants exposing his member.
She manipulated him between her fingers and then lowered her face into his lap. She wanted to make sure he was pulsing hard and fully engorged before…
“AAGH, STOP! Oh my GOD, STOP! Son-of-a-bitch! You fucking crazy whore! STOP! GOD!
He finally managed to throw her to the floor and she grinned up at him with the skin from his penis still hanging from her blood red lips.
When he stood up the blood quickly spilled into his pants as he screamed in horror. Judith had to silence him before he woke Lily. She reached between the mattress and box springs and brought up the razor sharp glass shard hard enough to slice him from his hips to his chest.
“You know exactly what I am and I know exactly what you are,” she laughed.
He fell hard to his knees from the shock. Judith stood up tall and with one last sweep of her arm she slit his throat and silenced his voice. “By the way, my name is not Judy or Jude; it’s JUDITH!”
That turned out well; one monster slain and one less monster to scare my baby girl, she thought to herself with a proud sense of accomplishment.
'It took her almost an hour to move him into the kitchen and out of sight. She then had to pull the sheets off the bed and the rug up off the floor to get rid of the mess. She threw the blood soaked bedding over old Roy in the kitchen floor.'
Judith stood in the shower long enough to clean the stains of battle from her face and hands then, wrapping herself in a clean towel, quickly went back to the vanity to reapply her lipstick.
You are losing it Judith. You know you are. Look at you! Unraveling thread by thread. You think you can stop it? The leak is just getting bigger. Like mother, like daughter – like daughter – like daughter.
Judith looked at her reflection and the long scar of missing glass as she finished applying the cherry-apple red rouge to her lips. She screwed the lipstick back down into the barrel, replaced the tortoise shell cap, placed it carefully down atop the vanity, and then took the hairbrush and smashed it hard against the mirror for a second time. Another shard of glass fell to the floor. Yes, this will be perfect.
Tap-tap. Fucker was told ONE rap at the door!
Judith opened the door. This was going to be a busy night.
“Let’s not waste time with small talk.” She grabbed his arm and pulled him in. “What do you want – I’ll give it to you and more.” She gave him a sexy pout for the fun of it.
“Well, that’s hardly an offer a man could refuse.”
She felt his hands reach under the towel.
“Why don’t we start here?” he suggested as he slipped his finger in.
She moved with him as they slowly dropped down onto the bed.
“I’ll get a little taste then we’ll go from there,” he moaned.
As he buried his face between her legs, she reached under the pillow and lifted the splintered piece of glass, seeing their distorted reflection just before she buried it in the back of his neck.
She could feel the warm fluid flooding between her legs. Judith wasn’t sure if it was all him at that moment. She was wondering if she may have reached a climax at precisely the same moment he lost his.
Judith rolled him over and off of herself to see if her aim had been dead on. He never knew what hit him. The pointed end of the glass was peeking out of his throat beneath his chin. She could still hear his last breath gurgling from the gash, along with the pulse of blood spewing from his severed artery… one less monster.
Dragging him down the hallway and into the kitchen was no easy task. However, clean up was nothing more than flipping the mattress and wiping up the blood smear left behind from pulling him along the floor. Judith decided it was of no use to clean her self up just to get all dirty again.
Wonderful show you are putting on for me tonight, Judith. You are a real porn star. Do you really think you can destroy me, Judith? Look at you. You are a mess. You’ve done lost your marbles – a thread away from a straight jacket!
That hideous laughter.
'Judith came directly into the center of the mirror with the butt of her hand and shattered what was left of the mirror, dislodging it from the frame, and watched it fall like starlit dreams onto the floor around her. She looked down and saw grotesque pieces of herself staring back. An eye over there, another eye over here… her mouth fractured into tiny red droplets across the bedroom floor.
One more and she will be safe tonight.
Judith could hear his footsteps as he approached the door and swung it open before he had a chance to knock.
“Oh, dear Lord! Judith! What happened? Are you okay?”
Judith was standing naked beneath streaks of blood from head to foot. She wiped the back of her hand across her mouth realizing this was her own blood she tasted. She had opened her hand up with that last punch to the mirror. This might require stitches later but right now there was work to be done.
“Quick, let me look at it. You’ve cut yourself pretty deep.”
'She could almost feel herself believing he cared; he really cared.
“What is going on here?” he choked as he looked around the bedroom. There was blood everywhere, the bed, the floor, the hallway… “What the hell happened here?”'
He sat her down on the bed and ran to the bathroom for towels. When he came back into the bedroom she stood up. Trying to remain calm, Ross began in a soothing tone, “Judith, honey. I’m going to make a call to get some help. You’re hurt but you’ll be okay. Just let me make a call.”
'Judith stood up and walked over to him and kissed him hard on his lips. They would tell her the truth. She could hear the beeps as he dialed 911 into his cell phone and she instantly knocked it out of his hand.
“You didn’t kiss back, Ross. You stood there frozen like a deer in the headlights, Ross. Didn’t you know I would figure it out? You lied. You all lie. And, if you can’t get it with a lie you know you can get it with a little cash, isn’t that right Ross?”
“Judith, you’re hurt. I need to get you to the hospital before you lose any more blood. Look at your hand, Judith.”
She lifted her hand slowly back up to her mouth. This time she stuck out her tongue and slowly, sensually licked the blood off the back of her torn hand. She looked up to lock eyes with him and smiled devilishly at him.
“Please, Judith… let me help you.”
Where were the words ‘I love you’? He did not say a single word about loving her.
Because he never loved you… Judith.
HER voice was fading in and out like a radio signal just out of reach. Each piece of mirror seemed to carry some variance of HER voice… it was coming from all around her.
He loved fucking you! He loved your lips around his cock. He loved pumping himself dry into your…
Though the sound of HER voice was fractured and distorted, she could still hear her. Judith’s eyes darted over the splintered glass on the floor in an attempt to locate the source of the words.
The slap stung her cheek. She looked at him with blank incomprehension. Another slap knocked her to the floor and she saw him reaching down for the phone.
Judith pounced quickly for his arm and bit down as hard as she could.
“Agh!” He cried out loudly as she locked her jaw.
Judith looked up, and to her amazement a shard of glass, a narrow and perfectly shaped dagger, was leaning against the vanity leg reflecting her own bloody frenzied expression.
Judith watched as she wrapped her slender fingers around the larger section of the glass and the sharp edge sliced into the bed of her palm. She turned to face Ross one last time and whispered the words, “I love you.”
Judith surrendered to the pain and sat up straight in complete rapture, hypnotized by her own shattered images reflected upon the floor, as they disappeared into a mix of blood and flesh. She closed her eyes and realized that she was falling into the ecstasy and release of her own heightened passion from each plunge - one stab after another, thrusting in and out with wild abandon… into her own back.
“911, what is your emergency.”
“Need… help. 1021 46th Street.” The phone went silent.

Judith by M Teresa Clayton: Chapter Twenty-Three

JUDITH by M Teresa Clayton
Chapter Twenty-Three
"Who can gaze into the mirror without becoming evil? The mirror does not reflect evil, but creates it." (Based on the Friedrich Nietzsche quote: "He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee")
“I think she is crying but I can’t be sure,” the woman spoke.
These are not tears, you stupid fucking bitch. The damn light is too bright and it’s burning my eyes!
“Rashelle, do you think she can hear us?” inquired another female voice from somewhere else in the room.
“Do you think she knows?” answered the first woman.
“We’d better not say anything else just in case she can hear us.”
Close your eyes, sweet baby. I’m going to sing you a lullaby and take you somewhere safe. Do not open your eyes. Block it all out and come with me…

CD Review: COMA CLUSTER VOID Mind Cemeteries

Mind Cemeteries
This technical/avant garde death metal band has an approach to extreme music not quite like anything you’ve previously heard. Math metal and progressive death metal have long demonstrated how bands can fit notes and chords into a guitar progression in ways that hadn’t been attempted, making it sound chaotic while being even more tight and orderly than their predecessors. It showed new ways of playing that could be expanded upon by musicians to follow. Today bands are still traveling the path the first math metal bands set in the late 1990s/early 2000s, and every now and then one will enter my world to my gratitude. One fan posting feedback about Coma Cluster Void on their official Bandcamp page described them as how it would sound “if Meshuggah lost their fucking minds at a Gorguts concert.” This sounds descriptive and accurate enough, only I’d wonder what might come of a meeting between Sigh and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Coma Cluster Void is a collaboration spanning three countries: the States, Canada and Germany. The collective minds that spawned Mind Cemeteries have created something cutting edge and schizophrenically diverse. After two singles and one album, the band is already being hailed as groundbreaking by internet magazines such as No Clean Singing and Metal Injection. This alone shows potential to transcend the financial issues surrounding indie label and unsigned bands and convince zine editors to take note. Coma Cluster Void take genuine chances with their material, ignoring the constraints of financial viability and fabricated acceptance, and it doesn’t take long to realize the open mindedness that fueled them to risk everything in the songwriting and composition process. The brief intro Prologue: I Am sounds like something you might hear on a black metal album, making it possible for the following cuts to take the listener completely by surprise. The bait-and-switch between the intro and the rest of the songs is a profound moment. The dissonant, wholly unorthodox complexity of Iron Empress, Drowning Into Sorrow. Mind Cemeteries and The Hollow Gaze is something listeners will either love as pure genius or hate as pure noise, though its level of originality will more than satisfy those thrashers seeking something different, with its inventive arrangements and manic death-metal-meets-jazz drumming. The mood generated by the intro appears a second time in Interlude: I See Through Your Pain and Epilogue: As I Walk Amongst The Sick. The inclusion of these three pieces goes a long way toward making this album more of an artistic statement than it would have been if they weren’t included. Also check out the band’s promotional video for Everything Is Meant To Kill Us, on their Youtube profile, -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1.    Prologue: I Am
2.    Iron Empress
3.    Drowning Into Sorrow
4.    Path Of Lies
5.    Mind Cemeteries
6.    Interlude: I See Through Your Pain
7.    The Hollow Gaze
8.    Everything Is Meant To Kill Us
9.    Petrified Tears
10.    All Bitter Endings
11.    Epilogue: As I Walk Amongst The Sick