Sunday, September 4, 2016

CD Review: ILLUSIONS DEAD Celestial Decadence

Celestial Decadence
Blackened death from Finland with a strong Belphegor influence, Illusions Dead offer everything to be expected from their genre. From the opening track “Incursion” there are some quite accomplished riffs produced. Whilst this band wear their influences on their sleeve, the nihilistic approach to lyrics and compositional execution make this a worthy release of a much maligned genre. Noticeably, this band do have mid-tempo tracks such as “Hour of the Raven” which give variety to the release and enables interest to be maintained. Lyrics are mostly concerned with fantasy/anti-white light themes and nihilism. This is a solid release for anyone looking for something outside of the Destroyer666/Desaster blackened death mold. Other standout tracks for this release are “Shadow and Flame,” “Revolution (Celestial Spheres)” and “Tormentor of the Weak.” A quality release worth a listen, hopefully this band can gather a solid following in the underground. -Simon Brown

Track list:
1. Incursion
2. Devoured By Hatred
3. Shadow and Flame
4. Hour of the Raven
5. Revolution (Celestial Spheres)
6. Tormentor of the Weak
7. The Way of the Deceiver
8. Illusions Dead

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