Friday, July 14, 2023

Poem: "Renegade Rhapsody" by Judge Santiago Burdon

Renegade Rhapsody
Judge Santiago Burdon

We finally made it to Phoenix Johnny's singing in the shower
We've been waiting for hours
to take care of business.
Spitting out miles of chewed up road
Contraband couriers of another load
now our contact
doesn't answer the phone
Another night in a cheap Motel
Here I am again lying to myself
promised to quit this business
But I had my fingers crossed
No rain since Culiacan
And my mom
is probably wonderin'
Where her son's off thunderin' to now
This work costs more than it pays
pissed away every dollar I made
And wore a hole
in the pocket of my future.
Johnny's dressed just as the telephone rings
The voice on the line says
Gila Casino Queens Creek
One more last time we've beat the Devil
It's because we cheat

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