Thursday, July 30, 2015

CD Review: DRÅP En Naturlig Död

En Naturlig Död
Independent (LP)
Xtreem Music (CD)
What an awesome masterpiece of anger and depressed melancholy from Sweden. From the beginning to the end of this album (as crazy as Sleipner's ride made by the drums) I recognized the punk of the Swedish scene, with the vocalist sounding quite like the vocalist from Obituary. A real artwork full of hate and stressing atmosphere; everything we have here is to make you abandon to headbanging anger. Raise your fist damnit and headbang your madness! -Abyss Forgottentomb

CD Review: IRMINSUL Fäder

Purity Through Fire
Ah Irminsul, the first track of your album Fäder just took my heart away. Remembering your beautiful land, I am now drowning in dark sadness. But then, it's twirling and riding just like a thousand horses in the wind. A very beautiful album which reminded me several times of the melodic metal bands from Scandinavia, except the vocals that remind me of Dimmu and Ensiferum at the same time. Of course I could take more time to understand your lyrics, because I am able to understand "lite" (in English "a little"). If I had to say something in Swedish about this album: "Bra låtar, vilket album, fy fan! Jag rekommenderar det." ("Good songs, what an album, fuckin’ hell/damnit! I recommend it.") -Abyss Forgottentomb

CD Review: INTERMENT Still Not Dead

Still Not Dead
Dark Blasphemies Records
This bullet blew my head off, a perfect opus I recommend. The vocalist reminds me of Necrophagia and of course (no doubt about it) old Vader (especially on the album "Reborn in Chaos". Both have the same vocals. A dose of Old School metal from the 90's has been detected by my ears (oh really?) with a great work sticking in one single entity, speed and good technique so to speak. Internment is certainly not a cup of coffee for novices, One thing is sure, this band rocks! -Abyss Forgottentomb

CD Review: SEVER THIS ILLUSION Unidentified Assassins

Unidentified Assassins
Turkey Vulture Records
Sever This Illusion play melodic death metal with some thrash, groove and nu-metal added. Personally, nu metal is still my least favorite subgenre of metal due to its commercialization, however this band manage to include its heavier aspects into their formula. Unidentified Assassins sounds produced slightly too rough around the edges for the band’s influences. The material may have benefitted from at least a little polishing but overall this is a minor complaint. What struck me most about this album was the lyrical content, especially in the song introducing the album. The intro to the first track (the title cut) is a depiction of the zombie apocalypse in the form of a radio announcement. Sort of an addendum to Romero’s original Living Dead trilogy (and the second trilogy he started in the 2000s). The zombie apocalypse is still a popular theme for metal bands, one that has been done countless times. Deceased turned the idea into a metal opera in 1998 with Fearless Undead Machines. Can Sever This Illusion approach it in a new fashion? Perhaps their retelling is supposed to represent a political or religious figure who claims to have the only solution to the problem. Follow him or be damned: “I will stand firm. I will show you everything that you need to survive the plague as it spreads amongst our world.” So far this is the closest a band has come to introducing the zombie theme in metal to modern times and contemporary events, considering the Bush administration, the campaigns of religious leaders against gay marriage and the atmosphere of religious hate created by the Westboro Baptist Church. Similar sentiments appear on the following songs, such as Feast For The Eyes. Battleground, Never Back Down and Done. Headed To Colorado is a personal favorite because of lyrics supporting the legalization of pot (I’m no longer a pot smoker but I still think it should be legalized). As far as I know this band is not releasing any new recordings through Turkey Vulture but you can contact them to see about acquiring this album. -Dave Wolff

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CD Review: MYRD Forbandet Fra Foedsel

Forbandet Fra Foedsel
Purity Through Fire
Myrd is a black metal band hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the locale that bestowed Mercyful Fate and King Diamond upon us all those years past. Mercyful Fate was one of the bands from the thrash scene that left a lasting impression at the impressionable age of seventeen. While perhaps it’s something to do with the country’s social climate this Danish band has a similar dark appeal on Forbandet Fra Foedsel. It’s as likely that the guitar progressions the band writes contain engaging chord changes. Listening closely I heard the guitar riffs heading in directions I hadn’t expected them to take. Their delivery is as cold and unnerving as the atmosphere and production they were recorded with, not to mention the accompanying themes of darkness and depression. In this manner of speaking Myrd has a decent handle of what it means to play black metal. I’m listening to them at night while channeling my thoughts into words, which increases the intended effect. It’s even making me want to turn the light, off so I can appreciate it more fully. I think the drum sound could use a certain degree of improvement so it better matches the feel of the guitars (especially the solitary parts in some of the tracks. But another element that really carries the material is the vocal style which is so close to sounding like a corpse emerging from its tomb it chills your spine twice over. The singer’s diabolical laughter and maniacally agonized cries are more than sufficient to unnerve you even if the guitars don’t. If you like old Darkthrone and Ancient you’ll like this. The band’s latest full length Longing For Death (a limited edition 12” vinyl split with Nocturnal Depression and Vspolokh) was released in 2014, likewise by Purity Through Fire. -Dave Wolff

Article: Drugs vs. Vitamins by Haniel Adhar

Drugs vs. Vitamins:
The Drug Companies vs Supplement Nanufacturers:
Evil Business Vs Good Business
Article by Haniel Adhar

"Until the science of clinical tries can break free from commercial interests, then decisions about our health rest in the hands of big business..." (Quote From the video “The Heart of The Matter: Cholesterol Drug War”) what is the solution? Are you implying that we should just give the power of the decision making of our health to the government?
Yeah, when has that idea ever gone well?
Here's a thought: how about giving more credence to the things that do not require billions of dollars to "prove" works, such as simple nutrition and biochemistry? How is it that supplement companies do all of their own research in addition to the research done by independent organizations, and they don't run into the same problems as these pharmaceutical companies?
The reason is the nature of both industries: Pharmaceutical companies have to *prove* that a foreign substance that was never a natural part of human biochemistry to begin with is "safe" and "has benefit" for a specific condition, while supplement makers just have to prove that whatever it is that is naturally a part of human biochemistry works. Basically, it is biology vs. xeno-biology. This is why the "big business" of pharmaceuticals is by its very nature unethical and fraudulent, because they *must* prove that something that was never a part of human chemistry to begin with actually works with human biochemistry. That leaves the door open for tremendous amounts of fraud and misinformation, especially when the government itself ceases to be “referee” and starts picking winners and losers by protecting pharmaceutical companies from any accountability should their products be found to cause damage to the users, or simply not work. Drug companies have almost no accountability, and they have bought off everyone that would pose as a threat such as people in government or even victims, or they have enacted smear campaigns to silence researchers who contradict the pharmaceutical companies’ agenda (This is known as “Wakefielding”, which is the destruction of a scientists character and credibility if he or she proposes new scientific data or merely questions mainstream industrialized-scientific conventional wisdom, named after British Doctor Andy Wakefield after he posed the question that Autism may be linked to vaccines. His reputation was subsequently destroyed in the media for daring to question the vaccine saviors of mankind…)
On the flip side, it is pretty difficult to prove that Vitamin C is bad for you, especially when it has been proven that vitamin C deficiency is the cause of one of the deadliest diseases known to man: Scurvy. So, they do not have to prove *anything* because it has already been proven that human beings CANNOT live without this vital nutrient. That is easy science, and there is no way that supplement companies can screw that up, unless they make a bad batch or state a ridiculous claim that has nothing to do with the benefit of the vitamin (and usually these claims are shot down by the intelligent clinicians and researchers who actually have integrity and have done the necessary research). But the fact remains that supplement companies have far less to "prove" than big PHarMA, because it is scientific fact that if you take vitamins out of the human diet, people die, PERIOD. The main focus of the industry and the pundits now is on “dosing” and "formulation", which the Pharmaceutical industry is doing everything possible to manipulate. In fact, they have done an excellent job convincing government (or is it the other way around? Governments are pretty powerful you know...there is reason to believe that government is actually behind all of this) that nutrients should be considered toxic substances and MUST be controlled by government regulations, just as drugs are. So, governments, the medical industry, and the Pharmaceutical industry are unilaterally against what they consider “large” doses of vitamins, even if the research and biochemistry proves otherwise. The really ironic thing in this saga is that while Pharmaceuticals have been reported to cause anywhere from 300,000 to ¾ million deaths annually (trying to find accurate, corroborating sources on that number is a nightmare, however, the point is that drugs kill a ton of people), Vitamin Supplements have a comparatively minuscule death toll. There is no evidence that suggests that vitamins such as vitamin C should be held to the same regulations that pharmaceutical companies are held to, nor should the GMP (Good manufacturing practice) rules be considered insufficient for nutritional supplements. There simply is no unbiased, objective evidence that supports otherwise.

The negative press around vitamins and nutritional supplements is so bad that the AARP has even gone on record, as per their recent newsletters, telling their members to not take nutritional supplements because “there is no way of telling what is in them”, while promoting drugs made by such companies as Pfizer, who in 2009 paid $2.3 Billion in fines for deliberately misleading the public and fraudulently promoting the use of Bextra, a painkiller, in doses far exceeding what the FDA determined to be dangerously high. They were also busted in fraud involving 2 other drugs. (Source: DoJ). That seems like a brutally painful case of irony; the AARP has a problem with their members “not knowing what is in a Vitamin pill” but seems to have no problem with multi-billion dollar fraud lawsuits involving pharmaceutical companies and their products. It was estimated that the $2.3billion fine was about 3 months profit, and in 2009, Pfizer made $44billion. Also note that 67% of people over the age of 60 in the USA buy and use nutritional supplements. So, it would appear that the AARP is deliberately trying to sway their members away from buying supplement products, and when a “doctor” from the AARP is saying to not use supplements, people erroneously and blindly listen.
My point here is that you have two separate forms of private business that are doing the exact opposite thing, even though they both benefit tremendously from sales and profit margins. It is the *nature* of both entities that determines the behavior: Pharmaceutical companies must convince the government, medical community, and the population that a foreign substance (a xenobiotic) has greater benefit to human biology than it does harm, while supplement companies (which are all privately owned and receive practically NO money, if any at all, from government to conduct research) already have the biology on their side, because these substances, such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids (we are not discussing compounds that come from herbs that have drug-like effects, such as Ma Huang), are essential to the human body, meaning, that if one does not get these nutrients, a normal, healthy person becomes deathly ill. It is true that some sick people cannot survive without a drug they need, however, a healthy person would not benefit from said drug and may even be hurt from such-n-such drug if they do not need it, while everyone who takes a vitamin benefits from it because ALL people need vitamins to survive; not everyone needs a particular drug. The worst that can happen from taking most vitamin supplements is, well, nothing. However, every single major pharmaceutical manufacturer has paid out massive fines in the past 5 years, such as: Merck $950m (2004, Vioxx); GalaxoSmithKline $3Billion in fines and civil liabilities (2012); The aforementioned Pfizer $2.3Billion, the largest fraud settlement in history; Sanofi-Aventis $109m (2012) for encouraging Doctors to use one of their drugs and for giving kickbacks to doctors for prescribing it; Johnson and Johnson$2.2billion (2013)for promoting drugs for uses not approved by the FDA; Eli Lilly (2009) $1.42billion for off label promotion of an antipsychotic drug.; Abbot (2012) $1.5billion for illegally promoting Depakote, an antipsychotic…The list goes on and on…and this only goes back to 2009. By comparison, the supplement industry as a whole is a $30billion industry, while Pfizer makes more than that in a year, and also by comparison, supplement companies have never dealt with the legal fallout that the pharmaceutical industry has.
Supplements with Nutrients that are in the naturally bioactive form present competition for the Pharmaceutical manufacturers. The reason is that Drug companies will take a naturally occurring nutrient, such as the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA (gamma amino butyric acid), which is essential for neurological health (it has been called things like "nature's valium"), and manipulate the molecular structure so that they can have the patent on it. This is what "Gabapentin" (Neurontin) is, a synthetic version of GABA, and has terrible side effects. (Neurontin is a structural analogue of the inhibitory neurotransmitter Gama-Amino Butyric Acid). Gabapentin/Neurontin has been reported to have side effects such as sexual dysfunction, loss of libido, weight gain, fatigue, and the DFA issued a warning in 2009 that it increases suicidal ideation and it increases depression, and a warning insert was added to the labeling. And 90% of all Gabapentin prescriptions have been for “off label” cases, meaning, it was prescribed for things it wasn’t tested for, GABA has no known side effects, and there have been reports and studies that at doses over 1G per day, it passes through the blood brain barrier and assists with anxiety, stress, convulsions, joint pain, sleep, and any other issue connected to neurological excitability. It typically runs about $10 per 100 capsule bottles, while Gabapentin is around $1.17 per pill, or $117 for 100 pills. So, it is easy to see why a pharmaceutical company would be pleased to see GABA off the OTC market.
Also note that "5-LMTHF", also known as "5 L-methyl-tetra-hydro-folate", the converted form of folate that is the bio-active form of Folic Acid, has been patented by the drug company "Merck", as the trade name "Metafolin". Isn't that strange, eh? There are other companies making similar molecules, such as Quadrafolate, however, it is a little twisted that a giant pharmaceutical company can literally patent a nutrient in an attempt to control the market. The human body takes dietary folic acid and converts it 5 times to create the bioactive 5-LMTHF; some people have issues in such a conversion process and need the supplement. Merck OWNS this nutrient and they SELL it to supplement companies at a premium. Merck is the same company that was sued by two of their own researchers stating that the company defrauded data that the MMR vaccine was more effective than it really was in order for the company to maintain its government contract. Merck is an evil company that jumped into the supplement market, not because supplements don’t work, not because they are “dangerous”, but because they wanted to control the supplement market, and as of right now they have a huge share of the prenatal vitamin market due to their patent of Metafolin, which, admittedly, is an amazing nutrient and the company deserves due credit for developing it. However, their motives for developing this supplement have less to do with simply creating a great product and selling it at a profit; they want to control the entire supplement industry, which would eliminate the competition for their much more expensive pharmaceutical products.
As you can see, the issue here is not "all private businesses are bad", which is the narrative that is promoted now, because here we have a perfect example of good business practices by an industry that has really nothing to hide, and generally does everything ethically (and is totally nailed to the wall for the slightest transgression), and a perfect example of dreadful business practices in an industry that is based on clandestine back door deals, ties to government and the agencies responsible for overseeing the industry, and skewed research that favors the bottom line over science that is given the equivalent of a slap on the wrist for illegal practices that wind up hurting a lot of people. This is about good business vs. bad businesses.
We all know what the problem is the nature of the drug industry, so putting "funding" in the control of the government will NOT CHANGE A DAMNED THING; in fact, it can only make it worse. What needs to change is this gross fixation that we have as a society on drugs, prescription or otherwise, and we need to shift our focus to actual nutritional biochemistry as the primary form of medical science and treatment. When you take into consideration that sick people and unhealthy people typically have nutrient deficiencies that border on or shift to full-blown nutrient dependencies, and quite often a concurrent food allergy, then the most sensible thing to do is to make that approach the primary, first line focus on medical treatments, then drugs as-needed thereafter. I can't see anyway way where this is not the most logical approach, except if you consider the drug company profits, because if this pro-nutritional biochemistry approach is taken, then you can watch their obese, insane, absurd sales of drugs that cure nothing drop considerably. And the drug companies will do anything to stop that from happening, even if it means becoming supplement manufacturers themselves.

Monday, July 20, 2015

CD Review: DEGENERHATE Chronicles Of The Apocalypse

Chronicles Of The Apocalypse
Sliptrick Records (2015)
First released on an independent basis in 2013, Degenerhate’s Chronicles Of The Apocalypse was picked up by Sliptrick (Sweden) for a 2015 release. The Italian band’s founder Gianluca Lucarini has been a fan of death metal and grindcore and working musician since 1989 (this information I acquired researching the band in Extreminal Webzine: Following several years away from the local scene due to the “rock star” attitudes he observed, he formed Degenerhate in 2002; This is their first full length CD after the band was together on and off for a decade and underwent some lineup changes. Lucarini stated Degenerhate is not your typical grindcore band as they incorporate sludge and melody (along with “other stuff” as he pointed out to Extreminal) into their material. At first listen they sound like typical grindcore with your samples and your similarities to Terrorizer, Benediction and Exit 13, though the unnamed introduction presents the initial impression this band is different. Bushit, directly following the introduction, demonstrates how spot on they are as a unit, and the amount of emphasis they place on blast beats. There were a few moments where the guitars started to remind me of Mayhem on De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. This combination of influences grew on me the more I listened and I could feel the raw aggression the songs were composed with. A few of them I checked out more than once, such as Earth First. War Inside My Head, Power, Cannibal Ritual and Fur Is Dead. Lyrically I don’t know what they’re saying about the world as a whole, but I’d guess some of their subject matter is environmental issues and animal rights. On slower songs like Another You, Another Me the band show the most deviation from usual grindcore fare. Just about all of the tracks are under two minutes which helps the band get their musical point across simply and directly. -Dave Wolff

Sunday, July 19, 2015

CD Review: WILD ROCKET Geomagnetic Hallucinations

Geomagnetic Hallucinations
The talent of this band is remarkable and takes the listener on quite a ride - the music is more than worthy of the listener's time but buckle yourself in... the professionalism and the artistry of the music is quite a ride for the discerning mind. I must give kudos to the team of gentlemen who recorded, mixed and mastered this album. It does take a team. This band has five stars from this listener!!! I will be interested in listening to more. I would have said more about the lyrics but they are not printed. Bands need to print their lyrics for those of us who appreciate them. I would have commented on them had I been able to read them. -Teresa Clayton

Monday, July 13, 2015

Article: The Tower of Babel by Haniel Adhar

The Tower of Babel:  Pretending to be God
Article by Haniel Adhar

There are specifically two types of people that I hate most of all, and no amount of cajoling can coerce me into feeling otherwise:
GMO and forced vaccine promoters and supporters.
These kinds of people are without question the lowest of the lowest forms of semi-intelligent lifeforms on the planet.  These are the people who *claim* to have knowledge of science, and call out anyone who disagrees with them for not having "credentials" or an "education" in science, yet these people always say "oh, I haven't been into this stuff for more than 2 years" or "I took high level biology at XYZ college".
They use rhetoric that looks like it came off the back of a cereal box.  It is so predictable "oh, you don't want to feed the world?" or "Oh, you want children to starve!" or "Oh, you want children to die of measles!”  I mean, I must have read the exact same argument posted over and over by these people.
Another really disgusting aspect of these troglodytes is that they are the first fucking people to cry righteous indignation when someone wants to deny them their "drugs" like weed.  They cry "it is my choice to do was I wish with my body!" but have NO qualms with forcing Genetically Modified Organisms  into the food supply with no way of knowing which is what, forcing the food producers who do not use GMOs to label.  (How messed up is that?  The foods that do NOT contain modified organisms have the burden of proof on them, instead of the altered food.  Let that sink in for a second...).  They also have no issues at all with removing people from society who refuse vaccinations.
But oh good lord, don't take away their pot.  It's their choice, right?  Yet if you don't want a needle being forced into your kid's arm, then you can go to an internment camp...
These are the sorts of people who seriously make a case for selective breeding (hahaha GMO humans, right?) to breed out these utterly unsavory and marginally human traits.  These people are foul, putrid, hypocritical pieces of walking cow shit who want to remove your choice on how you live your life while saving all of the decisions for themselves.  That is tantamount to tyranny. This is yet another example as to why humanity is deluded into thinking that we are an evolved, enlightened species.  We aren't.  If we can make it another 10,000 years, or maybe 100,000 years, before destroying our immune systems or eradicating our food sources, then perhaps we can make that claim.  But right now, no freaking way.
The other hilarious argument is the "golden rice" thing, which is the, pardon the pun, "golden parachute" of the GMO industry, which is supposed to garner public support (remember, the mob rules, and if the mob can be manipulated into supporting something, then that thing is made "right" and "just") because it is supposed to end "blindness in poor Chinese communities" due to vitamin A deficiency.  Apparently, all these people have to eat is rice, white rice, and they get no vitamin A in their diets.  So Monsanto thinks that by Genetically Modifying rice to contain beta carotene, it would save all those people from going blind.
So, no one ever heard of carrots?
It would appear that the solution as posed by the GMO makers is in order to fix the problem; they have to come in and totally control the food supply of China by selling a patented food to the government which in turn will be distributed to the people.
Yeah, like that went so well in India...
Here's the problem with this idea:  The reason why people are starving and are getting nutritional deficiencies is because of the government controlling the food supply, and because in the 1970's, Mao totally nationalized the agriculture industry, which lead to the deaths of 100 million people.  The reason why people are going blind and are starving in China is not because they lack GMO foods, but because the government completely screwed up the rural society, and put a strangle hold on food distribution.  This is exactly what happened in Russia under Stalin, and what happened during the Holodomor.  So, what GMOs would have stopped Stalin from murdering over 35 million people through starvation?  Give me a fucking break.  But now, it's "GMOs and Vaccines to the rescue!"  Save the planet by fucking up the people as much as possible!
Forced vaccinations and GMOs are going to lead to the extinction of humanity.  We will Genetically and Medically alter ourselves to the point where we can no longer adapt to our ecosystem, and we will no longer have food that we can properly assimilate.  I keep hearing how Nuclear Bombs or Climate "change" or the fucking Republicans are going to destroy this planet and kill all the people and blah blah blah.  When in reality, what is going to destroy us is this idea that human beings can control *everything*, and when that doesn't work, control more.
Maybe GMOs and forced vaccinations are the "end game".  Maybe this is the "population control" that we have been hearing about (and laughing at) for decades.  Maybe Mao and Stalin were just sloppy about it, and killing 150 million or so people was small potatoes compared to what is in store for us.  Maybe where they failed is where the GMO and vaccine honks are succeeding, by making the people whom they are trying to eliminate *beg* for the very thing that is being used to destroy them.  It is tragic to watch these people clamor all over GMOs and Vaccines, as if these things are the saviors of mankind, and yet people die from Vaccines or get serious damaged.  Millions have been paid out since the mid 1980s for what is medically called "vaccine damage".  However, you can't sue vaccine makers because in the mid 1980s, they told the government that they were going to get out of the vaccine business because vaccines are inherently dangerous, and that if they are not completely protected, they will simply quit making them, causing a PR nightmare for Congress.  So, congress set up the vaccine fund, and since then they have absolutely no accountability and there is no recourse for when they screw up.  In fact, the consumer pays into this fund when they get a vaccine!  A portion of the vaccine cost goes directly into the fund, but that expense is passed down to the consumer!
Does any of this seem right to you?  Does this seem like something else is going on and they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes?  Why is it that a vaccine company can’t be sued or held accountable?  Why is it that GMO makers can’t be sued or be held accountable?  Why is it that in California you don’t have a choice any more if you don’t want to vaccinate your kids?  Why is it that you have no idea what is in your food anymore?  Why is it that since 1994 there has been a marked increase in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autism, arthritis, mental illness, and so many other disease and conditions, and since then vaccinations of children and adults has increased tremendously, while GMOs have been introduced to the food supply?  (So, it is just that we are all fat and lazy, and it is all because of some mythical “obesity gene” that has popped up out of nowhere, right?)  Why is it that anyone in the scientific or medical community who speaks out against GMOs or Vaccines are summarily black balled by their respective communities, and their careers and lives are destroyed in the media, and their work is discredited and “made to disappear”?  Why did Diane Harper, the Dr who was the lead developer of Gardisil resign and spoke out against the very same vaccine that she helped develop?  Why was Merck sued by two of its researchers for defrauding the government by manipulating data, and were convicted and had to pay a fine, and yet they still have their contract with the government?
Why??  WHY?
And I am sick of people saying “follow the money”.  This goes beyond money.  This goes beyond the billions of dollars at stake.  This is about something that megalomaniacal men crave even more so than money, more than power… this is about their “immortal legacy”.  This is about them ‘changing the world’ and being remembered forever as the ones to “save” mankind (while making trillions of USD, you know, as a fat bonus) from himself and fixed the flaws in “god’s creations” or “primitive man’s food supply”.  They want to be etched in the historical annals of humanity, to be forever remembered *as if they were gods themselves*.  That is the sick, demented, insane part of all this.  These people, these governments and quasi-government organizations masquerading as “corporations” are not trying to “play” god, they are trying to *be* god, by re-doing what “god has done”.  This is like some sort of medical or nutritional version of the tower of Babel.   And we all know how that story ended, eh?
The divine nature of a supernatural creator notwithstanding, there is something really sick about a group of *men* thinking that they can embody that divinity, by essentially re-creating *nature itself*.  
I can tell you this much:  this story will not end well, and the Tower of Babel story will seem like a Disney movie compared to this…

Article: Be The Lone Wolf by Haniel Adhar

Be The Lone Wolf 
Article by Haniel Adhar

"Be a Wolf. Live for yourself or the pack — never the herd."
Maybe in another time, this would be a powerful statement promoting the strength of the individual, and how important it is to be your own authentic self.
But it is just lip service.
We live in a society where how you express yourself is dictated by very powerful people with big guns and body armor, who make policy under the cover of darkness to whittle down your humanity to that of a toothpick.
Your pursuit of greatness is limited because someone decided that if YOU achieve anything that it offends someone else who has not achieved anything, so therefore, you have to be drawn back to the "herd", where whatever you achieve can't be anything better than the sheep standing next to you.
You have no more choices; unless someone else decides that it is politically correct for you to have a choice, then they will decide which choice is acceptable for you to have, or they will make you pay more for a choice that they think is "not good".
Originality, uniqueness, and individuality are vehemently shunned and scoffed at, as evidenced by the multitude of copy-cat subcultures, remake films, copy-cat books, and rehashed art and entertainment.  Anything that strays from the accepted "norm" of the current trend is ostracized and ignored, such as the band that makes original music is told to "pay to play" while glorified juke boxes masquerading as 'cover bands" are paid handily to play music that people are familiar with, no matter how lame, cheesy, or uninteresting it is.
We complain about how governments limit our freedom of speech and expression, yet a large portion of us limit, censor, and restrict our own free speech by chastising anyone with any thought that strays from the politically correct trending norms of society.  Wherever the political winds blow, that is where the mobs go.  And our illustrious, generous government is all too happy to oblige such proclivities, further limiting our freedom of speech by banning flags, banning words, banning ideas, and perverting the First Amendment with "Hate Speech" legislation.
We don't know what it means to live in a society that is free from oppression of thought and free from the oppressive forces that prevent an individual from flourishing.  The days where one could have a great attitude, work hard, and achieve something of utter extravagance are gone.  Now, if you achieve anything, you get a flood of nasty remarks on the internet, chastising you for no reason other than pure jealousy or just so someone can get a laugh out of belittling your accomplishments.  If you start a business and find success with it, you will have your own employees conspire against you to destroy the same business that gave them a job (as evidenced by recent protests to increase "minimum wage" to such astronomical levels that it would make some business impractical to still exist, or would lead to massive layoffs).  And god forbid if you have any religious or spiritual convictions at all, because now government is pleased to totally strip you of your rights to your own faith and ideals by imposing arbitrary legislation without any due process of law.
Do you think you have freedom?  Do you think you are able to choose how to live your life?
Leaving out much of the Libertarian platform of what they "decided" were your "civil liberties", these are some of the things that YOU can't choose anymore:
You can't choose to use Edison's Incandescent light bulb; you can't use a certain type of toilet; you can't collect rainwater on your property; you need a permit to install a door on your house; you can't wave a confederate flag without being called a racist; you are called a bigot for just about anything nowadays; you are having your 2nd Amendment rights ripped away from you; in California, you can't opt out of giving your kids vaccines; you can't know what foods contain GMOs or not; you can't decline getting cancer treatment; you can't own heirloom seeds; you really don't own your property, because stop paying your property taxes and see what happens; you can't buy a big gulp in NYC and you have to bring your own salt to restaurants;  everything you say is hate speech; you can't vote against fluoride in your tap water; you can't sue a vaccine company for vaccine damages; you can't sue a GMO company for damages from their food or products...and god forbid that you want to choose your own health insurance or health care without government intervention...
The list goes on and on and on; this is just what came to mind off hand.
See, THEY, the bureaucrats, the politicians, the agency heads, the political big mouths... they all decide WHAT your "freedoms" are.  Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Socialists... they all pick and choose what and how you are supposed to define your personal freedom and individuality by.  If it will further their agenda to acquire more and more power, then hell yeah, they will make it "legal" whether you like it or not.  But, if something stands in the way of their agenda, then hell no, they will make whatever they want to be "illegal", and there isn't a damned thing you can do about it.  And the sad part of all of this, the saddest part, is that more and more people are willing to succumb to these groups' subversion, giving up more and more of their own freedom in exchange for some hopeless ideal that no one with any power or authority at all has any intention of making a reality.  The people are so dependent on the authority figures that they lost all self-reliance and personal independence, and are completely incapable of making decisions for themselves.  Every aspect of their lives must meet the approval of the people who are in positions of power, and these megalomaniacs love every minute of it.
When you give up your rights to make a decision for yourself, you are feeding an ever growing beast of a bureaucracy that needs to consume more and more of your life each day in order for it to survive.  And its hunger is never satiated, so you have to keep feeding it, every day, for the rest of your life. And they NEVER "give" away a "freedom" or give you back a "right" that they illegally stripped from you without an asking price; they make you agree to a bargain, by making one thing "legal" while stripping your rights in other areas, but we as a collective people are so addicted to our "civil liberties" that we trade in our rights one-by-one to get our "fix".  So, we lose our rights to choose how to live our lives, how to protect ourselves, or how to express ourselves in exchange for the government to make something legal that really was never illegal in the first place, so they create the illusion that they are doing "good" for us, by either returning something that is rightfully ours or by just not robbing us quite as much.
And we think we can change this about ourselves with one election cycle, or with a rally or a protest.  That is a great delusion, because the people who messed everything up in the first place KNEW that their mission was not going to be accomplished in their lifetime.  They were like political kamikaze pilots, crashing their political airplanes into the battle ship, weakening it for the further conquering of their future generations.  100 years in the making, and their goal is finally coming to fruition.
The only way to stop this is to understand that no matter WHAT you try and do, you are not going to stop the bus from going off the cliff.  That is a sad, brutal reality.  But this also means that it forces you to see the solution to the problem:  resurrecting the strength of the individual.  Granted, your opportunities are taken from you, your choices for your life are taken from you, and your rights to free self expression is severely limited now by the government and popular culture.  However, this does not mean that you stop expressing your ideas even though they tell you to stop expressing your thoughts.  You stay vigilant, and you force yourself to make your own choices.  Stop listening to the political talking heads.  Turn OFF the TV.  Stop honoring art and music and entertainment that is playing you for a fool and stop giving your money away to an industry that insults your intelligence on a daily basis.  Take a personal, individual stand and speak your mind.  Don't follow the lemmings jumping off the cliff... THINK FOR YOURSELF AND ASK YOURSELF "WHY?"  Recognize that the more someone tries to push something on you (or the public) that the less "good" it is.  Keep yourself so healthy that you are far less reliant on the politico-medical establishment than the average person.  Educate yourself by reading everything before they start banning it:  the Constitution, the Magna Carta, the communist manifesto, The Works of John Locke, Machiavelli's "the Prince", Atlas Shrugged, The Federalist Papers, speeches by past presidents and world leaders, the Bible, the Koran...and so on (it is important to educate yourself on things that you speak out against, for instance Communism, so that you can properly debate and dismantle it).  The more educated you are, the empowered you are, and the LESS THEY CAN CONTROL YOU.

They want you to remain stupid, weak, feeble, and dependent on them, so they can continue to rape you of your life every day, and have you keep coming back for more, because you are addicted to the junk they keep selling you.  You are the only person that can fix this, for yourself, and start down a path that future generations will eventually fulfill.  But it starts with you, the individual, by strengthening your individual self, even if it means you will be ostracized, rebuked, and rejected.   Be a Lone Wolf, who leads by example,  vigilance, and self-sacrifie.  This is not a war that will be won in your or my lifetime.  But it is a war that can and will start in our lifetime, by us, within ourselves, and we will set the example that others will follow, and will reap the fruit of our labor.

Hopefully, this time, they will keep it…

Band Interview: ROSA INFRA

Interview with Nickolay Karphushin of Rosa Infra

You just released a new online single Oil Sonata that can be heard on the band’s official Youtube profile. Describe the two songs recorded for this single and what they were written about. I understand the songs are part of a larger storyline?
"Oil Sonata" and “Ot 18 i Starshe” ("18 years old and older") will be included in a future conceptual album. It tells a great story about a fictional parallel world. There lives a young man named Temok, who comes into a war. There he encounters the most terrible horrors and injustice from both sides of the conflict. He is confronted with cruelty, violence, murders, betrayal and cowardice, but at the same time he sees courage, mutual support and true friendship. All the dual nature of humans revealed in this war. At the end he even meets the first and only love of his life: a military nurse named Roza. And she did not allow him to break down as a person. Finally he realizes that, like the other members of the war, he is only a puppet in the hands of rulers of those countries for which they are fighting.
Why did I call this single "Oil Sonata"? Because most of the wars in the world are carried out for resources: minerals, oil, gold, political power etc. But the government invents propaganda for the people and confuses the people. And for all this young men are more willing to go to war and kill their own kind on the other side of the conflict. Those, in turn, proceed in the same way, but for opposite reasons. But in fact, they have nothing to share in that regard. The Earth is for all.
In the plot there is an important mystical background. A certain alien creature of a parasitical kind took over the souls of the citizens of the country (Greyland). The creature is of giant sizes, possessing sharp wits which are only for the benefit of power. The Monstrous Worm is his name. He does not care who to deal with for gaining his objectives: be it God, the Devil or Man. It is only to devour. But basically God and other righteous forces do not accept this, and Man can be influenced by this creature only through dim visions of the subconscious. So the Worm entered into an alliance with evil forces. This is a terrible meta-physical parasite that feeds on human emissions of greed, lust and all the basest passions of mankind. Gradually, people are fattening a Monstrous Worm with their emotions, so much so that he grows to giant size and is capable of wrapping his body several times round the big city. This monster stretches around the world his ethereal tentacles/suckers, through which mankind continues to nourish him with greed. This radiation is called “rajas”. So it created a cult of consumption in the world. And his main adepts, rulers of global corporations provoked the war through its puppet governments around the world, to increase their wealth and influence. A victim of one of these wars became Temok, as well as his country Greyland and brotherly people in neighboring Blackland.

How did you devise and develop this concept for the band? While you were developing it were there any science fiction or occult TV programs you drew inspiration from? Is any of it based on real life events?
I came up with some of the ideas for the concept long before the creation of Rosa Infra. It was almost fifteen years ago. Back then I only practiced as a composer and musician. My outlook was greatly influenced by the book “Rose Of The World”. Its author was the Russian poet and philosopher Daniel Andreev. Unfortunately, I cannot explain in the framework of an interview all the complex principles of this philosophical doctrine, but its main sense is the unity of world religions in universal brotherhood, in a universal love and co-creation. An important aspect of the Rose Of The World is the assertion about multidimensional, multilayered universes and in particular, the trans-physical multilayer of planet Earth. As a basis, I took on the principle of a plurality of otherworldly dimensions of our planet. But, of course, the concept of our upcoming album "Meta-Koma” is from a lot of my personal ideas; in particular, this Monstrous Worm which originated in one of the internal layers of the Earth. I came up with this creature on the basis of my own life experiences. It is a concentrated embodiment of the cult of consumption. The cult makes people mannequins without sincere emotions, the feeling of love, deprived of the ability to create sincerely. And the worst thing is that the need for spirituality and self-improvement disappears Instead, people live just for money and glorification of their ego, and the thirst to consume endlessly. Unfortunately, this excessive consumption is already affecting the Earth's environment, causes a lack of resources and provokes wars. Based on these observations of life, I have developed the concept of my creation.

How many books has Daniel Andreev written and published in his time? Are there other publications of his you have read, that you would want to mention in this interview?
Unfortunately, many of his works were lost. Andreev lived during the reign of Stalin and this creation was outlawed. In particular, the novel "Wanderers Of The Night" was seized and destroyed when Andreev was arrested and imprisoned. But many of his works have been saved and published in our time. For example, the long poems "Iron Mystery" and "Navna". The first poem tells the story of meta-history of the twentieth century; that is, the events that take place in parallel with the other worlds of history. It is described very simply and the struggle is told between the forces of God and the forces of anti-cosmos (the demonic hordes) and it shows how it affects the reality of our world. In a sense I can say that my album "Meta-Koma" describes the same thing, but it is applicable for the twenty-first century.

Where can your newly released tracks be heard besides Youtube? Since these songs were released on the net, how much feedback have you gotten? Is this material also being released on CD?
"Oil Sonata" is an online single. In Russia, it is available for free downloading. Public reaction to it has been very active. In social networks, these two songs caused a mixed reaction. The fact that my music typically uses low tuned guitars and bass. Our material is performed on 8-string guitar. There are a lot of atonal melodies and musical experiments. With one half of the public it caused delight and rumors that Rosa Infra engendered a new genre of metal. Another part of the audience took the release negatively because of its non-standard sound. But I was expecting such a reaction. Anything new always carves its way through difficulties. I should add that we are always focused on creating an unusual, distinctive sound. It is a sincere creation!

How long were you practicing as a musician and composer before you founded the band? When you started Rosa Infra, was it your intention to create something nonstandard that hadn’t been tried before?
My first musical sketches that had not yet become full-fledged songs, I began to compose on guitar in 2001. Then I began to master professional musical programs and learned to manage synthesizers. I went for several years to courses of compositions and arrangements. By the way, I was never limited to one or two genres of music. Always I am listening to a lot of metal bands, but also very interested in electronic sounds. When I first became acquainted with Industrial-Metal, I finally understood the direction to promote my creativity. But at the same time, I felt that the world is too much into the same type of bands. And not only in industrial music, but any other genre. So I quickly moved away from the imitating musical idols and began to experiment and develop my own style and concept of sound. And by the way, the songs from the upcoming album "Meta-Koma" I wrote back then. But they were still too raw and needed work.
But by the time of the creation of Rosa Infra in 2007. I was interested in the genre of Gothic Metal. I really liked the albums of Type O Negative. They had an impact on my creativity. First time Rosa Infra existed as a gothic-metal band. Our first album “Change Of Scenery”, released in 2012, was influenced by this genre. In Russia in 2007 it was extremely difficult to find musicians who shared my musical outlook about experiments with unusual sound. So I had to compromise and I had a few years to play in a more simple and accessible way for the audience. And at that time such a genre was Gothic Metal.
I do not like to remember the Gothic period of Rosa Infra. At the time I loved these songs. I liked to write melodic and romantic music. But by the release of the first album I was sick of this genre and was anxious to get back to longtime musical experiments. At the time of the release of our EP "Inframorphosis" in 2013, which first included a few songs from the upcoming album "Meta-Koma", it became clear that Rosa Infra completely changed genres. I must say that the abrupt change of style has had a negative influence on the musicians with whom I was working. They were always quite conservative in terms of creativity and were not supporters of the deep concept. They arranged a genre in which we played the first five years, and they did not want to change. By the time I wanted to work on "Meta-Koma" we reached our limits, and I had to almost completely change the band. Yet some of them I am grateful for their participation in my project, for the effort and responsible attitude. We just have different priorities in life.

Are you the band’s guitarist? Explain how you compose material with an eight string guitar and how it differs from composing with a six string guitar.
When the old guitarist left the guitars for the album were not fully recorded. But what he recorded was unsuitable for Mixing. So I had become the guitarist and completely re-recorded almost all guitar tracks for "Meta-Koma." For these unforeseen reasons work on the album last much longer than I had expected.
About 6 and 8-string guitars: in fact there is no fundamental difference between the 6-string and 8-string guitar. At least for me. There is just a wider range of sound’ you can use low notes. I needed that for my experimental material. In this sense, I believe that it does not matter on what instrument you play, but what exactly you play. Many people have a stereotype that if you have an 8-string guitar, the style will be similar to Meshuggah or Tesseract. I have great respect for these bands, but my music is very different from them, I have my own style.

How many musicians are working in the band with you? By what process did you find band members who were on similar wavelengths?
After the change of the composition we have a four men. There are Elija Afanasiyev on bass; Roman Rogojnikov on drums; me on vocal and guitar; and for the keyboards should soon come to a man whose name I'm not going to mention yet. Now he is auditioning. To find people who would like to play the steel cables on the construction crane instead of strings was really very difficult! Unfortunately, very few musicians in Russia would have been obsessed with infra-low sound just like me. We mostly prefer the sound like Iron Maiden or Manowar. And similar bands are too much. I never liked the old Heavy Metal with high voices and screaming guitars. For me, the main essence of metal is brutal and powerful, with low growling sounds. It is similar to the power I've always wanted. And in my songs I did the utmost effort, lowering the guitar to the limit. Elijah really liked this idea, as well as Roman. They, too, were looking for something special for themselves in the music.

How and where did you manage to find copies of Andreev’s publications? What else do you know of his life as a writer?
The writer himself died in 1959 and his wife of many years saved his manuscripts. But in the 90s his work was first published. I bought "The Rose Of The World" at a bookstore. Daniil Andreev is a son of a famous Russian writer, Leonid Andreyev. By the way, you can free download the first six chapters of the book published in English at

Do you know of any books that were written and published by Leonid Andreyev in his time?
Leonid Andreyev is representative of the Silver Age of Russian literature. He is considered the ancestor of Russian expressionism. In his time were published many of his short stories, novellas and novels. One of his most famous works is "Judas Iscariot."

How would you say Rosa Infra’s material differs from that of Meshuggah and Tesseract?
As a musician it is hard to describe the difference without professional terms. But I still try. Meshuggah also use low tuned guitars, that’s true. But their experiments longer appear in polymetric riffs and drums. But we focus on atonality and elements of dodecaphony of Schoenberg (a composer and avantgardist in the early 20th century). Moreover, in such a system, I often use the strongest dissonance (tritons and minor seconds). Meshuggah has always used only growling vocals. Rosa Infra’s vocals are much more diverse. Of course, the dissonances in their songs also meet periodically in the instrumental accompaniment. But I decided to go ahead and use the dissonant chords and atonal melodies not only in guitars, but also the keyboards, and sometimes even vocals when singing clear voice. I do in those episodes where it fits into the atmosphere of the song. For the unprepared listener this music with its abundance of dissonance may seem like howls from Hell. But I as a composer especially like to create such an effect, because "Meta-Koma" describes a WAR and it cannot be euphonious.

How familiar are you with Schoenberg and what aspects of his are most influential to you?
I would not say I’m closely familiar with his work, but I like the principle of his work – dodekafonia. When during the cycle no note of 12 semitones is repeated twice. This creates a very strange, unusual, and even alien music. But I did not copy his technique completely, since in my compositions there are many repetitions and sequences, typical for metal. Another thing is that the very structure of these pieces, I tried as much as possible to withdraw from the common standards.

How have you discovered that writing and composing with dissonant keyboards and vocals enhances the band’s creativity?
I have long noticed one unpleasant thing: all the music that has been published the last fifteen years (with few exceptions) gives rise to the feeling that I had heard somewhere. Rock music no longer seems to be progressing. At least, I cannot name a single direction, which would have produced a revolution in the genre over the past fifteen years. Yes, there is Meshuggah. Perhaps they are the only band in my opinion that has had innovative ideas in metal in those years. But then there are many similar djent-bands that replicate the sound of Swedish innovators. There was nothing new after that. There are very few original bands now. So I started writing music with non-standard decisions. But on the other hand, it would be a riot for the sake of rebellion, if I had to push those chips all in a row. I use dissonance in those episodes where they really are appropriate: where it describes the agony of dying soldiers, mine victims; the unbearable suffering of the soul from the horrors of war. To the listener it should break the heart. And in those moments, I as a composer and vocalist begin to break the heart of the listener ruthlessly, as in life. After all, the purpose of art is to convey the subtleties of reality in such a way to cause a rise in the soul of the observer’s senses, catharsis, enlightenment. From seeing the suffering of people through the arts also comes enlightenment, but in another sense. Enlightenment through compassion. Observers already passes through all the pain and horror he sees and hears in the product. And so he learns to empathize to others in real life. This is my moral motivation to use in the creation of dissonance. And from a purely practical point of view, it’s always interesting to work with what goes beyond the usual stereotypes. For example, the first use of the Tritone, I heard many years ago in Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze. It's unfortunate that Jimi had not often experimented with such unpopular intervals. But on the other hand, he was playing very unusual music for his time and made a contribution to the development of rock music. A dissonance that if you listen to and competently apply it, it gives the music personality and drive. And this is one of the main features of rock music in general.

How much has internet downloading helped Rosa Infra since you began releasing material online? Have people in neighboring countries heard your material?
In our time, to distribute your recordings on the Internet is the most effective way to bring creativity to the people. Few buy CDs except some collectors, at least in Russia. The public targets downloads from the Internet. Unfortunately, albums from underground bands do not pay off. In Russia in general it is very difficult to promote metal bands, especially in Death Metal, Djent and Industrial Metal. But there is the opportunity to distribute our records worldwide. We have fans in the Ukraine and Donbass, Belarus, Israel. On our releases have been several positive reviews in Europe.

Does Russia have web zines with editors who want to support local bands increase their fanbase at home and abroad?
I can only speculate on the basis of personal experience. Unfortunately, what I have encountered in this area is very poorly organized. Major webzines are not interested in the underground. In Russia, as a rule, in this environment, everything is decided by money or acquaintances with influential people. If the band does not pay, they are not interviewed or promoted in webzines or magazines. We have absolutely no support system for the development of metal movement. To participate in major festivals, you need to pay large sums of money to organizers. The system of record-labels is nominal. In fact bands are compelled to pay for absolutely everything from recording to shooting videos, promotion on the Internet and the media etc. When we released the first album, the label didn’t organize any city tour to promote it; there was no decent advertising. There was only one review in Russia's Headbanger. That's all. And then, six months later, when it was too late, we had to negotiate for publications, ask friends who work there, or people associated with them. All major publications for our group only appeared thanks to the people who were our fans from Russia, Israel, Ukraine etc. But this help is very unstable. And this is typical for the Russian metal underground. Unfortunately, because of the situation in Russia really talented bands don’t become famous, and those who do simply have commercial acumen. Marketing is essential to any band. There is no doubt! But when this supersedes everything, including creativity, then we obtain the above-described situation. I have often observed this lamentable outcome: a talented artist with amazing material recorded one album or two, and then breaks up because no one goes to see them because there is no money for extensive advertising, etc. This has been the case for a long time, since 2008/2009. I see many bands every day and more than half of them do not understand why I took guitar in hand. I don’t know, maybe I'm wrong, but I always thought that rock and metal are ideological, not just entertainment.

What countries would you want to travel to in order to perform, where bands have more of a chance to get publicity in the press? You mentioned a few locations where the band has a fanbase.
You know, I'd be happy to go wherever there is adequate and interesting people who are open to dialogue, have thoughtful perceptions of creativity, and open to spirituality. And I'm sure there are a lot of those people in Russia, the United States, India, China, Italy, Finland, Norway, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, England and the rest of the world. Specifically, I’d like to play in Ukraine. But, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to play there because of the civil war in that country. And so coincidentally, my lyrics in its meaning have been very uncomfortable for the current government of Ukraine. But I wrote them about much earlier events in Kiev and was shocked when my lyrics proved prophetic. Also, we'd like to be on all the major metal festivals in Europe and the USA.

What social media sites have most helped the band get their name around outside Russia? How many bands besides Rosa Infra have had to stream their material on those sites to be heard outside Russia?
As I can see, the promotion of groups can help any meta-portals that have high traffic and broad information support to a particular band. Alas, I am not well versed in such matters as ideally I should not deal with cases of promotion of the band, but the managers or directors. In Russia, such a profession exists only among the top groups in which from the beginning have invested a lot of money. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the only option that would have helped us promote would have been a serious sponsorship or support for major metal labels and media in Russia and abroad. Unless of course we’re talking about international recognition. And frankly, I do not know what these two options seems more utopian.

Describe the lyrics on your debut album Change Of Scenery and how they progressed on your EP Inframorphosis?
The lyrics of Change Of Scenery and Inframorphosis are very different, as if they were written by different bands. I would say that between these releases Rosa Infra were completely reborn as a group experienced in the music genre, category of texts, and general atmosphere. Rosa Infra on Change Of Scenery wrote romantic-gothic lyrics, no more. Rosa Infra on Inframorphosis and Oil Sonata is much more sincere and professional. Frankly, I hate the first album. But at the same time I realize that it was a stage of creative development, albeit full of errors, but that it was necessary to go through to come to the material that we are doing now.

In what ways was Inframorphosis an improvement for the band in your eyes?
Perhaps starting with this release began to be realized my true creative ideas. And exactly as originally wanted: powerful, low, dark and epic. And of course in terms of the meaning of lyrics in "Inframorphosis" I'm very honest with the audience and myself. All that came before it, was a warm-up, the breakdown of the pen.

Describe how the lyrical concept we discussed began to take shape with your latest material.
This material describes fictional reality, but of course the prototypes is the reality surrounding me. Over the past thirty years the world has seen many wars, coups and revolutions. But peace, prosperity and happiness have not come to the societies in which these horrors occurred. This leads me to a lot of thought. To gain inspiration, I watched a lot of documentaries about the war in Chechnya, the former Yugoslavia, Iraq and other hot spots. But it was only a small part of making the lyrics of "Meta-Koma”. Part of the heroes of this great story are echoes of my personality. And the image of the military nurse Rosa in Cathedral Soul. This is the great feminine spirit that is present in every major nation in the world. This holy soul is the focus of all the qualities that embody the concept of WOMAN: love, kindness, caring, compassion, fidelity, motherhood. Unfortunately, most Western nations (including Russia until recently) have almost lost touch with their cathedral souls in the world the cult of brutality, violence and hedonism. For the same reason transphysical in my story "Meta-Koma" was war. Especially because there is one more subtlety of the plot: a Monstrous Worm stole the cathedral soul of Grayland. Therefore, the link with her was almost completely lost. Approved small spoiler: the main character who calls Temok, accidentally succeed to get in touch with her because of the tragic events of the war.

Are there any specific world events that came to mind while you were writing the lyrics to Meta-Koma?
Besides the Chechen wars, the wars in Yugoslavia and Iraq, the instrumental song "1986" was inspired by the Chernobyl disaster. But in the end I decided to make the story as it brought together all the military events and tragedies in the general concept of WAR, applicable to any major conflict. I have already mentioned that by chance, without any intention I predicted the civil war in Ukraine, although I wrote the lyrics on this subject one or two years before these tragic events. And, frankly, I'm afraid to know it. This is the case when you're right, but you do not want to be right. Because innocent people die, and instead of fighting for the interests of corporations and the rich, they could love, to have children, create and produce something useful, beautiful and eternal.

Can you provide a synopsis of how your lyrical concept develops on your upcoming full length?
One of my main ideas was to show that in war there is nothing attractive and romantic. Only the movies show us brave and noble soldiers-heroes who falsely fall from mortal wounds, and lay dead with open eyes in neat form with perfect hair, and frozen with white-toothed smiles. In reality, in war there are so many examples of valor, heroism and generosity. But this is more like a short burst of sparks on a background of dirt, the stench of rotting wounds, suffering, cowardice, government betrayal the people, and animal instincts. And the consequences of any war is post-war syndrome. And the people from past wars live the rest of their lives with broken psyches and cannot find their place in an ungrateful society.

How do you expect the storyline to develop on the band’s future releases?
All the above facts form the skeleton of my story will be held a single line through three albums. And when the forces of the physical world is not able to protect humanity, then forces of trans-physical world can protect it. But there is a subtle nuance: protection does not mean that these forces will drive a man from childhood. Anyway man himself builds his destiny, makes a decision, but the higher powers are trying to help him in this way, to suggest that a person does not get lost in the dark times. Only the force of his own will a person decides to succumb to despair, frustration and power of Evil, or to follow Light, humanity, creation and love.

Rosa Infra

-Dave Wolff