Monday, March 20, 2023

Poem: "MY Evolution Revolution!" by Rich Orth

MY Evolution Revolution!
©Rich Orth, 2/19/2023

I am one, who looks
to live more than a lifetime
immortality from here to eternity
Knowing very well, what this entails
An undefined immeasurable measure
How can you win?
for if you die, you've failed
But one cannot raise the bar
without adding a far-reaching goal
At any age I assume you have a plan
Is it one more minute, day, month, year?
Or should it be... live every second you can
It's unlikely you get more than one chance
Yet, we have a way about us
Ways and means to poison success
When do we implore to ourselves
enough is enough
or is enough never enough
as for me... I strive to be alive
to adapt evolution revolution
never to plateau...
to forever scale to newer heights
to outlast this outlandishly outdated
configuration of days and dates...
time immemorial would be no more
this means not to just exist forever
nay, to LIVE is my endeavor
I strive to be alive
to adapt within this
...MY Evolution Revolution

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