Friday, September 23, 2016

CD Review: CRIMENA Chapter One: Divine Betrayal

Chapter One: Divine Betrayal
The Leaders
Crimena, from Romania brings intense metal assaults on the senses and never holds back, however my opinion is based only on hearing just three songs of the eleven tracks. Nevertheless, the band’s effort is definitely a positive step in the right direction, as the blending of Hardcore and Death Metal mix is well refreshing on Chapter One: Divine Betrayal. The Nameless seriously throttles the listener into understanding the metal genre is still aggressively proceeding forward, with the entire band working, and striving forward with a great track, Many times this second track usually drops a bit not here, a solid production. The track Muttawwa never backs down and provides more justification for the incredible talent displayed on this album. Rating: 9/10 -Baron Craze

Track list:
1. Quamadero
2. The Nameless
3. In the Sand
4. Pandaemonium
5. As Skies Turn Red (instrumental)
6. Gospel (of The Unbeliever)
7. Muttawwa
8. Consecrated Filth
9. The Bitter Pill
10. Fading (instrumental)
11. Sanity

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