Friday, January 30, 2015

CD review: DEVASTATION DEVICE Nation Of Extinction by Frank Garcia

Nation Of Extinction
Devastation Device is a five piece band consisting of Jared Harris-vocals, Bobby Jones-guitar, Jordy Davis-guitar, Jonathan Martin-drums, Wes "Meathook" DeWees-bass. Genre is described as Metal/Thrash. They are from London, KY. Nation Of Extinction album released on Turkey Vulture Records 2011.
The band started in 2008 and quickly gained exposure getting featured on the Metal Edge magazine compilation CD. This album is ten crushing tracks. Great production. Heavy distorted guitars, intense drum sound, solid bass licks. Vocals are in good range where the lyrics are easily understood but still retain a deep growl.
Many good songs but some of the more standout ones for me would have to be "Kill The Lights", good clean guitar with dissonant chord progression. There are also some interesting drum roll transitions in this song that are worth spinning several times. The Final Hour, killer solos make this one a good jam. Broken Compass, some good bass lines stand out to me in the middle of this track. The last composition  is worth noting, Steady double kick work and strong dynamic range.
In conclusion, a very good release, some of the songs sounded similar and it was hard to make a distinction sometimes but overall I enjoyed it. I recommend it for fans of early Sevendust, Testament, Mastodon, Lamb of God and Arch Enemy. -Frank Garcia