Sunday, October 25, 2020

EP Review: Leather Synn "Warlord" (Non Nobis Productions) by Sarah McKellar and Obscvre

Band: Leather Synn
Location: Lisbon
Country: Portugal
Genre: Heavy metal
EP: Warlord
Format: Digital
Label: Non Nobis Productions
Release date: June 3, 2020
Leather Synn is a 5 piece NWOBHM project located in Lisbon, Portugal formed in 2012.
After an EP, single and a split released previously, “Warlord” is their 2020 EP. 
A piano based introduction with clean vocals introduces Leather Synn’s NWOBHM style of ballad combined with technically tight music with a raw production sound give it an 80’s feel reminiscent of Iron Maiden. Screaming riffs combined with rocking heavy metal sections and catchy choruses ensure that the listener will be singing along as they listen. I found the lyrics are well-written, poetic and combined with the vocal styles they are highly emotive.
“The Warlord” is the namesake track of this EP and the standout song within this release as the ballad style is a fantastic introduction to Leather Synn’s new lineup and sound. “Still in My Heart” is a more classical NWOBHM rock based emotive ballad that hits all the right notes while remaining heavy and true to the unique sound displayed within this release.
“Synn is Yinn 2020” and “Committed to Metal 2020” are remastered off their original self-titled 2013 EP prior to their lineup change- but remain consistent to their NWOBHM sound and traditional heavy metal sound. We genuinely enjoyed Leather Synn’s EP and am looking forward to their future releases. –Sarah McKellar/Obscvre

Eduardo Sanchez Cano: Vocals, piano
Rafael "Anima" Martins: Guitars, backing vocals
Sergio Damas: Guitars, backing vocals
Carlos "Manimal" Faria: Bass, backing vocals
Tiago Barros: Drums

Track list:
1. Warlord
2. Still in My Heart
3. Synn Is Ynn 2020
4. Committed to Metal 2020

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