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CD Review: VARIOUS ARTISTS Doomed & Stoned in Canada

Doomed & Stoned in Canada
Doomed And Stoned
This is the latest compilation of the Doomed And Stoned series, released in September of last year. Doomed & Stoned in Canada is the follow up release to Doomed & Stoned in Portland, Doomed in Oregon, Doomed & Stoned in Mexico: Una Retrospectiva and The Enchanter’s Ball. As usual songs are featured from a seemingly infinite number of bands from a scene that otherwise gets little to no mainstream exposure, presumably because there is no money in signing them to major labels. Going by the painstaking process by which these compilations are arranged, it’s obvious label head Billy Goate cares about helping unsigned doom metal bands reach more listeners outside their respective communities and supporting the genre as a whole. Consider the time he invested in searching for all the bands appearing on these five compilations, and in contacting each of them for permission to use their material, and you’ll get the idea. If anyone doubted there were thriving doom metal and stoner rock scenes in the U.S. and other countries and thought the majority of consumers out there want to hear nu metal or pop punk, this compilation series will prove you wrong. It definitely hit me with the impact of a ton of bricks and made the point clear that doom and stoner have viable target audiences despite the limited publicity the genres have had even from the indie labels with such bands on their rosters. Before I started corresponding with Billy I was only aware of a few active doom bands and thought it was mostly an 80s phenomenon. I had no idea the scenes in those cities and countries were so huge, and I would guess there are scenes in many more areas that are just as active. The question arises if the bands gathered to appear on this installment justify the time and effort channeled into it. If you like Trouble, The Obsessed, Earth and especially Black Sabbath, you may well like most of the 75 bands you get to hear. It will take you a long time to listen to it in its entirety but in the end it’s worth the journey. They are all capable bands and have their act together when it comes to composing crushing music. From what I heard each band relatively has their own sound so it won’t become too repetitive. All the compilations in this series are worth checking out for all the hard work involved in compiling them. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. 88 Mile Trip - The Repressed
2. A Day As Wolves - Killing Time
3. Acid†Priest - Vacation Wasteland
4. AlgomA – Bedsores
5. Ballot Burner - State of Nature
6. Big Game Hunt - The Grail
7. BIIPIIGWAN – Shkweyaang
8. Black Mastiff - Weird Fog
9. Black Thunder - Through The Mirror
10. Black Tremor – Markhor
11. Boreas – Stormrider
12. Buffalo Theory MTL – Disciple
13. Buzzard - Moving A Mountain
14. ChronGoblin – Deserter
15. ChronoBot - Green Leaf Hag
16. Dead Ranch - Waterpark Shark
17. Doom's Day - The Outsider
18. Eagle Tears - Drug Rug
19. Evil Can Evil - Love & Hate
20. Gypsy Chief Goliath (G.C.G.) - Holding Grace
21. Hash Tin - Lightyears From The Earth
22. Hitman - Preacher (Hell is Just a Hole)
23. Hoopsnake - White Wido
24. Hypnopilot - Rolling On
25. Johnny 2 Fingers & The Deformities - Born Loser
26. La Chinga - Stoned Grease White Lightning
27. Lavagoat - Black Lotus
28. Les Indiens – Crane
29. Lightbulb Vapourizer - Missing Apparition
30. Longhouse - Gift of Fire (bonus track)
31. Low Orbit - International Bass Station
32. MANcub – Gambler
33. Mendozza - The Rise of the Piscean
34. Million Dollar Fix - Kill The Banker
35. Monobrow - These Mountains Don't Want Us Here
36. Napalmpom - Ashes
37. Norilsk - La liberté aux ailes brisées
38. Nosis – Womb
39. Ol' Time Moonshine – Lycanthroposphere
40. OLDE - Rise To Fall
41. Olde Worlde Nudists - Sandwich Worshipping Doom
42. On The Verge - Lost My Soul
43. Orbital Express - March to Mars
44. Psychotic Gardening - Hybridized Strain
45. Public Animal - Stolen Eyes
46. Pygmate - Le Continent En Plastique
47. Ravenblack - Moving A Rock
48. Rebuild/Repair - Zero Days
49. Reverend Snow – Devillus
50. Royal Red Brigade - Blackout City Nights
51. Sandveiss - Green For Gold
52. Sea Witch - Dragged Across The Ocean Floor
53. Seven Nines & Tens - Constants and Axioms
54. Shooting Guns - Mega Volcano
55. Solid Brown - Overlapped Skin Breakdown
56. Strange Broue – Druglust
57. Succubus Irons - House of Atreus
58. Supermansion - Don't Piss on a Witch
59. Swarm of Spheres - Get Some or Run Some
60. The Switching Yard - World of Shit
61. The Blue Stones - Black Holes (Solid Ground)
62. The Dead Fuks - Hunting Down The Enemy
63. The Death Wheelers - Sleazy Rider
64. The Great Sabatini - Bleeder of the Pack
65. Triton – Achiever
66. Waingro – Firebird
67. War Baby - In Light Of
68. Warsnake - Organia
69. We Hunt Buffalo - Blood From a Stone
70. Whiskey Manner - Burn Free
71. Wiser Fool - The Anchor
72. Witchstone - Riff Riders (Part 1)
73. Woodhawk - Don't Wake The Witch
74. Yeti On Horseback - Dragged Down To Hell
75. Mendozza - Dragonaut (Bonus Track)

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