Monday, October 5, 2015

CD Review: SATAN Atom By Atom by Michelle Liberati

Atom by Atom
Last time Satan put out an album it was in 2013 entitled Life Sentence. It was very successful like how their albums have always been. Hearing that Atom by Atom was coming out this month it got me really excited on what to expect and what it is going to turn out like. As soon as Atom by Atom got streamed I knew I had to put it on. Just like all the positive albums they have been putting out since 1983 you can add this one to the list.
As I listened to this album I got a good feel for it. During Atom by Atom it is safe to say that Satan did not abandon their heavy metal roots that they are known for. Still they are not afraid to get creative starting with the guitars. Thank you Russ Tippins for your highly melodic and speedy style and being a guitarist that shows originality because that was definitely portrayed throughout the entire album.
On top of the guitar work is Brian Ross on vocals. He delivers a great variety of vocal ranges throughout the album. He can still scream in albums in a heavy metal sort of way and have a great singing style as well. It is pleasant and enjoyable to hear. Even the drumming and bass work there is no room for complaints. Atom by Atom was able to mix old school heavy metal with modern fusion successfully. This album is organized and structured that unfortunately is ignored sometimes in albums but not here. It is hard to just pick one favorite track. To those who have not heard it yet it is available on Satan’s label, Listenable Records and can be purchased on their Bandcamp as well. Check them out on Facebook to keep up with the latest on them. -Michelle Liberati

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