Sunday, March 27, 2016

CD Review: CHESTY MALONE AND THE SLICE EM UPS Torture Rock by Frank Garcia

Torture Rock
Chesty Malone And The Slice Em Ups is a four piece Hardcore Horror Punk Metal band from NY USA consisting of members Jaqueline Blownaparte-Vocals, Anthony Allen Von Hoek-Guitar, Uruk Brutal-Bass, and Mike Wiesenhart-Drums. Album Torture Rock released on Wrecked Records in 2011.
Raw and crusty production, I mean that in a good way- to experience this music you need to hear a production without all the polish that most bands use these days. Mid crunch guitar sound, heavy upfront bass tones, straightforward in your face drum sound and killer punk rock oriented vocal style.
Lots of material is contained in this release. Thirteen tracks in total. My first impression would be they sound like L7, Misfits, Motorhead, and Cycle Sluts From Hell all rolled up into one. But enough of comparisons. It is good to hear a band composing in this style. I have never had a chance to see them live but going on what I saw online they have a strong presence and their shows look like good partying fun. No holds barred approach to their lyrics, rebellion and chaos in full effect. Bloodsong is one of the tracks that stuck in my mind the most. It reminds me of the band Butthole Surfers, just a simple catchy song that anyone can easily move their head to. Quest For Flesh is a fast paced track, almost has a thrash metal feel to it. The bass is a standout on this song. Panic At Pt. Doom is yet another bass driven composition that will have you moving around and punching things. The Night Jaqueline Came Out Of The Grave, memorable and intense, sure to be a cult classic in years to come. It’s a great song to jam to. The lyrics for some reason made me think of the movie Return Of The Living Dead and I could easily hear this song going along to any of the scenes from that flick.
In conclusion, this is an awesome album to listen to and just rock the fuck out to. I recommend it for fans of hard Punk Rock, horror style music, Misfits, Black Flag, Exploited, L7 and Motorhead. -Frank Garcia

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