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Judith by M Teresa Clayton Chapter Seven

JUDITH by M Teresa Clayton 
Chapter Seven 

An example is often a deceptive mirror, and the order of destiny, so troubling to our thoughts, is not always found written in things past. – Pierre Corneille 

In and out of foster homes throughout her teenage years, Judith never seemed to fit in anywhere and no one ever really understood. But, for a time, Judith was safe.

She tried to blend into the background as much as she possibly could at school, but sooner or later there’d be a boy… and then there wouldn’t be. No one ever knew what happened to the boys and they certainly didn’t ask questions of a quiet timid nobody like Judith. But eventually, there came the whispered rumors and soon she would find herself being packed up and sent away until another family would agree to take her in.

Judith wanted to be loved and it seemed she could be if she ‘showed’ her love for them. Things always ended up being something altogether different. The moment of ‘proving’ was over and, boys being boys…well, there were long lists of other girls to conquer. It made Judith very angry. She did her part and they told her they loved her, yet once done – they would always find a reason to leave her and move on.

On Judith’s eighteenth birthday, she graduated from High School, was given her freedom from the foster-care system to survive on her own, signed the papers to retrieve the few possessions left to her by her mother from the state storage facility, and missed her period.

Her mother left her enough money to rent a small apartment and Judith paid up six months in advance. Then, using her best helpless-woman-in-need act, she asked a guy from school if he could borrow his dad’s truck and help her move her mommy’s things from storage into her new apartment.

“And, what do I get for helping you?” Seemed this was the typical boy response. There was always payment, wasn’t there? Always something expected.

“How much do you want?” Judith asked him, knowing it wasn’t money he wanted.

“How ‘bout some of this?” He reached his hand behind her and squeezed her ass. Judith clenched her teeth and tightened her jaw to contain her rage. They always seemed so cocky sure of themselves, Judith thought to herself.

She didn’t knock his hand away. She didn’t step back away from the insult. Judith looked him dead in the eye and with a dimpled grin answered, “Sure, whatever.”

Jimmy opened the wide hinged doors of the storage unit and they both stepped aside waiting for the dust to settle.

“How long has this stuff been in here?” he asked.

“Long enough”, Judith responded coldly. “Let’s get this stuff out of here and let the drive over to the apartment blow off the dust.”

“Then you can blow me?” he smirked.

“Then I will suck your brains out of your head if you like.” She didn’t bat an eye and watched as he twitched nervously at her candor.

'There wasn’t much. Everything fit into the back of Jimmy’s father’s truck. That’s when Judith saw it; the vanity. The mirror was still attached and covered by that old red velvet coverlet.

Judith’s heart sank and her stomach almost jumped clear out of her throat. She protectively placed her hand over her belly.

“What’s wrong with you? You look sick.” Jimmy really seemed concerned in that brief moment. Probably hoping I can still pay him for services rendered, she thought to herself.

“I’m fine.” She replied. “Help me with this old vanity and we’ll be done here.”

Judith sat in the cab of the truck with the red velvet coverlet in her lap, thinking about that old mirror. I am older now, and wiser – right? Judith questioned to herself. I know mirrors do not talk. I know people don’t live inside of mirrors. I don’t believe in ghosts. But this mirror, this vanity, scared Judith to the core of her being.

“Jimmy, would you like to take the antique vanity and mirror as payment for your help today?” she offered. “It is worth quite a bit of money, I’m sure.”

“I don’t need no makeup table and mirror. I need Judith face down between my legs sucking off the head of my cock”, he grinned assuredly.

Judith sat quiet for the rest of the ride back to the apartment. They unloaded the few items that now represented all she had left of her mother. There were a couple of party dresses, some costume jewelry, the antique hair-brush and matching hand mirror, a few ornamental hair combs, a framed picture of her sitting on her mommy’s lap with their look-alike smiles, bed, chiffarobe and the vanity.
Once they had everything inside and strewn across her hand-me-down double bed, Judith could feel Jimmy’s eyes staring a hole through the back of her head. She didn’t turn around as she listened for his footsteps and bristled as he brushed aside her long brown hair and breathed on the back of her neck. It was time to pay up.

After she was finished and wiping the residue off her chin she thought she heard the low whisper of an old woman’s voice coming from somewhere behind her in the room. “Did you just hear that?” she asked Jimmy, who was now riding the waves of after-pleasure euphoria.

“What? Er, no – I didn’t hear anything.” He was trying hard to hang on to that wave.

Just like your mother. You are just like her.

Judith did not want to turn around. She slowly picked up the dusty red velvet coverlet and without turning her head to face it, she walked over to the vanity and threw the coverlet over the mirror.

“You are a freaky little thing, Judith Burton.” Jimmy had watched the whole thing play out and looked at Judith like she had seriously lost her mind; which, by the way, was exactly what she was thinking.

“I gotta go now, Judy baby…”

Judith swooped over to where Jimmy was sitting on the edge of her bed and grabbed him by the throat with one hand, making sure she had a good grip with her fingernails. Judith could feel his Adam’s-apple bobbing up and down beneath her hold as he tried to swallow and breathe. How odd that he doesn’t struggle to escape my hold, Judith thought as she studied his face and held him in her gaze.

“My name is Jud-ith, not Judy. I am not your baby.” She spit into his face with as much venom mixed with cum as she could muster. “You will never address me by those names again or I will rip your fucking throat out.”

Stunned and clearly confused Jimmy nodded in agreement and Judith let him go. No other words were exchanged and Judith never heard from Jimmy again.

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