Monday, May 28, 2018

Full Length Review: JEREMY VOID Irrelevant Discourse (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Place of origin: Rutland, Vermont, USA
Genre: Spoken word
Release date: April 13, 2017
Irrelevant Discourse is a poetry album from the mind of a poet, artist, novelist and owner of Chaos Writing who has written fifteen books in his career. This is his third recorded collection of poems since 2016, the first two being Absurd Nihilism and Word Vomit. As they say, the thoughts Jeremy Void captures on paper and record, based on the experiences of his life, are not for the faint hearted or sensitive minded. His is the voice of the agonized, the confused, the disordered, the desperate, the depressed, the disturbed, and the near insane. His verses have been described as amazing, deviant and devastating. He is said to deliver them as a kamikaze pilot and with a certain brilliance you have to search for with an objective, observant effort to discover the truth of his existence. Understanding what he is trying to communicate to the listener just might lead to discovering the reality of human existence, if you are not part of the part of the world that hides the most lurid characteristics of human nature from itself. If you thought the diatribes of Lydia Lunch and Diamanda Galas are intense you need to listen to the fierceness and vehemence of this collection of prose. Void recites with a stream of consciousness more like an all-out assault on your sense of self-awareness, and if you’re unprepared you may find your world view is not exactly the same as before you listened. If you prefer to read the poems Void submitted to this zine you’ll have an idea what to expect from this recording. Still, his work is all the more effective when you hear them as he envisioned them. These poems are not only assaults on your mind, they are assaults on your soul. Inner conflict and introspection become one and the same the more you experience his recitals. Void uses repetition to drive his point home about love, fear, hate, life, death, alienation, addiction, meaningless sex, destitution, emptiness, regret and self-destruction as well as the judgmental, pseudo-intellectual selfishness of others disguised as moral prerogatives. There are no efforts to whitewash the concepts described above or lessen their impact. They are just slammed into your head with inexorable force, unappeasable in their desire to consume you. It’s hard to choose any single poem as an example as each of them hit you with such force you’ll feel you’ve lived through these experiences firsthand. Really the only way to completely understand his message. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Broken
2. I begin to notice
3. PANIC || a t t a c k
4. In a New City
5. The Crazy
6. A Thorn in My Mind
7. Let me dream if I want to
8. Collateral Damage
9. Come Be Androgynous with Me
10. L-U-V
11. Talking
12. That which shall not be named
13. Evacuate!
14. The Siren's Song
15. Don't go into the light!
16. Self-Destruct
17. Timeless Indecisions
18. United We Divide
19. Soundly I lie awake
20. When the Night Comes Alive
21. Collateral Damage, the alternate version (featuring Gregory Higgins)

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