Saturday, December 17, 2016

Video Review: BLOODCLOT Up In Arms

Up In Arms
The title track to their debut album
Bloodclot is being touted as a “supergroup” featuring members of Danzig and Queens Of The Stone Age (Todd Youth, Nick Oliveri and Joey Castillo) with John Joseph of the legendary New York hardcore band Cro Mags (Some of you will remember the Cro Mags played a benefit for Dr, Know at Tompkins Square Park not too long ago, with hardcore mainstays Breakdown, Token Entry, Antidote and Maximum Penalty; it was a packed show). Up In Arms is the first song lifted from their forthcoming album (another was released in 2008 by Joseph and members of Biohazard, Pro Pain and Merauder), and if it’s any indication of the current state of punk and hardcore those genres are far from dead. Rather it’s indicative of the bands and fans making every effort to keep the scene alive in spite of the efforts to grind it under heel. It won’t take long to figure that out when you hear it. The song has a distortion laden fade in that oddly reminded me of Hell Awaits era Slayer; following this is a frenetic riff akin to classic Discharge that screams old school hardcore. This vibe continues through the song without wavering for the slightest moment. Whoever thinks punk is dead should listen long and hard to this song, especially the lyrics which John Joseph describes as “a call to arms for the people of America and across the globe who are sick of the lies, death and destruction of innocent people being caused by the military industrial complex who run governments and propagate unjust wars in order to fill the bank accounts of corrupt businessmen." That popular mainstream media is more encompassing than ever before makes the lyrics and the song’s message more timely than ever, and this means the spirit fueling the music is alive and well. In many ways it’s like the 80s all over again, when punks, skins and squatters were objecting to government corruption in song, only better since this statement is still being made despite the loss of clubs and record stores in the band’s New York base of operations. That feeling of going to Squat of Rot shows for the first time came from listening to this song, with the feeling that you’re never too old to speak your mind about something important to you. Hell, Bloodclot mist be in their forties or fifties by now and they’re still doing it. And you can rest assured they drive their point home in no uncertain terms. Which is a good thing since the world needs outlets like this. -Dave Wolff

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